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Stereotypes about black magic and white magic

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Today I am going to talk about some stereotypes about black magic and white magic and tell you which of them are true and which are false.

There is no such thing as white magic black magic

Black magic book and white magic book1. False. Black magic and white magic are older than maths, writing, astronomy and other sciences, which is why today it is considered the most ancient layer of human culture equal to hunting, survival instinct, and taking care of one’s home.

True black magic and white magic are long forgotten

2. What people are practicing now was invented in the 19 century.

False. In the nineteenth century a group of people tried to make magic available to general public but failed because none of them belonged to the enlightened. They ended up creating different magic schools. However, the schools proved nonviable. As a result, today most of them can be found only in Wikipedia.

3. If it were not for fantasy movies, people would not know about magic.  

If you think that, it means you do not know the truth. People have been using white magic black magic for thousands of years, but preferred to keep it secret. Before the Internet was invented, you did not even know what was going on in your neighborhood, did you? Social media has made our life transparent and information available as they have never been before. As a result, people draw the wrong conclusion that white magic black magic has become popular due to fantasy movies.

A hundred years ago about 20% of people used black magic and white magic (money, love, good luck, health magic). The percentage of people using magic today is the same. The difference is that people did not know about it in the past, but today they do.

4. Harry Potter books are harmful because they make people use white magic black magic. Nowadays, in the era of science they need to be forbidden.

I hear they are popular thanks to the money spent by Vatican to promote them. The resemblance to Catholic churches, Hospitaller clothes, monastery life and bibles is too obvious. Without the money, Harry Potter would have gone unnoticed.

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of these books is the fact that they make children (for the moment, a second generation of children) not think about what black magic and white magic is or that they need to study white magic black magic, but that our world is more complex than it seems and has lots of mysteries to discover.

Black magic and white magic help only those who believe in them

5. Thus, it is basically self-deception.

Below are some of the things which are impossible without faith:

  • Confidence – if you do not believe in yourself, you suffer from depression and low self-esteem;
  • Religion – it is based on faith;
  • Medicine – a pill becomes 90% less effective when the patient does not believe it can make them feel better;
  • Career – you cannot build a great career without believing in yourself;
  • Art – it is about having faith in your talents;
  • Sport – it is about believing in your body’s phenomenal potential and the fact you can make it perfect;
  • Personal life – believing your partner and the fact that your love will live forever.

The list goes on, however I believe what I have listed is already enough to dismantle this stereotype.

Black magic ritual and white magic ritual6. Magic practitioners take advantage of people’s ignorance.

History knows no genius, philosopher and even no dictator who was not interested in magic and did not believe in it. Brilliant people know there is more to life than we are used to think. They start looking for an answer to the question “What is it?” and when they find it, they understand it is magic.

Therefore, it is stupid and narrow-minded people who do not use the services of magic practitioners. In my experience, the smarter a person is and the more responsible they feel for their life, the more often they use magic, and the better and more expensive amulets and talismans they buy.

7. Magic is for teenagers and women.

I do not like sharing the information about my clients but this time I will make an exception. My average client is a person between 25 and 55 years of age. As you see, they are no teenagers. As for the gender distribution, I would say it is 50/50.

8. Magic does not influence those who do not believe in it.

It does not influence only those protected against it. There are several ways to protect oneself against magic:

  • Rarely – protection by one’s karma or by Higher Powers;
  • Commonly – protection by rituals and powerful charms.

If you are not protected in either way, you will be influenced by magic (provided the spell is cast by a professional like myself). Sometimes even spellcasters prove to be unable to protect themselves against the spell cast on them by their more powerful and experienced colleagues, not to mention regular people.

9. Magic will not harm you if you are a good person, do not hurt people, and do not do evil.

Such things as mean thoughts, fear, depression, tiredness or alcoholic intoxication make people vulnerable to magic. Mean, aggressive and violent people are more vulnerable to black magic but there are other branches of magic and being a good person will not save you from them.

10. Magic cannot harm religious people.

Daily praying, fasting or going to church do not protect people against magic. Best case scenario, your strong connection with your religious egregor will make the magic blow less hard. Before casting a ritual, true spellcasters make contact with Higher Powers to ask for their permission. If such permission is granted, no godliness is going to save you.

In my opinion, I have accomplished my mission. I have dismantled some stereotypes about black magic and white magic. However, if you have any questions which have not been covered by this article, contact me and I will do my best to give you a clear and detailed answer.

conclusion I would like to add that you should not be afraid of white magic black magic. You need to believe in them because in certain cases they are the only things which can help you. 

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