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TEST – Are you in danger of revenge spells curses?

TEST – Are you in danger of revenge spells curses?
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The world is getting harder to live in, while people are getting meaner. Perhaps, it is caused by the recent economic crises because of which less and less of our dreams come true. Perhaps, it has something to do with the violence present on TV and in computer games. Also, it is possible that we, as a civilization, have reached a certain level of tension which can be removed only by a global war.

But I am not going to discuss these complex philosophical theories in this article. I started thinking about violence after analyzing a few hundred cases of my clients who were cursed or hexed, and whose curses and hexes were removed by me. At some point I realized more than half of those people had revenge spells curses on them.

Curses revenge spells have been very popular lately

Revenge spells curses skullFirstly, more and more magic practitioners offer this kind of magic. Secondly, revenge spells curses are the perfect crime, a crime leaving no evidence whatsoever, so the criminal can never be arrested. When someone uses some curses revenge spells against you, all you can do is to find a spellcaster to cleanse your energy, protect you and punish the one who cursed or hexed you. Anyway, you will not report this person to the police.

So a lot of spellcasters offering revenge spells curses have a strong feeling they can escape punishment. Well, not all of them, of course. I had to punish everyone who harmed my clients, as otherwise my work would be unfinished.

Thus, any of your enemies can use curses revenge spells against you, and you will not even know about it. There are several articles on my website containing information on how to check oneself for revenge spells curses, as well as how to remove and protect oneself against them. By the way, my articles are not only about curses revenge spells. I write about different types of white and black magic. I mentioned that in the light of my today’s topic and thought you might find them rather useful.

In the meantime, let us find out if you are currently in danger of revenge spells curses. To this end, agree or disagree to the below statements and sum up all your no answers. The result will show your chances of being attacked by curses revenge spells. If they are high, contact me as soon as possible and buy one of my amulets or talismans to protect yourself against them.

1.       You have a lot of friends.

2.       As for the people you know, their number is just huge.

3.       The majority of your friends and the people you know could use one of the revenge spells curses against you out of jealousy because you are more successful than they are.

4.       You have a lot of relatives less successful than you are.

5.       You have a happy love life.

6.       You failed to stay friends with some of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends.

7.       Sometimes you had to say “Sorry, but I don’t love you” to the people declaring their love for you.

8.       You enjoy mocking people.

9.       Sometimes you insult people but it is not on purpose.

10.   You lose your temper now and then.

11.   Sometimes it feels like you are surrounded by darkness.

12.   Sometimes you turn the lights on even during the daytime.

13.   You get threat letters and phone calls.

14.   You know how black magic works.

15.   You have cast curses revenge spells on other people or had a professional magic practitioner cast such spells or curses.

16.   You often wish ill on other people (Note: When agreeing or disagreeing to this statement, take into consideration other people’s opinions, but not your opinion).

17.   You consider it unlikely that someone is plotting against you.

18.   You believe people do not always tell the truth.

19.   You believe the people around you are worse than they try to seem.

20.   You get insulted a lot.

21.   You insult other people a lot, too. There are people who you insult at least once or twice a month (not only verbally but also in your thoughts).

22.   When you began reading this article, you agreed that the world had become tougher and people meaner.

23.   You hold a senior position.

24.   The atmosphere at your work is tense.

25.   Continuous competition is part of your life.

26.   You have some friends interested in magic.

27.   You have friends who have cast some revenge spells curses or hired a magic practitioner to cast such spells and curses.

28.   You have friends who had to have a curse or a hex removed by a professional magic practitioner.

29.   You have relatives who had to have a curse removed or some energies cleansed by a professional magic practitioner.

30.   Recently, a person or several people you know have died without explanation.

31.   You are not a happy person.

32.   You are a loser (objective answer is needed).

33.   You have a good life.

34.   You job involves causing discomfort to other people.

35.   As part of your duties, you have to say no to people’s requests or say some other unpleasant things.

36.   You have a job in law enforcement.

37.   In your neighborhood there are a lot of people from Africa or the Middle East.

38.   You can smell some unpleasant odors in your house/apartment.

39.   You have had some skin or fungous diseases lately (Note: Skin diseases are among the first symptoms of someone preparing to use some curses revenge spells against you, or such curses and spells already put on you).

Сurses revenge spells ritual40.   You have caused pain to other people.

41.   You have some family members you do not talk to.

42.   You have children you do not talk to.

43.   You do not have an amulet to protect you against witchcraft.

44.   You know the difference between voodoo revenge spells curses and Muslim curses revenge spells.

45.   You enjoy watching horror movies.

46.   Often you feel fear for no reason.

47.   You are easy to scare (Note: It does not matter what scares you: loud noise, horror stories, etc.)

48.   You are afraid of watching horror movies.

49.   You prefer self-medication over professional treatment.

50.   You live in one of the third-world countries.

51.   Magic is an integral part of your culture.

52.   You have had a lot of nightmares lately.

53.   Sometimes you feel pain or cramps in your legs for no reason.

54.   You have suffered from hallucinations.

55.   You have seen things you cannot explain.

56.   You feel the world is more complex than it seems.

57.   Other people’s emotions affect you.

58.   You are easily to manipulate.

59.   You often take a fall for other people.

60.   You are ready to take over the problems of your loved ones if it can make them happier.

61.   You think there is something you have done for which you deserve to be punished.

62.   You believe in karma (Note: Whatever you think it is).

63.   In your opinion, the laws of karma are fair.

64.   In your opinion, revenge spells curses can be a part of your destiny.

65.   Suffering is bad.

66.   Pain is unhelpful.

67.   You abuse alcohol and have more than 2 drinks per week.

68.   You abuse sedatives (even if they are prescribed to you by your doctor).

69.   You overeat and have weight problems.

70.   You could cast some curses revenge spells on someone.

71.   You would be merciless if you had a chance to judge your enemies.

72.   Those who hurt other people deserve to rot in hell.

73.   Hell is the kingdom of torture and suffering and you agree to how it is described by book writers and the church.

74.   You have dealt with people described as “idea killers”.

75.   If it were not for your enemies, you would be more successful.

76.   You look older than your age.

77.   You are older than 25 years but you still think you are a child.

78.   You can describe yourself as a victim of circumstances.

79.   You have so many problems that you feel like giving up.

80.   You have bad neighbors.

Now sum up all your no answers as their total number is important for determining the probability of you falling victim to some revenge spells curses. To find out your result, please watch the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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