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Why do so many of those casting ritual voodoo black magic spells eventually go mad?

Why do so many of those casting ritual voodoo black magic spells eventually go mad?
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Psychiatrists are unanimous in their opinion that there are suspiciously too many insane people whose relatives practiced magic at some point. Specifically, they tried to perform voodoo death rituals. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be denied and it is so significant that I cannot but devote an article to it.

Voodoo rituals can cause madness

Voodoo ritual dollIndeed, 5 out of 10 people are likely to go mad within a few months after performing a voodoo ritual. I keep saying that it is highly dangerous to cast ritual voodoo black magic spells on your own. Today I am going to tell you what makes them so dangerous to your sanity.

To begin with, I want to tell you a secret. Not all people whose psychiatric disorders began progressing after performing a voodoo ritual developed them because of magic. Half of those who tried practicing voodoo death rituals had been mentally ill before. However, they had been able to keep their disorders under control or the disorders had been “sleeping” in them before they tried to use magic. The moment they tried to cast ritual voodoo black magic spells, they lost control over them. This aggravated their mental disorders which eventually became incurable.

The odds are this will happen to you, too. Statistically, about 28% of people have hidden mental disorders due to stress and fatigue. Many of them will never become aware of it.  However, your energy, mental or psychological overstrain caused by a voodoo ritual may be the last drop throwing you into the horrifying and sad world of the insane.

You might find my advice surprising but I can assure you that if you follow it, eventually you will thank me for it.

If you are going to perform voodoo death rituals or cast ritual voodoo black magic spells, consult a psychiatrist. Have a medical examination to learn about your mental health and how risky it is for you to use magic. This may help you avoid getting in serious trouble in the future and facing the problems you will have to struggle with your whole life.

A second reason why even a simple voodoo ritual can cause insanity is a poorly developed mental chakra. In our development, we start with our lower chakras and gradually move up. To live a full life, you need to develop only your four lower chakras. Yet, this is not enough to be able to perform voodoo death rituals or cast ritual voodoo black magiс spells successfully.

Your well-developed fifth chakra will give you the ability to see the future allowing you to understand whether or not a voodoo ritual will do you any harm. Your healthy sixth chakra will protect you from insanity which may be caused by you performing voodoo death rituals. With a well-developed seventh chakra, you will be able to use the help of the Higher Powers in case your ritual voodoo black magic spells get out of control and start harming you, your health and your sanity.

Practicing magic with a poorly developed mind chakra is like trying to lift a super heavy weight without exercising. If the weight is too heavy for you, you will injure yourself. Similarly, a voodoo ritual will harm your mental health leading to insanity which I, spellcaster Maxim, am trying to protect you from. 

Thirdly, voodoo death rituals may lead to insanity due to the spirits helping you perform your voodoo rituals. Each spirit puts the spellcaster who called it up to the test. They do so to locate the spellcaster’s weaknesses to eventually turn him into their energy donor or obedient slave.

The easiest way to make someone obey you is to destroy their psyche. This is why voodoo spirits often try to destroy our mental bodies. At first, they inspire terror, self-doubt and premonitions in you. Then they surround you with visual and auditory hallucinations and alter the way you perceive reality and other people. In the end, they destroy your personality to seize control of you mind. From now on, they can make you do whatever they want, including committing a crime, hurting someone, committing suicide, etc.

Lastly, you decide to use magic which you are not allowed to do due to the following factors:

  • You are having a period;
  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • You are stressed or depressed;
  • You have low energy levels;
  • You have a physical disease.

If you have any of those, your voodoo black magic spells will change the flow of your energies and function of your chakras. As a result, you may stop, fully or partially, the energy supply to your mental body which will cause insanity or become your first step towards it.

Casting voodoo rituals

The only conclusion we can draw is as follows: never cast ritual voodoo black magic spells on your own! If you need a voodoo spell, find a professional spellcaster to do that for you!

Order Voodoo rituals from spell caster

What are the advantages of working with an experienced and skilled spellcaster?

1. Safety. A professional spellcaster knows what to do to keep your mental body and other subtle bodies intact.

2. A professional spellcaster can create a protection field around you to ensure maximum protection for you for as long as you need it.

3. He will take care of your karma. Taking care of your karma is essential whether you practice magic on your own or work with a sorcerer. By performing a ritual, a professional spellcaster takes full responsibility for it. Even though it affects his karma, it allows the spellcaster to keep the client’s karma intact.

4. A powerful spellcaster uses his own energies keeping yours intact ensuring your integrity. Also, he prevents your chakras from being ravaged.

5. A professional spellcaster has the skills to protect you from any voodoo spirit by prohibiting it from touching you and taking your energy.

6. A professional spellcaster will warn you of any danger you may put yourself to. This is why he may offer you to perform another ritual instead of his voodoo death rituals.

7. More importantly, by working with a professional spellcaster, you can rest assured you will get exactly what you want. Professional magic can make any wish you have come true, even if it has to do with punishing someone severely for what he or she has done.

Do I meet all of the above requirements? Yes, absolutely! I offer quality voodoo rituals at affordable prices. I can assure you that if you contact me, spellcaster Maxim, you will not regret it!

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