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Demonic possession curse signs

Some think that possessed people look like those characters from cheap horror movies: their faces get distorted, they’re foaming at the mouth, have claws and horns, and speak in a frightening hoarse voice. However, possessed people usually look and behave like normal people, while those who don’t are likely to suffer from some psychiatric disorder.

Demonic possession curse victimDemonic possession tends to keep a low profile. However, it’s still possible to diagnose it. First of all, one has to have the courage to admit that something’s wrong with him. It’s incredibly difficult because demonic possession takes control of, above all, the victim’s mind, blocks it completely, or makes it think everything’s all right.

That is why each person, who wants to find out if he has been cast a demonic possession curse on, has to silence the “voices” in his head. It won’t happen right away and may take some trying. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to evaluate your state adequately and will always be distracted from diagnostics.

To understand what’s going on with you, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Can my state which I believe is not normal be explained by the fact that I’m under a lot of stress or depressed right now or by some psychical or hormonal disorder developing in me which I don’t know of yet?

2. Do I notice that something or someone is living in my body? Do I talk to myself in third person? Do I have arguments with an invisible opponent?

3. Do I find myself thinking that my subconscious mind makes me do things which I don’t want to do because I know it’ll end up badly for me or other people?

4. Do I disregard taking a shower because I enjoy being dirty and stinking?

5. Have my taste changed? Do I like unhealthy food, as well as spoiled food, raw meat or high-fat food?

6. Do I find myself thinking that I weirdly enjoy when other people suffer, fall ill, make mistakes, and have problems?

7. Am I afraid that other people might find out that something’s wrong with me? Do I try to hide it by being unnaturally friendly, cheerful and helpful?

8. Do I stay at home more time than usual and avoid talking to people? Do I fear sunlight?

How else you can find out if you have been cast a demonic possession curse on and black magic has affected your subtle bodies

Analyze your behavior. Remember, the purpose of any demonic possession curse is to subdue the person’s will, make him stop thinking and analyzing his state. Usually, it does it by making the victim abuse alcohol and take drugs.

However, not all alcoholics and drug addicts can be cured by having a demonic possession curse removed. This can usually help those who start abusing alcohol and taking drugs all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, and it affects their mind.

Below are some of the most widespread sings of a demonic possession:

- sleepiness (the victim is sleepy and takes a nap whenever and wherever he can);

- the victim spends hours playing computer games or chatting with Facebook friends;

- the victim comes to hate reading because reading cleans the brain;

- the victim indulges in weird and useless hobbies.

Demonic possession curse removal with candlesThe victim of a demonic possession curse overreacts (takes offence and is jealous when he shouldn’t be). He has repeated panic attacks. Lust is another sing of a demonic possession curse. Also, its victim suffers from hypertonia, severe or chronic headache. Depression and suicidal thoughts may also indicate a demonic possession curse which must be removed.

What will happen if you don’t have your demonic possession curse removed

There’s only one answer to this question:

Remember, any possession curse wants to not only take control of your body. It’s ultimate aim is to kill you and take your soul to one of the infernal worlds demons come from.

There are many ways how it’s done: the victim is forced to commit a suicide or has a disease caused by smoking, overeating, lack of exercises or excessive exercises; the victim may get in a car accident and die (the demon can easily make its victim get the car into the oncoming traffic lane); the demon encourages the victim to pick a fight with a street gang or do extreme sports.

If it doesn’t work, the curse makes the person commit horrible crimes for which he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. The majority of serial killers wouldn’t have murdered all those people if they had had a demonic possession curse removed in time.

Remember, if you have been cast a demonic possession curse on, don’t expect it to disappear by itself. It won’t. Besides, it will make you its slave. If you still have strength to resist it, contact me immediately. I will remove a demonic curse from you and make you in control of your body, mind and soul.

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