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London is surrounded by myths like any other ancient city. It has a lot to offer to both a history and theater lover. Those trying to unravel the mysteries of Jack the Ripper can walk down its Whitechapel streets, while Harry Potter fans can try to find the hidden platform.

I respect most of the myths surrounding this beautiful city, except one. As a professional spellcaster, I have to warn my readers about it. The other day I met a man who told me about some unique black magic London. Our conversation was so interesting that I decided to write an article about it. I hope you will enjoy it too, especially if you also believe in some special black magic in London.

Black magic skull LondonBlack magic London should be a real thing at least because of all the terrible crimes committed there. It means there’re some powerful black forces in this city.

There is no city in the world dominated by only good or evil forces. Our world is about balance. If evil grows in some place, good starts growing there, too.

As for the crimes that you mentioned, according to crime statistics, London has about the same crime rate (severe crimes) as any other big city. The number of murderers is even smaller in London. There’re other signs of a city’s growing evil, but London doesn’t show any of them.

Still, there is black magic in London and it’s special. Unlike the rest of Europe, the Inquisition never happened in London, allowing London sorcerers and witches to carry their knowledge through the centuries preserving the ancient magic tradition. This is why black magic London is special.

   The Inquisition took place in Great Britain too, although it was less repressive there than in other European countries. Speaking of the tradition of black magic in London, let’s remember first Christians. They were crueler to magic practitioners than any inquisitor. Thus, you’re wrong about the “knowledge carried through the centuries”.

Well, I have another argument: Great Britain was the world’s greatest empire for a long time. They used other countries not only as a source of gold and other valuables, but also as a source of knowledge, including knowledge of magic. This is how powerful black magic London was formed, taking the best of Indian, Asian, African, and American magic traditions.

You can bring magic accessories and books from any of the above countries to Londom. You can even bring a local sorcerer there. However, you can’t bring the most important thing, that is the energies and the egregors which make magic work. Do you know how popular Buddhism has been in the Western countries over the last 50 years? Buddhist books, accessories and meditation techniques are easily accessible, yet, to reach true enlightenment, people still have to go to India and Tibet to get in touch with the egregors fueling Buddhism with their energies.

This is true for all branches of magic – you can learn some of their rituals but it is impossible to absorb magic in whole.

Are you saying there is no special black magic in London? Does it mean there’re no true black magic sorcerers there, either?

No, I’m not saying that. As a spellcaster with first-hand experience of magic, I can assure you that the phrase “black magic London” should be used not to refer to some special branch of magic but to indicate the country of origin of its spellcasters. Thus, I can talk about black magic in Rome, black magic in Paris, or black magic in Oslo. There are spellcasters in each of those cities, specializing in different branches of magic.

You can find high-quality black magic in London if you want to. However, your sorcerer is likely to offer you the same rituals as those performed by other spellcasters in other cities and countries of the world.

I’m not the only one believing in some special status of black magic London


Casting black magic LondonI guess it has something to do not with magic and occultism but with marketing and advertising. For more than 50 years, a group of people have been trying to convince the world of some special status of voodoo magic, which is not true by the way. Another group of people have been promoting runic magic and Eastern European Gypsy magic.  As for London’s black magic, there’re people benefiting from its growing popularity, too. And they’re quite good at it. There’s a whole generation of kids confident that the greatest sorcerer of all time is a boy with a lightening scar of his forehead and he lives in London. This is where the famous ministry of magic is headquartered, too.

But books reflect reality, don’t they? 

You’re right, unless it’s modern literature. A lot of ancient fairy tales, myths and legends do refer to some phenomena which took place in the past. There is description of aliens in Jewish and Mesopotamian books, flying ships and nuclear bursts in Indian books, energy weapons in Australian ones. Moreover, you can find what looks like drawings of tanks and helicopters on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids.

Since you brought it up, can you tell me why English folklore is so modest in this respect? All their stories are about the Knights of the Round Table, and its only two sorcerers are Merlin and Morgana who aren’t even real sorcerers and are more like healers and advisors. For your information, Tolkien started to write his Lord of the Rings in order to artificially replace the non-existent English folklore.

The point is if England had been the city with a high concentration of magic energy, memories about it would have remained in its myths and legends like it happened in other countries and on other continents.

Does it mean one shouldn’t use black magic in London at all?

No, that’s not what I mean. I’m not saying London spellcasters are less powerful than their colleagues living in other cities. I’m saying that you shouldn’t expect anything special from it. The power of a spellcaster depends not on where they were born and where they live, but on their knowledge and skills. As for my English colleagues, many of them are quite skilled and experienced magic practitioners, meaning if you want to work with one of them, go ahead!

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