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A failed attempt to revenge curse someone as a major cause of cancer

A failed attempt to revenge curse someone as a major cause of cancer
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Have you ever thought that a revenge curse could be a reason of cancer, if cast by an amateur or a poorly skilled or irresponsible spellcaster? Do you think I am joking and trying to revenge curse someone is as safe as using a microwave oven or a dental floss? If so, I suggest that you read this article till the end. Let us agree that I, spellcaster Maxim, will not draw any conclusions letting you do it.

From a reader’s letter:

“I’ve been wondering why people following their doctor’s recommendations recover from flu but may not recover from cancer. Is it their fate? Or is it just the time for some people to go? Or is there another reason?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Revenge curse skullCancer is usually a karmic disease. No, it is not the punishment for doing magic, such as, for example, for casting curses and spells for revenge against enemies. It is more like an ordeal. A maturity test enabling you to either cleanse yourself from all impurities and recover, or give up and die.

Therefore, when two people with the same diagnosis and clinical picture find themselves in one ward and using the same therapy, the doctor can never say which will recover and which one will die. In this case it is completely up to the patient.

However, we are not talking about cancer treatment here. We are talking about the connection between using a curse spell for revenge and the chances of developing cancer, so let us stick to magic only.

From a reader’s letter:

“I began to suspect someone had cast a revenge curse on my family when the people I loved most started dying of cancer one by one. Besides, cancer killed mostly men. Some developed prostate cancer, others liver and skin cancer. As a result, 9 members of my family have died in less than 12 years.

I’m a fortune-teller like my grandmother. I used tarot cards to find out what was going on and they confirmed it was a curse. I’m begging you to help me to:

  • Tell me if I’m right;
  • Rid my family of the curse;
  • Punish whoever used those curses and spells for revenge against enemies or tried to revenge curse someone.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Unfortunately, there is only one thing I can do for you. I can protect your family… but not from some curse spell for revenge but from the kickback which appeared due to your grandmother’s actions and which later transformed into a family curse. That is what is happening to your family.

I keep warning people about the dangers of doing magic. I have multiple real-life examples confirming that I am right. Your grandmother was an experienced witch but thought she could do magic, too. She fulfilled her friends’ multiple wishes. When the wishes were about fortune-telling or performing some simple rituals, she got away with it. But when she tried to perform some complex black magic ritual, she triggered a strong kickback which has been ruining your family’s happiness ever since as a powerful revenge curse.

For more information please contact me and we will have a talk. But hurry up because your family has not repaid its karmic debt yet and you are still in danger.

From a reader’s letter:

“My husband was literally robbed by one of his business partners. At first, he pretended to be his friend taking advantage of my husband’s business ideas. Then he stole his company leaving him with no money. As a result, my husband had a severe nervous breakdown.

I couldn’t stand seeing my husband’s suffering and talked to that man several times asking him to give my husband what belonged to him, but he just laughed at me. After that, I found a powerful witch and asked her to perform a ritual to revenge curse someone. In a couple a months the man (as you understand, her curses and spells for revenge against enemies were put on that man) was diagnosed with cancer. He used all kinds of treatment and even travelled to Tibet. He came back from Tibet a different man. He came to our house and apologized to my husband. Moreover, he gave back the money and the company he stole.

Naturally, my husband accepted all that. But now I know he shouldn’t have. In less than a year my husband was diagnosed with cancer, too.

It was exactly like the one the business partner had due to that curse spell for revenge.

Revenge curse ritual

What can I do? How can I help my husband?”

Spellcaster Maxims response:

Unfortunately, you are right. By accepting the apology of the man you had a revenge curse put on, you forgave him. As a result, he no longer had any karmic debts and Higher Powers had to cure him. He passed the test by becoming a better person, which allowed him to recover.

However, the disease created by the curse is not gone and it had to find a new target. If you had been the one accepting the man’s apology, you would have developed cancer instead of your husband. However, it happened the way it happened.

I will tell you what I can do for your husband and how I can rid him of the consequences of your attempt to revenge curse someone after you make an order. In the meantime, I can only say your husband can be cured. The sooner you contact me, the better.

From a reader’s letter:

 “I’m sure you’ll delete my letter and consider me a troll or a hater. But I can’t helping saying that I believe that curses and spells for revenge against enemies are as harmful as the services which are never provided. This also applies to claims that doing magic can harm one or cause one to develop some disease.

Even if magic is real, I’m sure every person interacts with Higher Powers directly, so people don’t need a spellcaster as a go-between or to cast spells on other people.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

I will not delete your letter. Moreover, I will try to make my reply as detailed as possible.

1. Magic does exist. People I have helped will confirm it.

2. As for diseases being a punishment for performing such ritual as a curse spell for revenge, let us talk numbers. Statistically, 3 out of 7 people who do magic without being a professional magic practitioner develop such disease as cancer.

3. Speaking of your claims that people do not need a go-between, here is my comment:

Yes, people are born connected to information fields and having pure energies. All children have extrasensory and magical abilities. As children grow up, they lose their abilities. Besides, they do not obtain the knowledge about making contact with Higher Powers or energy control.

The spellcaster’s job is to help people restore their energy integrity and purity. Almost all love rituals I perform are built on it.

When a client wants me to cast one of my curses and spells for revenge against enemies or a curse spell for revenge, call it whatever you want, I fulfill three tasks:

  • I obtain Higher Powers’ permission to perform the ritual;
  • I perform it due to my magical abilities and powers;
  • I ensure the client is not punished for using my services.

To put it simple, I save my clients, who hire me to revenge curse someone, 20 or more years of time needed to prepare for a ritual. For your information, handling magical kickbacks requires special training not all professional spellcasters have.

As for the rest, I am not going to argue with you. It is impossible to understand whether magic is real or not logically or based on some philosophical teachings. Order my ritual and make your conclusion based on its results. Without it, you are like a man who has never seen the Ocean but is confident it is the product of the imagination of terrestrial map sellers or writers writing about pirates.

From a reader’s letter:

“I know it’s my fault. I had a revenge curse cast on my ex-husband and the woman he left me for.

I found the spellcaster who cast my revenge curse online

In less than two months my ex-husband and his lover got in a car accident. They didn’t die, although the accident was pretty bad. Their unborn baby died. When I was ordering one of the curses and spells for revenge against enemies, I didn’t know that woman was pregnant.

The other day I was diagnosed with skin cancer, one of the late stages. I wrote about it to the spellcaster who cast my curse spell for revenge but he didn’t reply. Now I’m writing you. Could you help me? I regret doing what I did and I wish I hadn’t used that revenge curse at all.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

There are some ways I could help you. Please contact me and I will give you more details.

Your letter is a reminder of how important it is to work with a good spellcaster, especially if it is about black magic and involves trying to revenge curse someone.  It is not even about performing the ritual ensuring it has no negative consequences. On the contrary, a powerful spellcaster would warn you about the woman’s pregnancy, meaning using any curses and spells for revenge against enemies would be a severe karmic crime which entails punishment.

Had you worked with me, I would have changed your mind about cursing that woman offering you a curse spell for revenge targeting only your ex-husband. However, what is done is done. So contact me and I will do my best to help you.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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