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Protection from black magic performed with fastening and meditation

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I do yoga and I’m sure its principles, such as keeping your body and mind healthy, are more effective than any kind of protection from black magic.

Those using tarot cards believe it is their cards that provide the best black magic protection. Similarly, fans of historical reconstructions are confident it is their swords because steel is traditionally believed to protect against black magic. In fact, to stay safe, you should know how to protect yourself from black magic using appropriate rituals. If you do not know that, please find a spellcaster because only spellcasters can help you find out how to protect from black magic yourself or anyone else.

Do you mean yoga doesn’t provide black magic protection?

Protection from black magic bookI guess it does if you do advanced yoga. Advanced yoga implies practicing advanced yoga poses, a willing abstinence from meat, and being at peace with your inner self. Doing all this possibly can ensure your protection from black magic. However, black magic influences several things:

  • You;
  • Incoming energies;
  • Your outgoing energies;
  • The energies of the people around you;
  • Your karma.

Yogis can influence only their own energies but are unable to influence the energies of other people. As a result, yoga cannot help you if black magic, for instance, has turned your family or friends into your enemies. 

Some say fasting can help people handle magic. So the best answer to the question “how to protect yourself from black magic?” is fast and eat as little as possible. Is that correct?

As far as I see, you do not know how to protect from black magic yourself or anyone else but try to look like you do.  In fact, speaking of fasting, two or three days of fasting can give you enough energy to successfully cast a protection from black magic ritual. To get rid of some dark programs or black energies located in your subtle bodies, you need to fast for at least 22 days. As you understand, this should be done under a doctor’s supervision. Long fasting can have serious health effects (there are a lot of people who died following a long fasting).

Secondly, let me remind you that weight gain (the opposite of fasting) seals all negative energies inside you, preventing them from developing and influencing your body and mind. Despite showing that fasting is not the best way to protect yourself against black magic, it is still hardly a good black magic protection method.

Why are there so few tips on how to protect yourself from black magic? Everything I find about how to protect from black magic yourself or anyone else is some simple recipes involving either salt or compact mirrors.

Compact mirrors are used not for black magic protection but for the protection against evil spirits and energy vampires. As for salt, it indeed can protect you against magic. However, it is hardly the best way to ensure your protection from black magic. There are two reasons there are not many black magic protection tips on the Internet: firstly, the majority of magic-related websites are run by people who are not magic practitioners; and secondly, true spellcasters never post detailed descriptions of their black magic protection rituals because they know it may cause a lot of damage to people. No matter how detailed the description, amateurs are sure to make a mistake and get into even bigger trouble. For example, it will destroy a person’s fragile protection field or enhance the effect of black magic due to the wrong direction of the energies of a protection ritual.  

I stick to the same principle and never answer such questions as “how to protect yourself from black magic?” or “how to protect from black magic another person?” online. Instead, I suggest my readers to contact me and let me help them. I know I am the only one who can ensure their powerful and reliable black magic protection.

How to protect yourself from black magic using meditation?

Protection from black magicI do not know how to protect from black magic anyone by using meditation or fasting. I guess it is impossible. All meditation can do for you is helping you stop generating black energies feeding the curse living in you. However, if you ask a yogi, they will probably tell you the opposite. Thus, in India and Tibet it is prohibited to meditate without cleaning your subtle bodies first. Doing it may aggravate your current energy diseases and chakra problems. The more energy you attract with meditation, the worse your problems will get.

Could you tell us about professional protection from black magic?

It consists of several rituals which should be performed by a spellcaster who not only knows “how to protect yourself from black magic” but also has experience and skills. To begin with, he locates the source of the black magic curses attacking you and blocks it. Then he removes all negative energies and programs from you, your apartment, house, office, etc. If needed, he removes negative energies from your family members or the person you are currently dating. Then black magic protection is created and enhanced by some powerful charms you are to wear or other magic accessories you are to keep in your bedroom, car, office, etc.

I have only outlined to you how to protect from black magic yourself or someone else, and every case is special and requires special rituals and spells.

It is possible to ensure good protection from black magic without knowing who is using black magic against me?

In fact, you do not have to know it. When I ensure your black magic protection, it will protect you against any black magic spells and curses whoever cast them. Your hater will suffer an intense blowback consisting of the sum of the energies used to hurt you and the energies I used to protect you (meaning it will be as painful as two blows delivered at once).

Aren’t you afraid of performing such rituals? Can’t you get hurt?

Speaking of how to protect yourself from black magic, a true spellcaster should know how to protect both, his client and himself, as well as what to do in case the sorcerer whose spell he broke declares a war on him. To answer your question, I am not afraid of it because I know I am strong enough to protect myself against any black magic sorcerer. Besides, I have a few good friends who are powerful spellcasters, too. I am sure they will help me in case anything happens, just like I will help them.

Which magic better protects people against black magic – Gypsy, Voodoo or Islamic?

No branch of magic is more effective than the others in terms of black magic protection. There are different spellcasters with different experience and skills. A powerful spellcaster can protect people against black magic no matter which branch of magic he specializes in.

Can a priest protect people against black magic?

He can, if he is a strong and powerful spellcaster and knows how to protect from black magic other people and himself. However, most priests are not magic practitioners. Their “protection recipes”, which include confession and praying, are not effective. However, going to church may reduce the effect of magic. However, as soon as you stop, the spells will hit you even stronger.  

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