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Are Black Magic Protection Spells Better Than White Magic Spells Or Not?

Homepage Practical magic Are Black Magic Protection Spells Better Than White Magic Spells Or Not?
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In this article I would like to tell you about black magic protection spells. To begin with, I have something to say to superstitious people and people who have never performed magic: Using a black magic spell does not mean serving evil, breaking the law, or doing something bad.   

The difference between black and white magic, white and black magic protection spells is best explained by the medical help people with different blood types get when they arrive at the hospital. Patients receiving a transfusion of the wrong blood type die. This is also true for different types of magic. White magic is better for people with light energies or people with a high level of self-development which enables them to control their life and karma. Black magic should be used by people under the influence of witchcraft, people encountering negative energies on a daily basis, or people who have just started their journey to self-improvement.

Black Magic protection spell bookTherefore, I can answer the question from the title of this article right away – Which magic protection spells are better? It depends on the particular case, customer and the spellcaster. I know a lot of people who benefited from the black magic spells cast by a powerful spellcaster (by getting kinder, more patient, healthier and wiser), and I have seen just about as many people get hurt by white magic protection spells cast by amateurish spellcasters (a white magic spell can be as dangerous as a black magic curse).

Let us find out when black magic protection spells are better than white magic spells.

1. As a said earlier, black magic protection spells are cast on people who have more dark energies than light ones. Note that dark energies are not that bad. As a rule, they are generated by businessmen, law enforcement, people moving towards their goal with confidence, or those in charge of other people. Dark energies give people strength, logic, rigor, etc. For example, without dark energies fueling your will and desire to reach your goal, you will never succeed in your attempt to get rich, lose weight or whatever else you are struggling to achieve.

2. magic protection spells are a great tool to fight black magic, provided you are working with a black magic spellcaster. Light energies tend to get stained and degrade if harmful rituals are performed against you one by one. That way, your spellcaster will need to purify and fuel your protection field. Dark energies will be growing while protecting you against black witchcraft. At some point there will be so much of it that some part of it will go back to the one hurting you in the form of a massive kickback. Thus, black magic protection spells are an effective protection tool which can also be used for revenge.

Black Magic Protection Spells3. Furthermore, black protection magic is used when people suffer from a generational curse or other chronic diseases caused by a negative entity occupying their subtle bodies. With black magic protection spells, the spellcaster keeps the evil entity from influencing its victim. This allows the spellcaster to cure the customer properly, taking the required measures one by one to ensure the customer’s full and speedy recovery.  

4. Black magic is used for people carrying self-curses on them. Like an umbrella, it protects you from thinking ill about yourself, beating yourself up over poor choices and minor mistakes, and self-hatred typical of people during self-evaluation.

5. Use black magic if you are surrounded by people with negative energies, for example, if you work with such people. If you use white magic to protect yourself, you will become an outcast, because the others will feel that something is off about you. As a rule, this leads to more unacceptance, hatred and aggression. Black magic protection will help you stand out, while giving you more strength.  The existing state of affairs will change after the spellcaster works with you, because the people around you will see you as a stronger person whose opinion should not be ignored. Everyone will want to be friends with you and be terrified of the possibility of having you as an enemy.

Nevertheless, black magic protection spells are dangerous under certain circumstances and must not be used. For example, never put such spells on pregnant women, senior and sick people, especially those suffering from diabetes, cancer, or recovering after a heart attack or a stroke. Do not use black magic to protect children or people with mental disorders. Lastly, make sure to study the person’s karma before casting any magic protection spells on them, as some people’s karma is immune to black magic.

Contact me to find out if you can use black protection or some white magic ritual will be better for you. Also, I will tell you what to use to protect yourself, witchcraft or an amulet/talisman. Needless to say, I will perform all the required rituals and make very powerful charms to protect you from evil, losses and hardships. Contact me to take advantage of the skills and knowledge of a very powerful spellcaster now. 

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