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Hex spells for revenge through black energies

Hex spells for revenge through black energies

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Let us carry out an experiment together. Let us type “hex spells for revenge” into the search box and visit the websites which appear in the results. Which websites? This article is not intended to promote any product, so there will be none. Besides, I do not even know what results you will have.

Personally I found an article suggesting casting all spells after midnight, and using black candles and pictures of the enemy. Someone suggested pouring black wax over the photo, putting it into an envelope, burning it down and then doing something with the ash while saying some words which meaning is not known to the uninitiated.

Hex spells for revengeThe author of that article promised highly effective hex spells for revenge. When I read it, I thought to myself: Who is going to be hexed by that spell? The enemy or the spellcaster? As a professional spellcaster, I knew the answer right away. If you cast this spell, you will curse yourself and probably your future children and grandchildren, instead of punishing your enemy.

I am not trying to scare you. This ritual, just like almost any other ritual which can be found on the websites if you google “hex spells for revenge”, leads to self-curses which are so strong that it takes even me, a professional magic practitioner, up to several months to break them. This is what happens when you cast not only revenge spells but all other spells designed to break, destroy or end things. The more harmful your goal, the more powerful the self-curse.

Black magic spells work according to the same algorithm:

  • - You begin your spell and open the portal to the dark subspaces;
  • - You call up the entities living there and they come to you in the form of dark energies;
  • - You give your order to the entity and show it the way to your enemy;
  • - The entity starts torturing your enemy executing your order (making the target sick, unlucky, insane, or trying to kill the target).

Many artists tried to paint such entities but most of them failed. Evil entities can be seen at an astral level only by powerful spellcasters. Besides, demonic entities change their appearance so no one could see what they really look like. But their appearance is not what matters. What matters is that they pursue just one goal – to feed on people’s negative energy which is as healing to them as angelic energy is to us, humans.

Light energy cures people. Black energy cures demons. So demons respond well to the calls of those casting hex spells for revenge. When they locate their targets, they start torturing them as this is how they can make them generate black energy.

You think you can control the demon but you are wrong. For hellish entities all people are enemies and potential targets. It does not matter who calls them up, a beginning spellcaster or an experienced one. The demon is sure to try to take control of them. Let me repeat it once again: demonic entities consider all people to be equally suitable sources of energy. So what is the point for the entity to try to find the target and follow someone’s orders if it can attack and torture the person who cast the initial spell?

It takes powerful spellcasters years to prepare for such rituals, fight and win. This is the only way to force the demon to execute their orders. Nevertheless, the spellcaster is at risk of being attacked by the demon until the demon is sent back. Sometimes even experienced spellcasters are caught off their guard and lose. Some of them are killed, while others go mad or commit suicide. Let me point it out once again: they are very powerful spellcasters!

Hex spells with skull

Now imagine how easy it is for the demonic entity to defeat a beginning spellcaster who does not know how to fight it, plus who cannot even see it. This is exactly what is going to happen because of all those living on Earth, humans are the only ones who can choose the most complex way to achieve the simplest goal – the rest live by the law of minimal effort. So, the hellish entity called up by your hex spells for revenge will understand it is easier to seize control of you rather than the target specified by you who can be a powerful magic practitioner or who can use some powerful protection amulets. 

So, the demon sees you, someone who has just called it up and got filled with negative energy, which, by the way, makes people vulnerable and helpless.

The unhappy end is unavoidable when black magic is performed by inexperienced spellcasters. So when my readers white me something like, “I’ve performed this ritual and I’m fine”, I cannot help laughing at them. I always want to ask them, “How’s your ritual? Did you manage to harm the target?” If both you and the target are not hurt, it means you failed to open the portal. Otherwise, you would write me a different letter, for example, “I’ve performed a black magic ritual and I’m sick” or “I’ve been suffering from panic attacks” or “Help me! I think I’m losing my mind!”

Being a powerful and responsible spellcaster, I help all people, even though I had rather help those in real trouble, those who brought cancer, hallucinations or insanity on themselves by misusing black magic.

Despite everything I said above, I believe magic has a right to exist and those who try to use it should be allowed to do so. Black magic makes our world more beautiful and perfect and it would be wrong to try to put an end to it. However, black magic should be practiced only by professional magic practitioners who are skilled enough to keep evil entities and black magic energies under control.

No curse can last forever. One day curse or black magic victims get cured by Higher Powers. The spellcaster needs to be ready for it to prepare to handle the wandering entity and send it back to where it came from. This is one more thing different between professional spellcasters and you, someone who did not know that black curses were not permanent and that the evil entities could come back.

If you are a smart person who takes care of your safety, you do not even need to know it. You do not have to know much about magic if you want to avoid its negative consequences. If you need black magic, you will not try to find information about hex spells for revenge on the Internet, but will try to find someone who could do it for you – a professional and experienced spellcaster like I am.


My readers include people who want to start practicing magic and people who are already performing simple rituals, so below is a video with some tips on safe black magic.

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