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TEST: Do you need black magic spells for enemies or not?

TEST: Do you need black magic spells for enemies or not?

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I have prepared this test due to the growing number of letters I have been receiving from my readers who want to get even with someone using black magic spells for enemies but are afraid to do so, which is why they ask me for some tips or clarifications regarding this subject. Answer the below questions and you will know for sure whether you need black magic for revenge or not. After you answer all the questions, sum up your yes-answers and see the result. To make this test as honest as possible, I am presenting it to you as a video to make sure no one can cheat to get better results.

As with all tests about black magic spells for enemies, this one requires 100% concentration and 100% honesty. Otherwise, the results will be confusing. Sometimes people refuse to use black magic for not knowing it is the only thing that can help them (read about it in my articles about black magic). Also, many use it at the wrong time or too often putting themselves in danger. Eventually, they come to realize they should have used some other, less dangerous kind of magic.

Black magic spell ritual for enemiesAre you ready to find out the truth? Then do not waste another minute and start the test now!

  1. You get mad at other people a lot.

  2. You do not believe in karmic punishment or karma.

  3. You would rather believe in an avenging angel with a sword rather than in Higher Powers capable of mercy.

  4. You are confident everyone who hurts you should be punished.

  5. You enjoy thinking of being in control of and getting even with your enemies.

  6. You are brave only in your dreams, while in real life you are a coward.

  7. You do not really know what black magic spells for enemies are…

  8. But you do not care. What you care about is that they should work.

  9. You think black magic spells for enemies can be cast only by black magic sorcerers or witches.

  10. Such spells are like weapons which hit only their targets.

  11. Even though you are going to use a spell against your enemy, you do not consider yourself to be an accomplice to a magic crime.

  12. You have never heard of amulets and talismans designed to protect people.

  13. You do not know that prayers can protect people against spells.

  14. You have never tried to find out if your enemy has a protection spell on him/her.

  15. You have never considered your enemy’s faith or piety.

  16. If your first spell works, you will use this spell again to punish all of your enemies.

  17. You have a lot of enemies.

  18. When you get angry with someone, you believe your anger is justified and you have a right to take revenge.

  19. You have talked to your own reflection as if it was your enemy.

  20. You are afraid of loneliness.

  21. You are afraid of the dark.

  22. You feel scared on an empty street or in unknown empty spaces.

  23. You have never been tired of your negative thinking and you have never wanted to stop thinking badly of other people.

  24. You have nightmares a lot.

  25. You have dreams in which you are lonely and helpless.

  26. You do not have many friends.

  27. Your love life is far from perfect.

  28. You have not reached your full potential at work but you could have.

  29. You think you are very good at reading people.

  30. You know what people are thinking about, especially if they are plotting against you or someone else.

  31. You expect bad from people rather than good.

  32. You are used to the fact that there is no justice in the world, and that sometimes the world is cruel.

  33. You like stories about accidents and crimes.

  34. You do not know any witches or sorcerers.

  35. You have never worked with psychics before.

  36. You have never performed magic rituals.

  37. You are sure you have some magical abilities.

  38. You have wished ill upon other people.

  39. Nothing has ever happened to the people you wished ill upon.

  40. You look older than your age.

  41. Even if you do not look older than your age, you do not look younger, either.

  42. You have weight problems.

  43. You have at least one of the following bad habits: smoking, drinking, overeating, laziness, addition to psychoactive drugs, lack of exercise.

  44. You enjoy horror movies.

  45. You want to have unlimited power.

  46. You blame your parents for your unhappiness.

  47. You expect betrayal from your boyfriend or girlfriend rather than loyalty.

  48. You always watch out for rudeness.

  49. You agree to the statement that the world is a jungle today.

  50. Black magic spells for enemies are a perfect revenge tool because they cannot be traced back to the spell caster.

  51. You enjoy imaging your enemy’s suffering but it never occurred to you that your enemy could find a spellcaster too and have your spell removed.

  52. You think black magic is not expensive.

  53. Casting black magic spells for enemiesYou have never tried to find out how much it costs.

  54. If you find your spellcaster’s fees too high, you will find another spellcaster to work with.

  55. You think you are a good person.

  56. If everyone was like you, the world would be more tolerant and a better place in general.

  57. You like master-slave relationships.

  58. In your perfect world, the strong help the weak, and the rich help the poor.

  59. When you get a chance to help someone, you prefer to wait because in your opinion it is too early.

  60. You think you will help people when you get rich.

  61. You are confident you will get rich one day.

  62. There are more than three superstitious beliefs you believe in.

  63. You know that some people are very easy to manipulate.

  64. You think you have good original thinking skills…

  65. However in most cases you like simple things.

  66. You have lied while telling about yourself.

  67. You read less than 10 books a year.

  68. You like watching TV.

  69. You like gadgets.

  70. You like fashion, although you prefer not to stand out.

Perhaps you think the questions I asked are hardly about black magic spells for enemies, but it is not true. Thanks to them, you have a unique opportunity to scan your subtle bodies and karma, as well as figure out how susceptible you are to magic and its negative consequences. Since detailed information about it can be found in several other articles written by me, let us proceed to your test results.

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