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Simple as they seem, these spells still raise a lot of questions. So I do not want to wait until you ask me but answer them right now to enable you to start casting your love strengthening spells as soon as possible.

“I read about the wolf brain ointment you mentioned in your article about love strengthening spells, but I don’t know where I can get some. I can’t buy the ingredients in a local supermarket to make it, can I?”

If you need this ointment, contact me. But remember that I can easily tell a real client from someone who wants to try my products out of curiosity. I reserve the right not to reply to such requests. If I see that you actually need this ointment or any other powerful magic product, I will help you. If needed I can custom-make any product for you or refer you to another magic practitioner who can better meet your needs.

“What hair can be used for magic strengthening love spells?”

love strengthening spellsYou can use body hair. Different rituals require different kinds of hair. Thus, pubic hair is good for love strengthening spells or to make a man want to have children or accept a child. Chest hair is used to make a man want to take care of a woman. Head hair is used to make a man think about you and never think about other women. Back hair is effective when you need to free a man from his previous relationships or marriage.

Always be as careful as possible when you are asked to provide some hair samples of your boyfriend to improve your relationship with him or, for example, to get him back. Human hair can be used in black magic rituals, too. As you know, the consequences of such rituals are very difficult to handle.  

“I’m confused. To make a man love me more, should I cut off the collar of one of his shirts and burn it down? But the shirt’s gonna be destroyed, isn’t it?”

Before you cast any love strengthening spells

Figure out what’s more important to you, a shirt which can be replaced the same day or the love of your partner which you can lose forever and which can never be replaced.

“What salt can I use to cast a powerful love spell?”

If possible, use the salt that you can find in the stores owned by magic practitioners or witches. Tell the salesperson about the love spell you are going to cast to find out if their salt suits your specific ritual. You can buy regular salt too, making sure it does not have any artificial flavors or preservatives. The crystal size does not matter, even though a lot of people claim larger salt crystals contribute to the ritual effectiveness. 

“I’ve put several love strengthening spells on my husband using salt, but our relationship’s been weird lately. Sometimes my husband loves me but at other times seems to hate me. As a result, we love each other and then we fight and want to kill each other. The other day I found some salt in my pockets. What could it mean?”

You have done something wrong. As a result, instead of making your relationship simple and strong, you made a tangle of energies making your relationship super complicated. A relationship like yours occurs when two mutually exclusive programs are working at the same time:

  • One program making two people love each other drawing them together;

  • The other one pushing them away.

Casting love strengthening spellPartners affected by improperly cast love strengthening spells love and hate each other at the same time. The outcome is usually the same. Unfortunately, it is a breakup or a divorce. It happens so not because evil always wins. On the contrary, it happens quite rarely. The breakup is usually caused by your energies which come to believe that it would be better to remove the cause of your negative energies from your life and choose a breakup over love.

The fact that you have salt in your pockets means that you have been hexed. It happened before you cast your love spell, or you hexed yourself when you started casting spells on your husband. I will tell you what happened to you exactly only when you place an order for my services, which include not only fortune-telling, but also spell-casting to remove all hexes or self-hexes and to improve your relationship.

“Is self-hexing the worst thing one can do to oneself while performing magic?”

The worst harm is harm to one’s karma. It happens when you, while trying to put a love spell on someone you love, curse your beloved, damaging his or her health, physical and mental, and fate. Imagine that a spell is a screwdriver. When you take it, it is not dangerous. You use it to remove a computer panel and see a motherboard, a processing unit, and a bunch of wires. You know you can fix the computer with your screwdriver but you do not know how. You poke at something with your screwdriver causing a short circuit. You get electrocuted. With regard to magic, you experience a kickback and it hurts. However, your actions cause even more damage to the target of your spell, which in this case is the computer. You break it down, possibly to the point of no repair.

As for the computer, that is where it ends. But when it comes to magic, your actions have long-term consequences. When you harm another person’s energies, Higher Powers make your karma heavier. As a result, you have to work it off with your diseases, ill luck and depression. Besides, heavy karma is not limited by diseases and depression. It is also associated with:

  • Loneliness;

  • Infertility;

  • Loss of beauty;

  • Inability to get other people to like and respect you;

  • Inability to implement your plans;

  • Dreams that never come true;

  • Loss of whatever good you have in your life.

For this reason all love strengthening spells should be cast only by experienced magic practitioners.

To protect you, I have created my website where I can tell you about true magic, its advantages and disadvantages.

Reach out to me any time. I am committed to helping people in all possible ways. I am ready to make any wish you have come true, provided it will make you happy.

All complex rituals require a number of ingredients which are used to influence people’s karma and energies. The video I, spellcaster Maxim, have prepared for you is a great opportunity to take the first step towards mastering this complex but incredibly interesting science. 

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