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Death by magic through incitement to suicide

Death by magic through incitement to suicide
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Suicide is usually caused by one of the following reasons:

  • - Insanity;
  • - Magic;
  • - Possession.

When we it comes to such phenomenon as death by magic, all of the above three reasons are sure to be involved inciting the target to suicide: a black magic spell is cast on the target which breaks through his energies making him defenseless; as a result, the target gets possessed by a black entity that has full control of the target and then the target loses his or her mind. The last thing happens because the entity cannot incite the target to suicide without changing the target’s values and attitude to life.

Death by magic never comes fast

Death by magicAfter the entity gets into the victim’s subtle bodies, it needs some time to grow and get strong enough to take control of the target. Magic influences the target through the following states: fear, depression, anger, self-pity, loss of love, loss of one’s own Self. When the person loses one’s own Self, the connection with the vital energy is lost, too. At this point nothing can help the target. This is when incitement to suicide becomes easier than ever before.

The fact that people do not commit suicide for no reason is confirmed by multiple surveys among the family members and friends of the people who killed or tried to kill themselves. They acknowledge the changes observed in the suicide before the suicidal attempt. Generally, the suicides are weird and depressed. They cry a lot. However, it never occurs to the people who know them than they might try to kill themselves. It does not mean they are inattentive (which is not uncommon, by the way). It means the evil entity is smart and cunning. It controls its victim in a way so that no one could suspect anything. So the tragedy is always unexpected.

But do not be afraid! You are not alone! And you will never be alone! There are powerful magic talismans designed to protect you against all kinds of death curses! Get one and you and your family will be safe!

The last part is of most importance. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to evil entities so keep an eye on all your teenage family members. Statistically, teenagers are at higher risk of suicide than adults. Today magic is spread not only by spells. It can influence people thought the Internet, movies and computer games. So it is impossible to protect the child against it. However, you can protect your child against magic spells and curses. With a powerful amulet adjusted to fit your child’s energies, the teenager will go through the most dangerous stage of his or her life successfully and become an adult.

Please be serious about buying your amulet. Death my magic has been a growing trend, so youth suicide is bound to increase in the future. Professional sorcerers and witches agree with it, and so do psychologists who do not believe in magic and witchcraft.

It is not difficult to check yourself for the signs of death by magic. If you have ever thought about killing yourself as the only way out of your problems, you are likely to be influenced by magic. Well, all people may think about suicide at some point, however those whose mind is not damaged by magic, are terrified by it or reasonably rule out this option. Unlike them, those controlled by an evil entity feel quite excited about suicide. They believe they are going to make something good, something they will be rewarded for.

They see some beautiful worlds people get to after death. They believe suicide will make them special. They consider it a kind of initiation. Also, they may think true love and friendship (evil entities target mostly lonely people) are possible only after death, and they are not destined to experience it alive.

Death magicPrayers and self-performed rituals have a temporary effect or do not work at all. Therefore it is wrong to count only on yourself. If death by magic is threatening you, your child or your family members, find a professional magic practitioner as soon as possible. When it comes to this kind of magic, time works against you – the more you procrastinate, the stronger the entity gets and the more power it has over you.

Sadly, the victims of this kind of magic rarely acknowledge the problem. It is no surprise because the evil entity makes them lose their mind, partially or completely. How else could you explain the fact that a teenager loved by everyone in the family suddenly thinks no one loves and understands him? Why does a man who is just one step away from getting get rich and famous, give up everything because he thinks he is a failure? Why do sick people who have a good chance of recovery prefer to kill themselves?

The lives of these people could have been saved, had they had a protection amulet or had a powerful spellcaster performed some protection rituals for them.

The protection spell works on an energy level. Firstly, it creates a field magic cannot get through. In addition, it strengthens the target’s energies allowing them to stay sober and rule out suicide, so neither black magic nor evil entities can harm them.

You need to remember that magic is never permanent. Spells work for just a few days and the evil entity cannot keep attacking you forever. It needs energy to feed on. Without getting it, it will leave you and return to the spellcaster or the spellcaster’s client who ordered the black spell in the first place.

This brings us to why people must not cast death spells, unless they are trained spellcasters, and why it is important to choose a good spellcaster to work with. If you try to initiate death by magic without having proper training and fail (99 out of 100 spells end in failure), the evil entity will end up torturing you. If you work with a poorly skilled spellcaster, he will shift the blame onto you, leaving you one on one with the entity. Both will end very badly – the entity will not rest until it kills you.

Speaking of suicide, do not expect the victim to jump off of the roof or poison oneself. People influenced by magic can kill themselves in many other ways. Thus, they can overeat or follow some dangerous diets, they can drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day. They can get into fights with stronger opponents. These are all people trying to commit suicide. They need to be stopped. Otherwise, they will die or be killed.

My readers often ask me if I can protect people against death magic. I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to answer this question right now and present my answer in the video below.

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