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Before casting a spell to save a man’s life, draw a magical design on a clean sheet of paper.

Looking at the drawing, pray,

Black magic candle ritual to save a man’s life“Oh, Gods,

God of Fire, God of Earth, God of the Sun, God of Water.

The whole world is controlled by you.

Forgive me my sins I committed

Both consciously and out of ignorance.

Please, grant me recovery,

Free me from the death approaching me. ”

Then, imagine a large black or dark-grey lump and say the following magical words, “LAM BAM RAM YAM.” Repeat the words (as many times as the years you’ve lived). Imagine this lump dissolving little by little. When the dark lump disappears, put the paper with the magical design into a white envelope. Close it and tie with a rope that consists of five threads of different colors (blue, yellow, white, green, red). Hide the envelope in a secure place. Then, start making a substituting doll – ZAYA. You will have to make a special mix to make this doll. Take five different water samples, pieces of different woods (preferably, oak, ash, lime, rowan and birch), different grounds (white clay, red clay, peat, sand and black earth). Grind it and mix it all together. Heat the mix and cool it five times, stirring.

While you’re heating and cooling the mix, five people from five different families and five different animals should be in the room (preferably, a cat, bird, fish, ant, snake), as their breathing should also be part of the mix. Model a doll from the paste you have. Put a note inside its head (make sure you’ve written down five sense organs on it: ears, eyes, nose, tongue, skin). Then model more figures from the paste, adding five drops of urine. The figures should be the size of a palm. The number of figures should be equal to your age.  Decorate the figures with painted feathers of different birds (seagull and crow feathers should be among them).

Then bake five muffins from flour, sugar, oil, spices, raisins, nuts.

After all the gifts are ready, put them on a raft decorated with flowers and herbs. Install the ZAYA doll in the center of the raft and place the figures and muffins around. Pray, ask Gods for forgiveness, mercy and a blessing,

“Oh, Gods,

God of Light, God of Earth, God of Fire, God of Water.

Your anger is scary, your power’s destructive.

Your mercy is kind, your mercy’s saving.

I repent and ask for forgiveness of my sins.

I ask you for your mercy and a blessing.”

After that, let the raft with the gifts float together with the stream of the river (preferably, standing on the right river bank). Do it together with the sunset. Remember that you must not eat anything the whole day. You can only drink water and tea without sugar. The next morning, you can eat a hard-boiled egg and some rye bread. Then you can return to your regular diet.

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