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1. Take two wax candles and twist them together, saying, “As these candles are twisted, so will we be together.” Then light it in front of a photo and say, “It’s not the candle that I’m lighting, it’s the soul and the heart of God’s servant (name) to me (name) forever.” Burn nine times.

2. This spell is put on the water to be served, “I, God’s servant, will lay praying and get up blessed; will wash my face with dew and wipe it with a patronal cloth, will walk from one door to another, from one gate to another, go out to the field, a green seaboard for her. I will stand on the ground, look to the east as the sun’s shining, warming moss-bogs, black muds. Let God’s servant (name) be lovesick with me, heart to heart, thought to thought; without sleeping and going out. Amen to that elephant.”

3. Buy a small lock, without bargaining. Put in unlocked on the threshold so the person you love would cross it. Keep the key. As soon as the person steps it over, lock it, saying, “As no one will open this lock, so will no one ever separate us.” Throw the key into the water and keep the lock.

Extremely powerful love spells for strong women

Extremely arrow love spells4. If you have an old mirror, you can use it to cast another extremely powerful love spell on men. By the way, this love spell is designed for women and cannot be used by men. The older the mirror, the better. It can be your mother’s or your grandmother’s mirror. It is believed that such mirrors allow your deceased family members living in the higher worlds to watch you. The spirits of your ancestors wish you well and are always there for you.

Invite the man over and get him to stand in front of the mirror, while you are standing next to him. Tell the man about this mirror and then smile and say that you want to introduce him to your late ancestors. The man needs to think that you are joking. After that, say, 

‘My dear ancestors, I want to introduce you to (the man’s name)’.

That is all that is required from you at the moment. Let the man think he has just seen you act a little weird.

When the man leaves, go back to the mirror. Make sure the lights are on. Stand in front of the mirror and tell your ancestors about the man and why you want to be with him. Then ask them for help. If you believe in every word you say, your ancestors will help you and your extremely powerful love spell will make your dream come true.

However, it is my duty to warn you that this love spell can be very dangerous if you have a family curse on you or a family history of suicide, mental disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction, or accidental deaths. Such women should not perform magic rituals at all. Fortunately, they can reach out to me and let me fix their family karma. Without it, love and other kinds of magic cannot be used by such people.

5. If you have been fighting with your husband a lot lately or your husband has been cheating on you or has been distant, indifferent and forgetful, take his wedding ring and pee through it. Wipe it dry (without washing) and give it back to your husband. This simple ritual will improve your relationship undergoing a serious crisis greatly. By the way, this ritual can be performed by men as well. The only difference is to use sperm instead of the pee. 

6. Married women with children can cast this extremely powerful love spell using the husband’s photograph. Wait until the man goes on a business trip and ask someone, such as your parents, to look after the child for a few days. Make sure the next day you are alone at home. When it gets dark, turn the light off. Light three candles. Put a chair in the middle of the room and place the candles around it in a triangle.

Put your and your husband’s photos together, face or face. Sew them together with a silver thread. Stick the needle into the bottom of your skirt and place the photographs in your bosom making sure they touch the center of your chest.

Say the spell,

“Evil forces will not interfere with our marriage anymore, causing us to fight and filling our hearts with hatred.”

If the next moment you feel scared or have a panic attack, pull yourself together, calm down, and stay where you are. Right now the curse put on your marriage is trying to prevent you from breaking it. The only thing it can do is scaring you away. Stay strong and it will give up shortly.

However, the curse can try to come back within the next 24 hours. If you have the courage to fight it and manage to handle it for 24 hours, it will go away for good. If you are not strong enough for that, contact me and I will remove your curse, restoring your relationship and making it as strong as it was when you just got married.

Other ways to cast an extremely powerful love spell

Cast extremely taro love spell7. This love spell and other extremely powerful love spells can be cast by men and women, provided they have some magical abilities. Go to the farmer’s market or a flower shop and buy some flowers which you associate with yourself. Do not try to talk down the price and thank the seller for the flowers.

Bring the flowers home and put them into an empty vase next to your bed. Without touching the flowers, wait until they dry up. Pick up the petals and grind them. Brue some tea using these petals and let your beloved drink it. After a while the man will fall in love with you.

If the tea turns out to have an unpleasant taste (you can taste it before serving it to the target), add some real tea leaves (green tea for women and black tea for men).

8. Write down your name and the following sentence vertically, “I want you to fall in love with me”. From now on send daily texts to the target beginning with the letters you have in your list. After sending each text, cross out the corresponding letter. The love spell is completed when there are no letters left. The target is in love with you.

9. An extremely powerful love spell can be cast if you use some sweets, provided your beloved has a sweet tooth. Buy what the target likes most and bring it home. Kiss every product whispering the words of love. Imagine that you are kissing your beloved. Give the sweets to the target. If he eats them all by himself, the spell will be completed successfully.

Note that this spell is a little more effective when put on women than on men.

10. To perform this ritual, you are going to get your beloved to help you buy a perfume. Find a way to ask him to go shopping with you, even if you barely know each other. If your beloved turns you down, the ritual will fail. If the target agrees, thank him and kiss him on the cheek if your beloved is a man. If the target is a woman, kiss her hand.

Bring the perfume home, take the target’s picture and drop some perfume on each of the four corners of the picture. Say the spell,

“You have chosen this love potion by yourself and now you cannot resist its magic! Fall in love with me! Fall in love with me! Fall in love with me!”

Repeat this extremely powerful love spell every evening. By the time you run out of the perfume, the target will be in love with you.

Alternatively, you can reach out to me and take advantage of my professional magic services.

Also, there is one powerful love ritual performed on the moon. To find out how to perform it, please watch the video below. If needed watch the video more than once to make sure you will not make any mistakes when you perform the ritual.


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