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Black magic death spells within one family or casting death spells black magic on family members

Black magic death spells within one family or casting death spells black magic on family members

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From a reader’s letter about black magic death spells:

Casting black magic death spell“My life’s been a nightmare. Let me tell you more about it. My mom’s been really sick for many years. The people around her don’t feel great, either. My mom’s parents died shortly after my mom got sick. We lived in a big house at the time. Then my dad got sick. He was diagnosed with cancer. He had a surgery but died anyway. The doctors said they’d never seen cancer progress so rapidly.

There were four of us left: my mom, my two sisters, and I. It was terrible. We spent all our time taking care of our mother. We were so tired that even when we could go out and have some fun, we didn’t. We just wanted to have some sleep.

My sister was the first one to give up. She packed her stuff and left. Then the other sister left, too. It’s been 11 years now and I’m still taking care of my mother. I’m like a nurse. I work at home to always be around. I never travel. I tried to have a short vacation a couple of times, but each time I had to go back in about a couple of days because my mom needed me. My mom felt worse the moment I left. She was almost dying. Fortunately, my return made her feel better.

The other day I got an email from my older sister. She went to a psychic and he said someone’d put a black magic death spell on our mom. However, the spell caster failed to do it properly, which is why our mom’s still alive. However, the spell’s spread on the family ruining everyone’s life.

I trust you so I want to ask you what you think about it. Do you think the psychic’s right and some black magic death spells or a black magic death spell is involved?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The psychic’s almost right. Some death spells black magic were actually cast on you mother many years ago. However, she is one of the so-called energy vampires. It is important that you understand and accept it. Otherwise, my further explanation will be pointless.

Even the most powerful energy vampires may not know who they are, so do not blame your mother. It is not her fault. When the death spells black magic started killing her, she had no choice but to suck out your energy. She needed it to survive. Her parents were her first victims as they were the weakest in the family. Then she switched to your father who apparently loved her so much that he let her take as much energy as she needed, which ultimately killed him.

Black magic death spells are still there and now you are their target. Your sisters must have a good intuition which is why they left. However, another miracle has happened. It turns out you have incredibly strong energies allowing you to maintain both your life and that of your mother. Thanks to you, your mother is still alive despite those black magic death spells.

To help you, the black magic death spell or the death spells black magic – call them whatever you want – need to be removed. I can cure your mother. Unfortunately, I cannot give you back the time you lost taking care of her. On the bright side, by fighting your mother’s black magic death spells and death spells black magic, you have grown your energy potential without even knowing it. When I break the spells, you will be able to take advantage of it and do things other people cannot even dream of. I will tell you more about it during your appointment. I am sure it will take place because you have reached out to me not by accident. It means I will fix your problems soon, leaving no visible traces of your black magic death spells.

From a reader’s letter about a black magic death spell:

Black magic death spell doll“I want to confess a sin. A few years ago I had a spell put on one person and this person died. I’ve never felt sorry for him because he was a really bad person. But when I was ordering that spell, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

In about 10 days after that man’s death I started seeing him in my dreams. He would attack me and I would wake up because I was terrified. I had nightmares every night. I consulted a psychologist and took a bunch of pills, but it was unhelpful. I know a lot of people don’t believe in magic so I didn’t tell my psychologist about the spell. I just said I felt partially responsible for the death of one person, to which he replied I needed to forgive myself and move on. I tried, I really did, but it didn’t help.

About a year ago it got even worse. That man’s spirit came to me but it wasn’t a dream. It was real. I turn the lights off in the bedroom and less than ten minutes later I hear someone jump on the floor. This someone is barefooted. Then I hear him come up to me. He’s standing there by my bed and I can’t even move, not to mention fall asleep.

I can’t handle it anymore. Please help me! Please! ”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Well, so you know, I have already helped this person. That thing that was torturing him is gone. Now that you know it, I want to cite my response to that man. You will see my remote diagnosis was absolutely right.

Here is my reply:

“To begin with, it is not that late man’s spirit that is haunting you. It is the entity engaged by the spell to kill that man. It is very common for black magic practitioners to call up some entity, invisible but made of pure black energy, to kill the target. After that, the entity needs to be sent back.

However, the magic practitioner you worked with failed to do it for some reason. By the way, I believe this entity is no threat to him because he is definitely using some protection spells. Your magic practitioner failed to make sure you were safe and at least offer you a protection talisman.

After killing that man, the entity headed straight to the spell caster, but he pushed it away. The entity had no choice but to go to you, the person who ordered the death spells black magic in the first place. You could not defend yourself so the entity started feeding on the energy of your fear. Eventually it got strong enough to haunt you not only in your dreams but also in your real life. Due to spending so much time together, you have kind of bonded, so now you can feel and see the thing.

If you want, I can help you. Just contact me and I will tell you what needs to be done to get rid of the consequences of that black magic death spell.”

Let me draw your attention to the fact that the above described reasons explain why it is dangerous to work with low-qualified spellcasters. They do not have enough skills to cast death spells black magic properly and harm those whom they should help – their clients.

From a reader’s letter about black magic death spells:

“One day I was stupid enough to find a sorcerer and order his black magic death spell. I was just mad at someone. The sorcerer accepted my order and asked for an advance payment which was pretty big. I paid by a wire transfer. In less than two days I changed my mind. I’m hot tempered but I don’t bear grudges. I called the shaman and said I wanted to cancel my order and he said okay. But when I asked to give my money back, he refused. He said he didn’t refund advance payments (according to his website, he did!) and hung up on me.

I called him again but he didn’t answer. He wouldn’t answer my phone calls and emails. A few days later I used my friend’s phone to call him. I was confident I was right so I was calm at first. I needed death spells black magic but he never cast one, therefore it was obvious to me I was entitled for a refund. But he seemed to disagree. Suddenly he started yelling at me and threatening me! He said he’d cast his black magic death spells on me, unless I showed more respect to his profession.

I’m scared! I checked some customer reviews about this sorcerer and he seems to be quite a powerful one. What if he actually puts some black magic death spell on me? Will I die? I don’t want to die!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Please calm down. No professional magic practitioner will ever do that to a client. When spellcasters ask for an advance payment promising a refund in case the customers change their mind, the spellcasters keep their word as part of their professional ethics.

Well, your sorcerer may have spent your money on the ingredients needed for the ritual, but in this case he should have told you about it and explaining everything to you instead of hanging up on you and threatening you. As a rule, threats are made by frauds. As for the customer reviews you found on the Internet, they may as well be fake and written by your “magic practitioner” himself.

So you have nothing to worry about. To put a death spell on you, the shaman needs to have at least your photograph, hair, and some personal things. If you are still afraid of black magic death spells, buy one of my high-quality protection amulets. With such an amulets, no black magic death spell will be able to harm you.

To learn how to use an amulet protecting you against death spells black magic, please watch the video below.

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