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Your living conditions and protection spells white magic

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Protection spells white magic are able to help people only if they are fed positive energies. A regular person who is not a spellcaster and who does not know how to do appropriate energy exercises is unable to feed white magic protection spells his positive energies. So, this is what happens:

  • Someone orders white protection spells from a spellcaster;
  • The spellcaster casts his white magic protection spells;
  • Getting no positive energy to feed on, the protection spells weaken and disappear.

Protection spells white magic catI, spellcaster Maxim, could teach you how to develop your energies but this will take you a few years. If you need white magic protection spells now, you can use your house (or apartment) as a source of positive energy. By following some simple rules, you can turn your place into an inexhaustible source of positive energy. I will tell you about these rules in this article titled “Your living conditions and protection spells white magic.” 

White protection spells in messy and cramped homes

1. An apartment-dump is usually a place filled with negative entities. They can break even the most powerful white magic protection spells making you vulnerable to magic. First and foremost, you need to clean up your house and keep it that way.

2. Check your apartment for magic objects created with the use of black magic. Remember that these are not going to be some mysterious artifacts but objects which seem to be unrelated to magic. Someone can have a negative influence on you by planting the following objects at your house:

  • Sewing and medical needles, nails;
  • Hair pins, comb teeth, locks of hair and pieces of wool;
  • Pieces of leather, paper, cloth and cardboard with inscriptions (possibly, made with blood);
  • Thread bundles, dolls made of threads and threads with numerous knots;
  • Spider’s web, dust bunnies, dirt;
  • Notes and pages torn out of books and their fragments;
  • Inscriptions made on the walls, furniture, floor and doors;
  • Photographs and drawings;
  • Crystals, chips of wood, twigs and tree leaves;
  • Presents.

Scan the presents you keep at your house as they are often used as a source of negative energy.

3. Any object generates energy – positive, neutral or negative. To ensure that your white protection spells protect you for as long as possible, get rid of the following objects:

  • Stuffed animals and animal skins;
  • Dried flowers, plants and other floral décor accessories;
  • Scary pictures, paintings and posters and everything that has scary symbols on it;
  • Throw away objects evoking bad memories or making you feel sad;
  • Get rid of the clothes you wore while having some serious problems or were sick.

Protection spells white magic candles

4. Most houses have objects attracting the spirits of the dead. As you know, they can also break protection spells white magic. These include: 

 - Clothes which belonged to the deceased;

 - Pieces of furniture which they liked and used a lot;

 - Their drawings and letters;

 - Their photographs, especially if displayed in one place;

 - Their jewelry, collections, books.

I know that many of these things are important to you as they remind you of the people you love who are gone now. Some of them are expensive which is why you may not want to throw them away. These objects need to be cleansed to break their connection with the spirits of the deceased. For example, you can move them to a warehouse, keep them there for a few years and then bring them back. It is believed that the spirits lose interest in such objects and do not come to your house even after you bring them back.

5. Remember that people with high energy levels coming to your place are able to break white magic protection spells, too. They can enter your house through their energy and do you harm evading your white protection spells. To prevent them from harming you, do as follows:

  • Find out the name of this person (as a spellcaster, I can help you find out who that is);
  • Forbid this person to come to your house;
  • Renovate your house by changing the wall color and carpets and rearranging your furniture.

If people do not know how your house looks, they cannot enter it through their energy. Besides, a renovation makes your protection spells white magic stronger.

Use white magic protection spells with amulets and talismans

6. Your talisman may be a ring or pendant made by a spellcaster. However, any object in your house can be used as a talisman or amulet. An experienced spellcaster will help you choose the right object and charge it with a white protection spell to ensure that it will protect you for many years to come.

7. Pay attention to your pets. Pets impact the efficiency of protection spells white magic cast by a spellcaster. For example, if your cats love you, they will feed your white magic protection spells their energies ensuring that no one breaks them. Dogs do not get involved. Birds, predatory fish living in a fishbowl, bats, rats, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles and squirrels are able to break the most powerful white protection spells because dark forces easily penetrate into these animals seizing control of their mind.

8. After you rearrange the energies of your house by cleaning it up, do not invite those who you do not know well over. Protection spells white magic are often broken not due to magic or witchcraft. If cursed people or people who sold their souls spend some time at your place, their energies may break your white magic protection spells by saturating them with the poison of their meanness and negativity.

If you ask me to cast one of my white protection spells for you, I will tell you what needs to be done to ensure that your house is not a source or conductor of negative energies. If you follow my advice, my white protection spell will protect you from all kinds of negative energy for years to come. My white magic protection spells protect my clients from illnesses, human cruelty, losses and hardships. With my protection spells white magic, you will not have to worry about problems, ill luck, loneliness and inferiority complexes and never have a feeling that your life is meaningless.

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