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Other people should not see your amulets, including luck amulets. The closer to your body the amulet is, the more powerful it gets. Passed on from one generation to another, an amulet gets even more powerful. Protecting family generations, it gets quickly used to new off-springs. Its power also increases greatly if it’s bought and presented to dear people with good intentions. If you want to get a luck amulet or any other amulet for yourself, make sure it suits you. It should be kept in your pocket or worn on a chain around your neck.


Magicians claim that way it can identify the person’s energy to protect him and ensure his well-being. 

There are a few types of amulets you can make yourself. 

Love Amulet Heart

1. First of all, you should find the right material. Take some holy water from, let’s say, last year’s Epiphany. To select your rock, apply to horoscopes, check our which rocks are best for your zodiacal sign. Get a small rock that seems nice and close to you. Holding the rock in your hand, whisper to it words that are associated with luck and success.  


More importantly, believe in it, don’t doubt that the rock will bring you good luck, believe in its power and magic. Carry it with you. When you need luck, keep the rock in your hand, pat it, let it charge you. Feel the connection with the rock, speak to it, ask it for help. These rituals are to be carried out in private, away from other people. 2. Sometimes a random thing, that happened to be around you a lot, proves to be an amulet. Have you found a key tag or a small rock? Or you have been presented with a coin and you like it very much. You were holding it in your hand at one of the crucial moments of your life and you came to believe that it somehow helped you. This is how you charge the thing with energy, turning it into a talisman. In future it will actually bring you luck and success. Such objects will help you because you believe in them. You believed in them once, and you were right! 3. A fancy rock or a seashell you found on the beach, or a bracelet you noticed laying on the ground, can become your amulet. However, such objects may bear someone else’s negative energy.


So before using it, visit a church keeping it in your pocket. Then plunge it into holy water and say your prayers. Leave the object in the water till morning. In the morning take it with you. Believe in its powers and magic. 4. I can help you if you want an amulet made specially for you. I make and charge talismans, protection amulets, runic amulets to attract love, luck, etc. The power of an amulet is not its beauty, it’s the energy and magical power it has. I can make and charge an amulet for you, so it brings you luck for many years to come. Prices for amulets start at $250.


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