POWERFUL LOVE SPELL TO BE CAST ON A GIRL Those who think that love magic is a universal tool to create happy couples are mistaken. Love magic has many forms and each of them has its peculiarities. For example, powerful love spells are cast differently on females and males. Online love spells usually fail to mention the object of the love spell. However, in most cases, they are designed for women. But what should men do who want to win the heart of a young lady? They should use one of the two centuries-old love spells to be cast on a girl.

To cast a powerful love spell on a girl, it’s important to choose the right time. Unlike most love spells, these love spells should be cast not at night but one hour before sunset. It’s usually very dark at this time, so make sure to take a flashlight. The spells are cast in the forest, on a stub which is no more than one day old. Prepare the place for casting a love spell beforehand. Make sure you’ll find your way back.

To cast the first love spell, you will need:

A clay pot with a cover

Three silver coins

A shovel

Candles or (preferably) a torch of splinters

Spring water

For the second love spell, take a sharp hammer instead of the pot and coins. Nothing should be left near the stub. Carry everything listed above with you. Don’t come too early and don’t be late.

The love spells have the same beginning. Light a fire to light the area, whispering,

“The fire, burn! The flame, shine! Be my witness!”

Make sure the fire doesn’t go out. If you have a clay pot and silver coins, put the pot on the stub and throw three coins in it (with no regret). Fill the pot with water, saying,

“I part with my property with a light heart. In my heart, there’s no place for anything but God’s servant (name). Like the coins are reflected in the water, let my love be reflected in her heart.”

The pot is covered and buried near the stub. If you have a hammer, stick it into the stub and pour some water over it, saying,

“Like two halves of the split stub wouldn’t let the hammer go, let me and God’s servant (name) never be apart.”

After that, put the fire out and leave the forest without looking back. These powerful love spells to be cast on a girl are, perhaps, the only love spells an amateur can cast. If something goes wrong, I’m at your services.

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