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Why it does not always make sense to look for the best voodoo spell casters

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Unexpected truth about the best voodoo spell caster in the world

The best voodoo spell caster in the world

Citation from reader correspondence:

Magic’s been completely discredited and there’re hardly any people who would dare to use it today. However, as far as I understand, there’s one exception: the best voodoo spell caster in the world. Unlike other magic practitioners, voodoo spell casters have been growing in popularity. I guess it makes sense because ancient magic and its practitioners are not spoiled by modern civilization, so they can help people better than anyone else.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Do not think I am trying to protect my European colleagues, but you are wrong. You made your conclusion having no access to relevant statistical information. Statistically, magic has never been more popular than it is now. While thirty years ago only 1 out of 1000 people used the services provided by magic practitioners, today about 30% of people use magic. You do not know about such people because they do not tell anyone about it because failing to keep it secret can break the spells cast for them.

As for the people known as the best voodoo spell casters or as you said “the best voodoo spell caster in the world”, they are no longer in touch with mankind, unlike very powerful European magic practitioners, and are so advanced that they can live in parallel worlds. They are not interested in people and their problems, like we are not interested in the problems of insects or our old toys kept in a box in the attic. Therefore, when some people talk about the best voodoo shamans in the world, they do not understand that in fact they are talking about charlatans.

Citation from reader correspondence:

I can’t agree with you that all people claiming to be the best voodoo spell casters are liars.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Well, bad for you. Reasonable care and doubt could help you avoid problems in the future. True spellcasters are distinguished not even by modesty but by reason developed in them together with their mental body. A smart person will never say they are the best in the world. They know that there are always better people out there. This statement is true for magic where, as you know, advanced practitioners stop performing magic rituals and devote their life to higher purposes.

If a spell caster says he is better than his colleagues, he is not a real spell caster. Anyway, it is up to you to believe such people or not. Try to work with one of them and I am pretty sure your disappointment will be a good lesson to you.

About the powers the best voodoo spell casters possess

Best voodoo spell castersCitation from reader correspondence:

What if I was lucky and managed to find the best voodoo spell caster in the world. Will it be a bad thing if I work with him?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Surprisingly, working with the best voodoo spell casters can be as dangerous as working with liars or casting voodoo spells for oneself. In the past people were unable to treat mental disorders and considered mentally ill people possessed. Demonic possession is real and I have dealt with it many times, yet it needs to be distinguished from mental illnesses. Separation of demonic possession from mental illness occurred about a century ago contributing to a significant progress in the treatment of mental disorders.

The best method was considered lobotomy. On the one hand, lobotomized patients stopped having seizures, epileptic fits and hallucinations, but on the other hand the improvements were achieved at the cost of creating other impairments, such as severe brain damage. Eventually, lobotomy was replaced with more effective methods with less negative effects.

Thus, rituals performed by the best voodoo spell caster in the world and lobotomy have similar effects on human health and their damage is very difficult to repair.

Citation from reader correspondence:

What can happen to me that is so bad if I ask for wealth? Or why is it wrong to ask for health and love?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It has to do with how voodoo magic influences people in general. When you ask it for wealth, a spirit is planted into your subtle bodies to help you get rich. It means now you are possessed by this spirit which can make you do terrible things to make money. Probably, you will not rob a bank, however you will not mind trying to scam people into paying you. You may become a heartless person too greedy to give even a couple of dollars to a beggar on the street. You will become a tyrant for your employees. You will do evil causing damage to your soul and your karma.

When the best voodoo spell casters give you love, they place a spirit into the subtle bodies of the target making this person obsessed with you. Do you think it is not going to affect you? Well, it is. By forcing this person to love you, you destroy your karma and your future happiness.

European magic works in a different way. It leaves people free giving them the true feeling of love. So it is considered more effective and less dangerous. However, do not think I am trying to turn you against voodoo magic. I will never do it because I highly respect this kind of magic. I just want you to be well-informed on its nuances you have probably never thought about before our conversation.

What people pretend to be voodoo shamans

Citation from reader correspondence:

Speaking of what you said about frauds, will you be able to tell me if a shaman is actually the best voodoo spell caster in the world or just another fraud, if I give you his contact information?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Well, I can tell you for sure that this shaman is not one of the best spell casters in the world. I am convinced that the best magic practitioners do not work with ordinary people and nothing will change my mind. At the same time, I do not rule out the possibility that the shaman is a highly qualified magic practitioner. However, I will not try to check his qualification. Instead of that, I would like to remind you that any person can pretend to be anyone they want, from a voodoo magic practitioner to the best voodoo spell caster in the world. To this end, such people need only to:

Be African or of African origin;

Have exotic curls or dreadlocks;

Wear bright and unusual clothes;

Wear beads, bone amulets, or a hand fan made of a zebra tail;

Decorate their place with multiple magic accessories, statuettes and wooden masks;

Advertise themselves as the world’s best voodoo spell casters.

Unfortunately, you cannot determine visually who you are dealing with, a charlatan or a real magic practitioner. As a powerful spell caster, I can scan any person identifying their abilities and goals they are pursuing. I can even see if this person’s magic will be able to help you or not. However, I do not do that and I am nog going to. Therefore, you have two options: follow your intuition or work with the voodoo shaman. You will determine the shaman’s level of competency only after you have worked with him.

Citation from reader correspondence:

Still, where can I find the best the best voodoo shaman?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You can find the answer to your question in the video I made for those of my readers who are wondering the same thing.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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