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Everything you want to know about black magic spells revenge

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When is black magic spells revenge the most effective?

The key word in “revenge magic spells”, “revenge black magic spells” or “black magic for revenge” is “revenge”. Revenge means punishing someone in return for one’s hurt feelings. The more your feelings are hurt, the more effective revenge spell black magic will be, feeding on the energy of your pain.

When does the black magic spell for revenge fail to work?

Black magic spell revenge skullblack magic spells revenge is impossible if the one you want to punish is innocent. Even if you think he deserves it, Higher Powers may disagree because they know better whose fault it was. For instance, they know who started your fight or that you have been the real bully without even knowing it. But when you got what was coming to you, you decided you were the victim.

Before ordering revenge magic spells or casting revenge black magic spells by yourself, imagine a balance scale with you on one side and your insulter on the other. Now try to honestly answer if it is your fault or the fault of the one against whom you are going to use black magic for revenge. This is how you can avoid retribution inflicted on everyone whose magical revenge is unfair.   

Do Higher Powers punish people for using revenge spell black magic?

Not exactly. When you try to punish an innocent person, you punish yourself. Imagine that you throw a ball at the wall but it bounces off and hits you in the head. Who is to blame for it? The wall? The one who built the wall? The one who manufactured the ball? Or you?

This is true for any black magic spell for revenge. It returns to you in the form of an energy punishment and it is always only your fault.

Can one take black magic spells revenge on anyone?

Yes, you can take magic revenge on anyone, if you are allowed to do so. However, there are groups of people you should never try to take revenge on. These are pregnant women, teenagers, people with serious medical conditions, magic practitioners and people protected by them.

Are there ways for me to protect myself against revenge magic spells?

Information about the protection against black magic and revenge magic can be found on my website.

 Is it possible for anyone to protect oneself against revenge black magic spells? To be more precise, can I protect myself from them if I actually deserve to be punished?

I can protect any person, no matter what they have done. However, the more evil you do, the more difficult it is to protect you.

When is it better to start protecting oneself against magic vengeance, before or after performing the ritual?

When is it better to go to your doctor, before your disease turns into a severe case or after it, when it is no longer possible to cure it with some simple treatment or by giving up your bad habits? You need to protect yourself against black magic for revenge before someone takes it on you. This is done with special spells and magic charms.

What protects people better against revenge spell black magic, charms or spells?

It is impossible to answer this question. Spells work better for some people and charms work better for others. However, for better protection, use both, charms and spells.

Can I put a black magic spell for revenge on a person protected by a spellcaster?

Black magic spells revenge woman

Sure you can. But before you do that, imagine those two spellcasters, your spellcaster and the one who protects that man, as two fighters or boxers. Naturally, your spellcaster, the one who is to cast some spells to take black magic spells revenge on that man, has to be stronger than the spellcaster protecting that man. 

How can I understand that my charms are no longer protecting me against revenge magic spells?

To begin with, analyze your feelings. When some black magic spells are cast on you, you always feel it, because they cause your energies and mind to work in a different, unnatural way. You can use tarot fortune-telling as well. Also, there are visual signs which I listed in my previous articles.

Naturally, the charm needs to be examined visually. When affected by black magic for revenge, it loses its shine and discolors. You may notice some cracks on the gem or other parts. It may break into pieces. Put your charm on your hand. If it feels colder or heavier than usual, it may have been damaged by revenge magic or any other kind of magic.

Is there a way to fix a charm damaged by revenge spell black magic?

Please read the articles about charms and talismans, as well as their storage, charging and repair.

Do you make powerful charms protecting people against the black magic spell for revenge?

I do. It is one of my specialties. Also, I make custom charms adjusting them to the energies of each specific client.

When does black magic spells revenge stop affecting the insulter’s life?

Sometimes it never does. Generally, it depends on the revenge magic spells cast and the spellcaster’s skills and experience.

Is there a way to eliminate the consequences of revenge black magic spells without hiring a spellcaster?

It is difficult but possible. To begin with, repent sincerely. Secondly, apologize to the one you insulted (it does not matter if you will be forgiven or not). Thirdly, try to change and never hurt people’s feelings again and never do harm to people. Try to be a good person without expecting a reward for it. Show Higher Powers that you have learned your lesson. That way, they may forgive you and eliminate the consequences of black magic for revenge.

Can I protect myself against revenge spell black magic using salt, knives and holy water?

You can try that if you want to. However, in my opinion, it is like trying to relief your toothache by applying some garlic, or treating a bone fracture with an ice bag.

Are religious people who go to church, confess their sins and pray regularly protected against the black magic spell for revenge?

Even priests are not protected against black magic spells revenge. So the answer is no. To protect yourself against revenge magic spells, you need to have inner purity. However, even so, having a spellcaster protecting you will not hurt.

Who uses revenge black magic spells more often, men or women?

In my experience, black magic for revenge is more often used by women.

Who gets hurt more often because of revenge spell black magic, men or women?

As a rule, it is children who get hurt due to the black magic spell for revenge. When someone puts a spell on you, it affects the people around you, too. Children are the most susceptible to magic. Secondly, powerful black magic spells revenge transforms into a generational curse 30% of the time and naturally hurts the children.  

 Can I escape revenge magic spells by moving to a different city?

No, you cannot. You will not escape revenge black magic spells by changing your name, hair color, or switching to a different language. No matter how much you change yourself and how far you run, your energies will remain unchanged. And your energies are what black magic for revenge targets. Therefore, you are at risk of being influenced by revenge spell black magic until you have your energies changed by an experienced and skilled spellcaster.

What should I do to ask you to eliminate the consequences of a black magic spell for revenge put on me?

Just contact me by email and you will find out how to order my services. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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