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Often hexes are difficult to remove, because people try to “doctor themselves” and tell about it to others.  It may lead to the enemies wanting to finish off their victim. The essence of all spells is to remove the hex and restore the victim’s health. To remove a hex, Lord’s prayer should be pronounced three times, then the saints should be asked to ask God to grant absolution, cure God’s servant (name), a prayer to the Cross should be said, and only then a spell can be put.

Hex removal spell

Remove a hex with candle“God bless me. The Angel went from the altar to the holy gates, a table is standing on a steep hill and Mother Most Holy Virgin is standing on the altar and holding over sick (name) a sword and a sable. Kills with the sword, cuts up with the sable (repeat twice). Put, God, the heart where it belongs, make it stronger, lock the gates securely, the keys to the water. Amen, amen, amen. Chuchuy, Chuchuy, Chuchuy, come out of God’s servant (name) inside, stomach, shoulders, eyes. If you don’t come out on your own free will, you’ll be forced to: Saint Jury will come and cut you with a lash, Saint George will come and stab you with a lance, while Saint Michael will whip you to death with a cleaver, burn with a fire and disperse the ashes around the world. Mother Most Holy Virgin and cut with your four knives of steel (cut the water with a knife in a cross) in God’s servant  (name) all the pain, grief, hex-related diseases, yokes, nets, ruptures, weakness, headache, insomnia. Calm down all the pain, grief, sadness and sorrow. Mother Most Holy Virgin and all saints forever and ever. Amen, amen, amen.”

Apocryphal prayer to the Cross against hexes and evil eye curses

“To the Cross-guardian of the universe – glory! God’s Cross is an ecclesiastical beauty, God’s cross is demons’ sore. Let the prayers destroy envy, evil and hexes. Who says this prayer in his home will be free of all exhaustion, damage and demons. Let the evil demons of servant (name) go away. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

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