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When voodoo love spell casters make mistakes

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To be honest, I am a little tired of trying to explain to you that working with incompetent voodoo love spell casters is very dangerous. So I want to present to you a compilation of fragments I took from my readers’ letters that I have received over the past few months. Note that I am not doing it to prove you wrong. As a professional spell caster, it is my duty to protect you against the dangers of magic, including those associated with dealing with a liar who claims to be the best voodoo spell caster.

Let us talk about people who claim to be real voodoo spell casters and what effect it can have on your life

Voodoo doll love spell castersFrom a reader’s letter:

“After clicking on some ad, I found a website which was supposedly run by the best voodoo spell caster.

Strangely, I’ve never been interested in voodoo love spell casters before

It never occurred to me that I could change my life with real voodoo love spell casters, because I and spell casters lived I different worlds and our paths never crossed.

While reading about voodoo love spell casters, I realized I was wrong and even decided to choose some rituals to improve my life. The man who ran that website claimed he was the best voodoo spell caster, and his articles were pretty convincing.

Well, I couldn’t resist the temptation to use magic and decided to put a love spell on my boss. I worked as a cashier at the largest store in the city, and my boss was its owner. The best voodoo spell caster accepted my order. In about a week I was notified the love spell was a success, which seemed to be true because that day my boss asked me out to dinner and then walked me home. He asked if he could come in and I said yes. Then he beat me brutally and raped me.

I was taken to hospital. The doctor had to call the police. My boss was arrested. They sentenced him to 20 years in jail. After everything I’d been through – the whole city was in court listening to my testimony – I had to sell my house and move across the country to be as far away from that nightmare as possible.

This is when I swore to myself that I’d never ever deal with real voodoo love spell casters again and magic in general. Yes, I understand that not all spell casters lie to their clients and that not all voodoo love spell casters do harm to people. However, I’ve had enough and I’ll never trust any of them again.”

From a reader’s letter:

“I’m very sorry that after visiting your website, which I liked a lot by the way (I mostly read your articles about love magic from this section), I decided to check out some more websites and came to the conclusion that your services were sure to be too expensive (I didn’t even ask you about it!). As a result, I started looking for real voodoo spell casters providing more affordable magic services. 

I found them almost immediately. Three voodoo love spell casters had a blog where they offered their magic services. There was a list of the rituals they performed and a price list. It was very convenient so I really liked it. I talked to only one of them. He claimed to be the best voodoo spell caster. I told him I wanted to get my ex-wife back to which he replied he needed me to send him her picture.

Voodoo love spell casters

Then I got a letter from the website that belonged to those real voodoo love spell casters. I don’t know if it’s relevant but the letter wasn’t signed. They asked me to send them a sample of my wife’s menstrual blood. We lived separately so I couldn’t do it. This is when I was told I had to pay four times the initial price. The voodoo love spell casters said the fact that I couldn’t provide the menstrual blood made it much more difficult to perform the ritual successfully. 

I’d already paid them once by that time and I didn’t want to lose my money, so I paid them again, which was a huge mistake. A week later I got another letter in which they asked for my wife’s hair. Obviously, I couldn’t do it either, which is why I had to pay them again.

This is when I stopped. I realized it was a scam. Even if those were real voodoo loved spell casters, I didn’t like their approach. It looked more like blackmail. When I demanded my money back, they said they didn’t have it because they’d spent it while preparing for the ritual. It was my fault because I was the one who broke the deal.”

From a reader’s letter:

I attended a three-month course held by a man who claimed to be the best voodoo spell caster

I studied voodoo. I wanted to become a witch and perform voodoo magic rituals. There were 12 more people there with me. We listened to lections and watched movies. When the training was over, the teacher, instead of testing our knowledge, congratulated us, said that we were all voodoo love spell casters, and even gave us our graduate diplomas.

I don’t understand why I believed him, but I did. In fact, we all believed him. I had a crush on my neighbor, so the next day I decided to cast a spell on him. I performed it in the evening, and at about midnight we both, my neighbor and I, were taken to hospital by an ambulance. He had a heart attack and I had intense vaginal bleeding. After we were discharged, my neighbor got fired, while I learned the company I worked for had lost a client because of me. As a result, I was transferred to a lower position.

I have a feeling it’s not over yet. Now I know I didn’t have a right to practice magic. By performing that ritual, I brought trouble upon my neighbor and myself. A three-month course, no matter who holds it, can’t turn people into real voodoo love spell casters.

As a matter of fact, I know of 11 people from my group having some serious problems. Two of them died in less than six months after our “graduation”. Our teacher disappeared and we haven’t heard from him ever since.

From a reader’s letter:

Voodoo magic ruined my life

A few years ago my wife lost her job. She tried to find a new job but without success. As a result, she fell into depression. She was mean and bad-tempered. My life was turning into a nightmare. Her interest in magic seemed to have a positive effect on her so I was happy for her at first.

She began to study voodoo magic

She studied it for two years. Eventually, she decided she was the best voodoo spell caster and started performing her rituals. At first, I felt something was off about our house. It was scary to be there, especially at night when the lights were off. Then we started hearing some weird sounds and even someone’s steps. We could hear doors slamming and dishes moving and falling in the kitchen. The worst part began when my wife started hallucinating and even tried to kill herself.

She’s been in a mental hospital for three years now. I tried to help her. I found a voodoo spell caster, invited him over and he removed all negative energies from our house. Unfortunately, he failed to help my wife. He said she studied magic on the Internet and there were a lot of low-quality and dangerous rituals there. According to him, it’s very dangerous to study magic online because the majority of magic-related articles are written not by professional spell casters but by amateurs.

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