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Do you believe in witchcraft or sorcery? You want to, don’t you? Especially when you feel that your relationship is being eaten by everyday problems, that your eyes don’t blaze with passion as before, and you find yourself thinking, “what would happen if…” Let’s do some witchcraft. Let’s scatter the sparks of magic around the world, over your life, over his life. Are you grinning? You don’t believe, do you? Down with scepsis, take the fate by the throat and let’s go do witchcraft.


Perfume of love and desire. Boil half a cup of jojoba oil in a small pot on a slow flame. Stirring it clockwise, add 9 drops of the following essential oils: ambergris, cinnamon, labdanum, jasmine, ilang-ilang, lavender, musk, orange flowers, rose and violet. Cool it in glassware, keep in a dark place. Apply the mixture every evening as a perfume and the spark in your relationship will be reignited.

Magical bath.

Mix one tablespoon of dried hips, lavender and bay leaf. Put the mix into a clean, linen bag decorated with a pink ribbon. Take a hot bath with the bag in the water or (which is even better) invite your lover to join you.

Love witchcraft castMagical touches.

To boost your partner’s sexual energy, massage his arms slightly above the wrists. It will open his energy channel right at his heart chakra.

Fire of love.

Nothing can get the spark into your love back as quickly as the magical candle. Fire has always been associated with romance. Before meeting your lover (preferably when the moon is waxing), take red candles and a bottle of rose oil. Cut your name and that of your lover on wax. Apply the oil to the candle (downward), focusing on your lover. Imagine meeting him, talking with him, petting him. Put the candle into the candlestick and light it. All the energy it has will be released out to the universe to help your love.

When love witchcraft can be done

Simple love witchcraft spells can be cast any time you want. Nevertheless, the best time is considered to be the evening, when one can see a waxing moon in the sky. Spells should not be cast on a waning moon, at least if they are designed to create or strengthen love. Spells cast on a waning moon are usually designed for destruction or elimination (they are designed to eliminate such things as diseases, jealousy, misunderstanding, memories about fights, etc.).

Beginning spellcasters often make this mistake and then cannot figure out why the spell made the relationship problems worse instead of fixing them. “Have I done something wrong?” they are wondering. Yes, you failed to refer to the lunar calendar which can be viewed at my website

Another mistake is poor preparation. Practice simple magic only when you are feeling a burst of energy, because magic involves sharing one’s energy. When you are tired, you have no energy to share.

Your emotional state is critical as well. If you are upset or irritated, scared or alarmed, the energies you generate are unable to make the target fall in love with you. What do you do when you do magic? You share your emotions with the target making the target feel what you are feeling. When you share love or joy while doing love witchcraft, the target feels love and joy, too. It makes the target happy and the target’s love for you grows. But when you cast love spells while being overwhelmed with some negative emotions, you make the target experience negative emotions, too. As a result, when the target is next to you, he or she feels anxious and unhappy and experiences other negative feelings which hardly resemble love.

Who can cast witchcraft love spells

Love witchcraft cast on heart

Magic is based on energy exchange. When you dream of someone’s love, you not only dream of being with the person but also want this person to prove to you their love with their words and actions. You want to press yourself to your beloved’s body and feel the love. What contributes to this feeling? The smell, so dear and pleasant? The touch, caring and gentle? Or perhaps the feeling of security and warmth?  You can feel than you are loved only when your partner is sharing part of their positive energies with you. People can generate positive energies only when they are in love. 

Similarly, you can cast a love witchcraft spell successfully only if it is charged with your energy of love. I like using comparisons so here is one more. Imagine a spell as a medical syringe. An empty syringe is useless. It is helpful or harmless when it is filled with something, a medicinal product or a poisonous solution.

The same is true for spells, no matter how strong they are. They are still an empty syringe. Their effectiveness depends on the energy you put in them. If a spell is charged with strong love, it will make the target feel strong love, too. If you charge your love spell with the energy of indifference or self-interest, lust or desire for revenge, it will poison the target’s subtle bodies preventing the target from falling in love with you. Moreover, the target will try to keep away from you to avoid poisoning.

Now try to analyze your emotions. Are you sure you are in love with the one you want to put a love spell on? Being a powerful spellcaster, I ask all my clients to follow the “Four Afters” rule. According to this rule, a love spell can be cast only after:

  • You have been in love with the target for not less than two months;

  • You have understood what kind of person the target is and whether or not it is the kind of person you want to be with;

  • You have become close (without having sex);

  • You have seen the target tired, irritated, drunk, angry, etc.

If you still love the target, you can use a love witchcraft spell.

Love witchcraft when there is no love

Many of the readers must be surprised now but it is true. Love witchcraft can be used when there is no love. However, to this end you need to switch from white magic to black one.

Well, this is when I urge you to STOP! DO NOT DO THAT! DO NOT EVEN TRY TO USE BLACK MAGIC SPELLS! Only the most powerful and responsible magic practitioners are allowed to do so. If you try to do that without being one, you will get hurt.

For your information, I cast black magic spells. Contact me if you think black magic is what can help you. For more information, email or call me. Note that you are going to have to follow all my instructions and keep all magic-related information confidential. You will understand why my clients are required to follow the rules if you read any of the articles available on my website about Higher Powers and what they do to those who break the rules.

How often you can put love witchcraft spells on your beloved

You can do it every time you are feeling love for your partner, such as when he is next to you sleeping, when he is driving the car and you are in the passenger’s seat next to him, etc. The key is to love and want to make him yours, feel the ability to share your energy with him and believe that you will succeed.

Strange as it may seem, it is your faith or lack of faith that makes a love spell effective or ineffective. If your faith is strong, you can put a love spell simply by whispering the words of love into your beloved’s ears. If you do not have faith, even a professional spellcaster will fail to put a love spell successfully, even if your beloved is a lonely loser who would be with anyone just not to be alone.

So learn to have faith and believe in success and the effectiveness of love witchcraft. Your ability to have faith will help you in the future in matters not related to magic. Faith is what success begins with. Faith is what enables us to make our dreams come true.

If you decide to combine your faith with my magical powers, the outcome will be fantastic!

If you want to cast a love spell by yourself, you might want to read about the effect the lunar phases have on love rituals. To this end, please watch the video available on this page.

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