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Love spells white magic that work fast

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Love spells white magic

This article is titled “Love spells white magic that work fast”. Before we begin, I would like you to understand that any ritual of white magic for love consists of the following three elements:

1.       The time you spend to prepare for the ritual;

2.       Your internal energy power;

3.       The waiting period before first results are seen.

Love spells white magicThe stronger or longer any of the above elements, the more effective the ritual. So when you refuse to wait or make the required preparations or accumulate power, you are likely to get very poor or unsatisfactory results.

Fast white love spells and other love rituals prove successful in cases as specified below:

You love the person you want to put your love spell on passionately and consider this person to be the love of your life;

This person is in love with you but is too shy to tell you about it;

You love each other but broke up after having a fight;

You are a couple but there is some misunderstanding in your relationship;

According to a fortune-teller, you are destined to be together;

According to a fortune-teller, you are a karmic couple;

You cannot be together because your relatives are against it.

In all other cases white magic spells that work cannot be fast. They require thorough preparation and patience. More importantly, you need to have enough energy accumulated to cast the spell successfully. While the first two requirements are pretty easy to meet, most people have difficulty accumulating enough energy. Thus, magiс should not be practiced by overweight people, people having fears, panic attacks, mental issues, and other disorders.

Statistically, only one out of a thousand magic practitioners manages to perform a white magic ritual properly, while the rest have to work with professional spellcasters.

White magic for love

From a reader’s letter:

“It’s quite clear to me why people with mental disorders shouldn’t try to cast white magic love spells that work fast along with any other types of magic and witchcraft spells. But why does this ban also apply to overweight people?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is not a ban. You can disregard my warnings and do whatever you want to do. I am talking about the chances to perform a ritual successfully. When a ritual is performed by an overweight person, it is sure to fail. Being overweight is a sign of some energy infection. People with such infection are unable to accumulate enough energy to perform even the simplest of magic rituals. Even if they manage to accumulate it (let us assume this is possible), their energy channels are very narrow and probably clogged for the energy to flow through them. As a result, instead of being released from their subtle bodies as a powerful mental command, it is excreted drop by drop. This is something that never leads to a satisfying outcome.

From a reader’s letter:

“I’m crazy in love with one guy. I love him so much that I can’t really sleep or eat because of that! I tried to put a love spell on him thrice, but every time it failed. Aren’t my feelings strong enough for me to put a love spell on him? What about that statement of yours that true love can work wonders?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If I were you, I would get examined by a professional sorcerer. The question which you should focus on is as follows: Is there a love spell on you? For some reason it seems to me (as a professional spellcaster, I am usually right about such things) that you are a victim of some real white magic spells which were cast improperly. Someone wanted to put a love spell on you but messed it up and you fell in love with the wrong man. As far as I can see, the love spell was pretty strong. If your feelings are based on magic, your love cannot be used to put love spells on other people.

So get yourself examined and purified and then see if you have some feelings for that man left in your heart or they are gone forever.

White magic spells that work

Casting white magic for loveWhite magic love spells that really work can indeed be cast only by professional spellcasters. Unfortunately, not all magic practitioners offering their services on the Internet or at their magic stores are like that. I will not try to dispute the validity of their titles and diplomas. However, no certificate and no title gives a person the right to call themselves a professional magic practitioner.

It is my life principle that I live by. I did not call myself a spellcaster until after I had studied professional magic for eight years. My total experience in magic is more than 20 years. Magic was never a hobby for me or something I enjoyed when I had some free time. I dedicated my life to it. This is when I realized Higher Powers chose this path for me, that they always helped me find the best and the most rare textbooks and meet the wisest of mentors and teachers, making it look like our meetings were accidental.

For your information, it is basically impossible to master magic without being chosen by the Guardians of our World for the role of a sorcerer or a witch. There are lots of really bad singers who think they are good or those annoying people asking everyone they know to read another talentless novel they wrote. There are many bad cooks, doctors and gardeners. They are bad for having chosen the wrong path to follow dedicating their life to something they have zero talent for. It is the same in magic. If you do not have an inborn talent for it or a gift, no exercises and trainings will ever help you become a professional spellcaster.

Domestic magic and energy practices are the only things that can be mastered by anyone. If you train on yourself and cast spells only for yourself, you may succeed. But if you take even one step outside of your area of responsibility or your energy field, you will face the following dilemma: give up and be safe or start casting spells and face Higher Powers.

You have every right to change yourself and your fate. But when you dare to interfere with the fates of others, you infringe on their freedom of choice committing one of the most serious karmic crimes which is comparable to murder, violence, and confinement.

Even professional magic practitioners do not cast spells unless they are asked to. They cast love spells white magic to execute someone’s request. Since these are white magic rituals, they tell the client’s fortune before they get to the ritual. They are perfectly aware that a love spell must not be put on a person unless it will make this person happy. This is how professional white magic works – you either give people health, love, happiness, and peace of mind, or do not do anything at all.

White magic love spells that work fast

From a reader’s letter:

“According to you, magic is a very long process. But I’ve seen hundreds of ads offering white magic love spells that work fast.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Have you ever asked people who bought fast rituals of white magic for love how long they were happy? I can assure you every one of those who paid for a fast love spell enjoyed their love for not more than a few months. Fast rituals and spells can bring first results as soon as within a few days, but they wear out just as fast, like smoke goes out the window as soon as you open it.

Moreover, only one love spell can be put on one person. So when you use one of the white magic spells that work, you basically take away your future with this person. If you are fine with it, go ahead and call any of the phone numbers in those ads. But remember that the outcome will be exactly as I have just described.

From a reader’s letter:

“My mom put a love spell on my dad (everyone knows about it). My grandmother, my mother’s mother, put a love spell on my grandfather and they lived a long life and were very happy together. I’m forty and I’ve never been married. I tried to use our family recipe to put a love spell on men a few times but it didn’t work. Can this love ritual be just too old for me to use?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I am sorry but you have a big problem. Either your mother or your grandmother broke some of the laws of karma while putting their love spells. As a result, there is a loneliness curse on your family. Even if their marriages were happy ones, you cannot know what happened to those women who were dating the men when the love spells were cast. The curse they triggered by making those women suffer is now influencing you. So the ritual that helped both your mother and your grandmother is unhelpful to you. You need to have the curse removed and then ask your magic practitioner to cast one of the real white magic spells for you. This is how you can finally find love and happiness.

How to tell real white magic spells from black magic spells

White magic spells that workFor different reasons which have been described in my previous articles that are available on my website, many sorcerers use the following lie. Knowing how difficult it is to cast a white love spell successfully, they cast a black one instead. I have to admit that black love spells do work faster but their outcomes are usually not that happy. Instead of pure love, the client gets forced love; instead of a loving partner, the client gets a zombie; instead of the happiness of loving and being loved, the client finds himself or herself caught in a trap with no way out.

This lie is already a crime against the Universe and sooner or later all liars get punished for it. However, you will suffer because of the things they do before they do. To prevent it from happening, let me outline for you how to tell if the spells promised to you by a magic practitioner, a witch, a sorcerer or a spellcaster are actually white magic love spells. There are six rules for you to remember which apply to white magic spells. They are:

Rule one – white magic spells are cast when it is a waxing moon.

Rule two – white magic spells are never cast with the use of blood, cemetery soil, biological remains.

Rule three – the magic practitioner performing a white magic love ritual for you will never ask you to do any extra work, such as hide needles or any other objects at the house of your loved one.

Rule four – white magic makes the target happy. When the spell takes effect, you will see it filling the target with strength and joy. You will know this state when you see one.

Rule five – you will not feel fear or sadness while the magic practitioner is performing his ritual. You will feel no negative and bad emotions.   

Rule five – A white magic practitioner will not insist on you buying a protection amulet or a protection ritual. He will offer you to protect you against everyone who may want to destroy your happiness. However, he will not need to protect you against the spell he casts for you. As for black magic practitioners, they know how dangerous their spells are for you. In case their spells backfire, they will use you as a shield. In that case, you will need an amulet or a talisman to protect yourself against the side effects of the black magic love spell.

Rule six – Pay attention to the way your magic practitioner looks and dresses. The majority of magic practitioners dress according to the traditions of the branch of magic they practice. Of course, looks can be deceptive, so also listen to your heart and try to hear your intuition. In most cases they will tell you which forces the magic practitioner you are going to hire serves.

White magic love spells that really work

From a reader’s letter:

“Why is white magic better than black magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It just is. Thanks to white magic, you can improve all aspects of your life, while black magic will give you nothing but pain and suffering, plus the payment for using black magic is usually your future pain and suffering.

From a reader’s letter:

“Do white magic love spells that really work have any side effects?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

They can have some side effects if, for example, the target has bought a very powerful protection amulet in advance. But since we are talking about white magic for love, the side effects are less serious than those caused by black magic rituals.

From a reader’s letter:

“What should I do if I really want to try to cast a spell but am afraid to do it?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Do not cast it. Fear is how your soul or subconscious mind responds to your plans. To be more precise, to their outcomes. We are all psychics to some extent, and this gift is what causes us to feel fear when we are about to do something that will have a negative impact on our future, or joy if we are going to do something that is good for us and that will make us happy.

From a reader’s letter:

“I’m Christian and I’m in love with a Jewish guy. Which ritual should I use to attract him?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You can use any ritual which includes no prayers and does not address Jewish or Christian saints. Also, do not use church candles in your ritual. Try to appeal to Higher Powers which do not see race, color or religion.

From a reader’s letter:

“A few days ago my husband found my diary, looked through it, and found out I’d put a love spell on him. What’s going to happen now?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If you put a love spell on your husband using black magic, most likely he will leave you. If you used white magic, he may stay with you, especially if you have been happy together.

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