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Why even the best spell casters make mistakes

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Those who used my magic services, especially those who used them more than once, as well as those who recommended me to their friends getting an opportunity to watch me change their life for the better, know that I do not exaggerate when I call myself the best spell caster in the country and one of the best love spell casters in the world, and I have every right to assess the work of other spell casters claiming to be the best pointing out their achievements and failures. 

Lately, I have received a lot of letters from the people who hired spell casters claiming to be the best spell casters, and are unhappy with the results. Luckily, the number of those finding the work of their spell casters unsatisfactory is less than the number of satisfied clients. However, any person who did not receive what he expected from his spell caster deserves to know what might have happened. Such people write me in hope to find the answer to their question.

Best spell casters

Usually I use their letters to write separate articles, quote their questions and give my answers. Today I want to do it differently. I am going to tell you why even the best love spell casters make occasional mistakes and how mistakes can be avoided in magic.

Mistake 1. A spell caster performs a love ritual without finding out first whether the two people are compatible

Naïve people think any wish they have can be fulfilled with the use of a magic spell. They believe all they have to do it is to point a finger at a person and the spell caster will make this person fall in love with them. Unfortunately, magic works in a slightly different way. To be more precise, it works completely differently. The best spell casters know it which is why they first determine if the couple is compatible. While energy compatibility can be balanced during the ritual, a relationship encompasses an array of aspects and even the best love spell casters are unable to influence some of them.

Even the best spell casters cannot make a person decent or make him give up drinking...

...they cannot make him smarter or more polite. It is difficult to make a person take better personal care or take better care of his partner by supporting him or her emotionally and financially.

As a result, when a love spell is cast and the client starts dating the object of the love spell, the client gets disappointed. Despite the fact that he is finally loved, this love proves to be coming from the wrong person.

A couple’s compatibility is a priority for me and when I see that two people are not compatible, I always warn my client and tell him or her what to expect from a relationship with this person. However, I can also perform a love ritual and then adjust the personality of the object of the love spell to increase compatibility and, therefore, improve their future relationship.

Best spell caster's candlesMistake 2. When spell casters have too many clients, they try to execute their orders fast and make mistakes. This is unacceptable negligence for professional spell casters claiming to be the best spell casters.

The best spell casters are not allowed to make any mistakes

These include, for example, the spell caster’s unwillingness to perform the love rituals on a required day. The difference between professional magic and non-professional magic is that in professional magic each ritual should be performed on a specific day. If the spell caster does not follow this rule, the ritual proves less efficient. Also, a spell caster may use low-quality materials or magic accessories which do not meet the requirements stated in the ritual description in order to reduce the price of the ritual. No good comes out of it. The client is not pleased with the results because the ritual fails to arouse true love.

This is something I would never do to my clients. First and foremost, I always let my clients know that I do not offer fast love spells. Magic requires preparation which includes changing your mindset and finding the magic accessories needed to perform the ritual which may take a few days or weeks. Moreover, strong rituals should be performed on specific days or the spell caster has to wait until the moon enters a specific phase which sometimes does not happen for weeks.

Also, I never try to reduce the price of my services. Why? Because I know and understand the laws of true magic and so do all of the world’s best spell casters. If a ritual requires some expensive magic accessories, candles or potions, I never try to replace them with cheaper alternatives. This explains why some of my services are rather pricy. However, this allows me to offer my clients quality love spells which bring them true love and happiness.

The main mistake of the best love spell casters

Mistake 3. Often the best love spell casters fail to mention the fact that their clients need to prepare themselves for the love ritual as well.

I have already posted an article on how people should prepare themselves when ordering a ritual from the best spell casters. I can tell you in brief what it is about in case you have not read it. To begin with, you should remove all negative energies from your subtle bodies. Abstain from alcohol and sex and stop overeating. Fast for seven days. If you can, abstain from all food for three days prior to the day on which your love ritual is scheduled to be performed.

By cleansing your energies, you can attract the energies of the object of the love spell which will make you happy. Otherwise, you will get affection instead of love, a cheating lover instead of a faithful partner, indifference instead of care, patience instead of interest, and so on. The purer your energies, the more your partner will love you in the future and the stronger his or her feelings will be for you.

I, spell caster Maxim, help all my clients prepare themselves for their rituals offering a personal approach. Thus, I do not advise all my clients to go on a diet or fast. The instructions I provide vary and are occasionally contradictory. But I have something to offer to each of my clients. I have something to offer you, too. This will enable you to thoroughly prepare yourself for your future love ritual ensuring that it brings the desired results. 

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