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Most powerful black magic spells and karmic laws

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Question: I started studying magic just a while ago and naturally I have a lot of questions. First of all, is it indicated in one’s karma if doing magic, specifically the most powerful black magic spells, is allowed or not? That’s a skill I’d like to master next? Thank you.

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: If you know what karma is and how to read it, you know that it will never tell you openly to “focus on the most powerful black magic spells” or “you were a spellcaster in your past life specializing in the most powerful black magic spells, so in this life you can easily restore this knowledge”.

Most powerful black magic skullThis is not how karma works. It tells you what you must not do, for example, you must not cast powerful black magic love spells or you must not use the most powerful love spells for building your happiness. Karma does not tell people what to do. By studying your karma, you can find out if there are some things you should stay away from and the danger you may put yourself into if you do not. Yet, you should still be careful. There can also be some hidden threats and bans, for example, you must not contact negative energies or manipulate other people.

The best way to find out if you are allowed to cast the most powerful black magic spells is to perform a magic ritual under the supervision of an experienced spellcaster. You should know the answer the moment you finish your ritual. If you do not, your supervisor will use his clairvoyance abilities and help you make the final decision.

Question: They say one’s karma can say whether or not to use the most powerful love spell. Also, your karma can say if powerful black magic love spells can influence you or are going to be ineffective. Either way, I have no idea how to read my or anyone else’s karma. I’ve been trying to find it out for a while using the Internet but I found nothing.

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: The best way to read karma, yours or someone else’s, is to consult someone specializing in karma examination, or a spellcaster capable of identifying and locating karmic knots or changing karma. Unfortunately, such people are hard to find and their services are quite expensive. A simple way to find out if you can use the most powerful black magic spells or put the most powerful love spell on another person is to get a karmic chart. A karmic chart will be accurate if you know the person’s date of birth (accurately to seconds), full name and place of birth. Do not try to draw a karmic chart by yourself using some free online software. Such charts are highly inaccurate. When it comes to powerful black magic love spells, any inaccuracy can get you in big trouble.


I don’t understand how karma can prohibit one from casting the most powerful black magic spells

People can make their own choices and become a spellcaster if they want to. How can karma prohibit that?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: Karma sheds light on two things: your life achievements (spiritual, not career or financial ones) and the rules for you to follow. According to one of the rules, you may be prohibited from using the most powerful love spells, meaning you can find love only if you become a smarter, funnier and stronger person.  In other words, self-perfection is the key for you to follow all of the karmic terms.

Speaking of freedom of choice and with regard to powerful black magic spells and your karma, it is always up to you whether to jump off a high building or not. You can jump but you cannot fly, so you will probably jump to your death. However, you may not jump and use the staircase. That way, you will be okay. This is also true for karmic laws. You get hurt if you break them. If you follow them, you make your life safe, happy and exciting.


Why can another person’s karma turn the most powerful black magic spells put on this person into a disaster?

Most powerful black magic spellsSpellcaster Maxim’s response: Your karma is a set of rules to be observed not only by you but also by the entities responsible for you. I do not want to list all them because this can be very confusing to you, unless you are an experienced spellcaster, so let us call them Powers. If your karma prohibits you from building your happiness using magic, these Powers beat any magic powers off. However, the energy of magic cannot exist on its own and does not dispel, so it goes back to the one who sent it in the first place, that is you. However, it returns to you in the form of some punishment or a magic blowback.

There are more things you can learn from your karma. For example (forgive me for simplifying things), you reach a level when your thoughts can influence your life and the events occurring around you. It means a person can remove the love spell you put on him and send it back to you using only the power of his mind.

Thirdly, there are people who must not use magic or otherwise get involved in it because it may lead to their death or cause mental disorders. If so, and your karma is too dirty, Higher Powers have no choice but to defend you. When they decide to punish someone, there is no escape from it. No matter how powerful and experienced your spellcaster is, Higher Powers are much stronger.

Question: I hear the most powerful love spell is more effective when put on people with bad karma. It is true?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: There are no general rules applying to karma. Sometimes, people’s bad or dirty karma makes them more vulnerable to black magic or any other curses. However, I suggest you do not put a love spell on a person with bad karma. Your love spell is going to be a burden for this person. If you get married, it will become your burden, too. If your beloved gets sick, you will get sick, too. If he is punished with a boring life, you will take over his problems and your life will be boring, too.

Eventually, when this person works off his lessons, your powerful black magic spells will be canceled. What is going to happen then? You are right – the energy of your spells plus all negative energy accumulated over the time the person was under the influence of your love spell will get back to you. As a result, your karma will become dirty. 

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