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Spellcaster Maxim on how to use real magic amulets

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How to choose real magic amulets


“A great thing about amulets is that there’re so many of them to choose from. There are real magic amulets designed for all occasions and on top of that each religion offers its own unique set of real amulets that work. Can you tell us how a person having no in-depth knowledge of magic can choose the right amulet?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Real magic amuletsThere is one simple rule which I learned many years ago when I was just a beginning spellcaster, which has retained its relevance. Do you know how to choose the right shoes or the right car? You study your options and then see something that you know should be YOURS. You buy the shoes, put them on, and they make you feel better about yourself, or you buy the car and enjoy every minute of driving it.

The same approach should be applied to buying real magic amulets. You will not believe a website offering some designer shoes at a ridiculously low price, will you? Similarly, real amulets that work can be bought only on the websites run by professional magic practitioners.

Check out the real magiс amulets currently available at my online store. They are sorted by power. Compare them with some other online stores offering thousands of magic amulets. You can see the difference, can you not? It is the quantity of the products offered. A true magic practitioner makes just one or two amulets in one ceremony and it takes them from a few days to a few months to prepare for one ceremony. As for the online store, there are multiple workshops producing batches of amulets for them. As a result, the amulets made by the spellcaster are effective, while those made by machines are not.


“Is there anything else one should know to buy real amulets that work?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You should know that you should not buy an amulet if it is not going to be adjusted to fit your energies. Let me compare the sale of magic products with luxury boutiques. The best and most expensive suits are custom tailored ones. A unique pattern is created based on your measurements and after several adjustments you get your finely tailored suit giving you an elegant, young and respectable look. Experienced magic practitioners work in the same manner. They make your perfect amulet after studying your energies carefully.

Furthermore, you need to know the difference between amulets and talismans. Many people are unaware of it. Talismans are designed to influence the world around you and synchronize your energies with the energy flows and layers of the world, while amulets are designed to work with and improve only your energies.

How to store real amulets that work

Real magical amulets that worksQuestion:

“Hopefully, in a couple of days I’ll get my first two real magic amulets. I’m really excited about it, but I don’t know where to keep them and how to store them. Could you tell me about it? I’d really appreciate your help!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You need to select and prepare a place to keep your real amulets that work before your real magic amulets are delivered. I do not want to specify where you should keep your amulets, for example, in the wardrobe or in the drawer. I would rather list the storage requirements applying to real amulets that work.

1. Keep your amulets within your reach;

2. Do not keep your amulets in plain sight. The place where you keep your amulets should be inaccessible for others;

3. The place where you keep your amulets should not attract unwanted attention;

4. It is desirable that you keep your amulets locked up without leaving the key in the lock;

5. Amulets feel good around wood;

6. Amulets do not feel good around plastic and iron;

7. Do not keep your amulets in a safe or your real magic amulets will lose touch with you and go into hibernation;

8. If you want, you can keep your amulets in a locking box;

9. Do not keep your amulets together with money or other people’s magic items or jewelry;

10. Do not keep your working amulets together with the broken ones.

Following these guidelines ensures that your real amulets that work do not make contact with anyone but you because it is very dangerous for them. In addition, it reduces the risk of your amulets being broken, lost or stolen.


“I’m going on a long business trip to a foreign country. I can’t take my amulet with me because I’m afraid the customs officer won’t let me bring it into the country. Besides, the living conditions are going to be pretty extreme. I want to leave my amulet at home. Will my absence affect its effectiveness?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Your amulet will be fine if you stay emotionally and mentally connected with it. If you want to forget about it for a while, wrap it in a clean cloth and seal it with wax. Place the amulet in three locking boxes or in a safe. The amulet will go into hibernation and wake up the moment you take it into your hands after you get home.

How to use magic amulets


“I bought an amulet to attract financial well-being. I’m attaching its photo and the link to the website. It’s been a few weeks but I’m no wealthier than I was.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You are mistaken. Your amulet is quite good but it is one of those real magic amulets that attract good luck but not money. Good luck means the absence of negative energies which could stand in your way, while to get rich, you need to connect to money flows. So do not try to make your amulet do something it was not designed for, and next time be more careful while buying real amulets that work.


“Can one amulet fulfill several wishes or should I buy several real magic amulets?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

No, you cannot have several wishes fulfilled with one amulet, even if these wishes seem to be interrelated. Different aspects of our life are controlled by different energies. Since we have seven chakras connecting us to seven energy fields, then at least seven different amulets are needed. However, some magic products work with mixed energies. What is sex appeal if not a mix of the energy of life and the energy of eroticism? What is a talent if not a mix of the energy of the will, goals, and mind? Due to such energy mixes, magic practitioners have to make hundreds of different and unique amulets which cannot replace one another or fulfill several tasks simultaneously.


“I know that my career success amulet will help me for as long as I work hard building my career and I’m totally okay with that. But will it affect my amulet if I go on sick leave or vacation?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Real amulets that work help their owners for as long as they keep fighting and pursuing their goal. They will not let you down even if you take a break from work. Moreover, in quiet conditions when you are on a business trip, vacation, or sick leave, and your amulets cannot influence your actions, they start influencing the way you think and help you make plans, evaluate things, reconsider your knowledge, learn, know your strengths and weaknesses better. Yes, you can do that without their help, however your amulets give your mind clarity allowing you to evaluate yourself objectively without indulging in illusions.


“Does it matter what material the amulet is made of?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Yes, it does. Watch the video available on this page and find out more about it.

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