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The menstrual blood love spell influences the man’s will, energy and subconscious mind. This love spell allows most people to influence the soul of their beloved.

Anyway, if you love someone, you won’t try to break his family and subdue his mind.

A menstrual blood love spell cast on one’s own is believed to be one of the most popular love spells. Witches call it “the guarantee of love” but can they give such guarantee? Any love spell that involves blood is dangerous. Its consequences are unpredictable and it may depress its victim. Exhausted, tired women spill their blood over cups of coffee and bouillon and cry while lying in bed alone and never receiving a single phone call. They want to be loved at all costs. Before casting a love spell, think whether you actually need it. It’s easy to get a person to fall in love with you and it’s even easier to fall out of love with a “zombie.”

To cast a menstrual blood love spell, you will need:

  • 3 fresh red basil leaves, 500 ml of red wine,
  • 7 drops of menstrual blood, 3 poppy flowers,
  • 7 red rose leaves, one verbena twig,
  • 7 grape leaves and 50 ml of orchis tuber tincture.

Menstrual blood love spell potionOn the seventh moon day, make a decoction using all the ingredients of the love spell (boil for 5 minutes), pass it through a sieve and leave it for three days. Pour the decoction into a red glass carafe.

Invite your beloved over to a party and put the carafe on the table. Make sure only you and your beloved drink the decoction. Or you can pour it into a red bottle and say you’ve found a new mulled wine recipe and made some.

When your beloved starts drinking the decoction, look at him and say the following spell to yourself,

“My blood is hot, it flows in my veins faster when I see you, (the beloved’s name). You, (the beloved’s name) become enamored of me (your name) and can’t be happy without me, without seeing me, you miss me and dream of me day and night, like my blood begins to boil at the sight of you. Blood is mixed with blood, this makes you (your beloved’s name) love me (your name) stronger. Key, lock, tongue. So be it.”

I know all the secrets of love magic and I have been practicing magic for over 18 years. Contact me and order the love spell that suits you best.

Do it at least because your knowledge of magic is so poor that you do not even understand that you are viewing one of the most dangerous pages of my website. I am not joking. The menstrual blood love spell can be mortally dangerous to both, the spellcaster and the target of the spell. Just like any blood ritual, this spell calls up the most powerful of evil forces capable of entering our reality.

Even the most powerful magic practitioners try to avoid using menstrual blood love spells.

 They know that no matter how well they manage to cast it, it will endanger the lives of all concerned parties, meaning spellcasters committed to helping people will have to always keep an eye on them, providing them with powerful protection amulets and recharging them, examining their clients’ energies, protecting them against evil forces, etc.

Love Voodoo
Love Voodoo
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I use the menstrual blood love spell in special cases. There is a long list of alternative love spells which are less dangerous. As a rule, blood love spells are used by those who want maximum results with minimum effort. They disregard the dangers associated with such spells or are simply not aware of it.

Trust me if you do not want to regret about it later: almost all people claiming to be professional magic practitioners offering magic spells, including the menstrual blood love spell, are indifferent to your destiny. They cast a menstrual blood love spell and step aside, leaving you one-on-one with its terrible consequences. They do not care that their “help” dooms you to eternal suffering.

Therefore, the above described menstrual blood love spell is provided for information purposes only. Do not try to cast it.

Do you want to cast a spell? Use my website,, to find some simple spells which can be cast at home. They do not have negative consequences and do not require much of your energy or experience in magic. Besides, the required ingredients are usually affordable and easy to find, such as the powerful love spells

Full moon blood spellsUnfortunately, simple magic is not very effective, and I am sure you know it. As a result, most people try to use complex spells ignoring safety rules and endangering themselves and the people they put their spells on. By the way, not only black magic spells are dangerous. If you misuse white magic, it can damage your karma as well, causing multiple physical illnesses and mental disorders. Yet the primary hazard is that your light energies may turn into dark ones.

It is not the first time I, spellcaster Maxim, am telling you that there is no such thing as “sin” or “punishment for using magic”. There are only the consequences of our actions. When you use magic without having the required knowledge and skills, you become a carrier of dark energies letting inside various negative programs and evil entities.

Insanity or impotency, accelerated aging or cancer do not fall upon us out of the blue. Our Guardian Angel does not have a backpack with some lightning bolts or hardships to punish us. Everything bad that happens to you results from your wishes, actions, words, and choices. So it is so important to try to foresee the consequences of what you are doing and the choices you are making.

Good Luck Charms
Good Luck Charms
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When you have to deal with the terrible consequences of your improperly cast magic spells, it is always your fault. To prove it, I would like to tell you about the reasons why magic spells give people disappointment and suffering instead of love and joy.

The first reason: You come to an irresponsible and indifferent magic practitioner and fall victim to a demon.

The second reason: You cast a menstrual blood love spell without knowing that it is a major cause of infertility, ovarian cancer, extrauterine pregnancy, hormonal disorders, etc.

The third reason: You cast a menstrual blood spell on a woman without knowing that you are entering into an agreement with some creatures from Hell, and under this agreement they make the woman fall in love with you in exchange for your soul and energies.

The fourth reason: You got married thanks to a menstrual blood spell. However, because of this spell, your future children will be possessed by the demon.

In other words, you make an attempt at doing magic having no proper training and turn into someone jumping in front of a moving train.

Luckily, I can protect you from it. I agree to cast a menstrual blood love spell as an exception, yet I bear full responsibility for my clients’ safety. Nevertheless, I would like to repeat that there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Other love spells are just as effective as the menstrual blood love spell, but they are safe and some of them even work even longer, for example, you can cast love spell on photo

I am a careful and responsible spellcaster providing high-quality magic services. Contact me and let me prove it to you.


On my website you can find firm evidence that all rituals involving the use of menstrual blood are dangerous. Today I would like to add a short video to allow you to find out if someone has put a blood love spell on you.

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