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Herbs in black magic

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Black magic involves the use of herb

Herbs are needed to make potions, mixtures and infusions. They are used to charge amulets and talismans, send people into a trance, perform astral projection, cast love and breakup spells, etc. Today I, spellcaster Maxim, will try to lift the veil of secrecy and let the uninitiated into the sacral mysteries of black magic.

Not all herbs can be used in black love witchcraft

Herbal spellAnd it’s not even about the types of plants and their age, but more about where and who picks them. According to one of the most important esoteric laws, a sorcerer can use only the herbs that he has grown or picked by himself. Magic herbs are planted at a certain time – at night or during certain moon phases.

Most herbs used in witchcraft are picked at specialplaces

Thus, herbs growing at cemeteries should be used in cemetery magic. Herbs growing near cursed or abandoned homes should be used in breakup spells. You can also pick some herbs in locations where people were murdered, executed or died in road accidents.

Remember that there are black, heavy energies in such places. If an inexperienced spellcaster comes in contact with them, he may get sick, have his subtle bodies damaged, or go insane. Lots of things may happen to inexperienced spellcasters in such places. However, they all are nothing as compared with the risk of encountering a demon or mind parasite. Thus, people going to places with dangerous energies to pick herbs often end up with alien entities in their subtle bodies.

The use of herbs in black magic is very dangerous too because the herbs are used to attract dark energies which influence the object of black magic. With dark energies always come hellish entities and they usually attack the people surrounded by those dark energies.

This is why spellcasters spend most of their time not learning the rituals and practicing magic, but learning how to scan the space around to identify and protect themselves against evil entities. So if you don’t have inner vision that’s developed enough to enable you to scan the space around you and you can’t protect yourself, don’t try to use any herbs in your love rituals at all.

Below is a list of herbs used in black magic

Herbal black magicBURDOCK. It is used in magic wars because it helps drive evil spirits away or launch energy attacks on witches and spellcasters. When a spellcaster is trying to cast a breakup spell on you, the spellcaster can also use burdock to send you into a trance as people in trance are very easy to manipulate.

AMARANTH. It is used to call up spirits through which people can be controlled. If you try to do this, be careful. Such spirits always try to bring the spellcaster under control first. If they fail, they will start doing what you what them to do.

ASAFOETIDA. It weakens the protective power of the Guardian Angel which makes the victim of magic very vulnerable to all spells and curses.

BARBERRY. Pour some drops of a barberry infusion in a home and the people living in this home will be drowning in fights, jealousy and mutual accusations. This plant is very dangerous. Even keeping it or its infusion at home can make you a victim of aggression.

LAUREL. The smoke coming from burning laurel enhances clairvoyant abilities and enables to perform astral projection and travel to the past and future, as well as access the information in people’s subtle bodies. Black magic practitioners use it to protect themselves against the evil spirits that they want to control.

WAXBERRY. With waxberry candles, you’ll be able to make people sad and depressed. However, use it with caution as excessive use of this herb can make people commit suicide.

BELLADONNA. It turns people into slaves, drives people crazy, reprograms the mind and enables to fill people with any dreams and wishes. Mostly used in cemetery magic’s love rituals, its infusions can break through any magic protection shield.

SATIN WALNUT. It is used to enhance the properties of other herbs and plants. Spellcasters drink its infusions to enhance their magic powers. However, this plant might also cause severe damage to the mental body.

SNAKEWEED. It destroys love, turns women into their men’s sexual slaves, and may fill spouses with disgust at each other. To protect yourself against this plant, use Adam and Eva root.

CALENDULA. The smoke coming from burning calendula gives amulets and talismans magic powers. With calendula candles, spellcasters can see the spirits which they call up for help.

CAROB TREE. Its seeds may be injurious to health if used in special health rituals. In black love magic, they help make women frigid and men impotent. The smoke coming from burning carob tree seeds may call up ghosts.

RED PEPPER. It helps bring the mind of any person under control and make this person make any decisions you want.

CARNATIONS. A powerful stimulant that can take any witch to the upper levels.

CUMIN. It helps inexperienced spellcasters cast love spells successfully. However, such spellcasters need to use it together with salt which will protect them against magic retribution and astral entities.

ECHINACEA. A perfect tribute to a spirit that the spellcaster asks to enhance his magic powers.

ELDER BUSH. Erases all good memories, while saving the bad ones. It is often used by spellcasters in their breakup spells to ensure that the spouses forget how great their life together has been. It destroys the protection properties of wedding vows.

FENNEL. It is used to break existing love and breakup spells before a new spell is cast. Also, this plant is strong enough to influence the object of the ritual protected with an energy shield or the mother.

FENUGREEK. It is used to call up and control the spirits of the dead. It is widely used in cemetery love magic.

TORMENTIL. It is used by spellcasters to prevent other spellcasters from identifying them and their spells and breaking the spells.

GOOFER DUST is grounded dry plants picked from the grave of a murderer. It is used to destroy love, break relationships, and perform other rituals harmful in nature.

HEMLOCK. It is used to drive people crazy (temporary insanity) or make people do unwanted and inadequate things. 

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