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Black magic spells for love

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As you know, love spells can have different purposes and different effects. Black magic can be very powerful, allowing you to make any person fall in love with you. Black magic love spells have a very strong effect, but you should be aware of the dangers. Black magic often uses the power of the world of the dead, as the magic practitioner asks spirits or demons for help by means of various magic items and spells. For conducting such complicated magical rituals, you need special training. Of course, it is very dangerous to use black magic if you do not know what to do in case of an unforeseen emergency. The most effective rituals offered by black magic are spells to attract love which are cast using black candles. You can begin the ritual after thorough preparation and creation of protective amulets.

Effective black magic ritual for love

Black magic for love spells cast on a black candle

The ritual should be performed at midnight. Before the ritual take off the pectoral cross (if any). The ritual includes the following steps:

·        You need to be alone in the room. Focus and light the black candle.

·        With your eyes at it, repeat the following incantation thrice, “All who at rainy night vanished from the unfortunate love, who killed themselves, the spirits of the dead, come to me and give me back my love (name). Make him have no rest like your souls do. Let him fancy me rotten like you rot in the ground. Thank you and please accept my blood.”

·        While saying the last words, prick your finger or make a small cut on your hand and let one drop of your blood fall on the candle.

Powerful love spells cast on a wax doll

Love spells cast on a wax doll are widely used in black magic. You need two disinfected needles for the ritual. Heat the first needle over the flame of a black candle and stick it in the head of the doll. During the ritual, say the following words,

“Our father, powerful and strong, burn the mind of (name), rekindle love and passion for me. As your flame blazes, let him burn with love for me!” After these words heat the second needle and stick it in the heart of the doll. Say the following words, “Let anguish pierce his heart like the needle. Let (name) never forget me.” After the ritual hide the doll in a safe place. Do not remove the needles from it; otherwise, the influence of magic will be discontinued.

Black magic for love spells cast on a photo

Photos always strengthen magic rituals and black magic spells for love are not an exception. Thanks to the photo, you can visualize the connection with the desired person. This ritual will be more powerful if conducted by a professional magic practitioner. But if you focus on your feelings, you will be able to put this spell on your loved one by yourself.

To perform the ritual, you need:

·        A sheet of white paper;

·        A photo of your loved one (it is very important that the person should be alone in the photo);

·        A black candle.

The ritual should be performed at midnight when the moon is waxing. Write down the name of your loved one and take off your shoes. Now do as follows:

·        Put the sheet of paper with the name over the photo;

·        Put on your shoes;

·        Light the black candle;

·        Put the paper and the photo on the floor;

·        Stand on it with your right foot, with your heel on the photo;

·        Get down on your left knee;

·        Say these words six times, “Thirteen brothers-devils, I call you, come to me from the darkness and help me. There is a shack on the East, there is a board in the middle of it, under the board is yearning hidden. It cries and weeps, it wants to see the world. Brothers-devils, pull it out from under the board, make (name) wither. Let the yarning dig into his heart, into his chest, into the stomach of (name). Let it spread through the veins and bones. May the yearning for me (your name) never leave him. So be it.”

·        After the ritual leave the candle next to the photo and let it burn down. The next morning fold the paper and the photo in half, put them in the left shoe, and put the shoe in the left part of the bedroom.

Graveyard spells cast on the blood of a rooster

Effective black magic candle love spell

This spell is very complicated and requires serious preparation. Take a knife, find a black rooster or a hen, and go to an old cemetery which does not have any new graves. Find a grave of two spouses. The husband should have the same name as your loved one. Kill the rooster over the grave so that its blood dropped on both of the tombstones. Say the following words with confidence, “Disembodied spirits, take this hot blood! Drink it and gain strength! Go from the grave to the soul of the servant of God (name), make him my eternal spouse. Make him yearn without me. In the name of the Devil, Amen!”

Go away without looking back. Take the dead rooster with you. Fry it and let your loved one eat it. Do not eat it yourself and do not let any other person eat it, either.

Ancient love spells

This spell is one of the most powerful black magic spells for love. Ancient grimoires say that this spell is suitable for both men and women, but in modern witchcraft it is believed that this method is more suitable to invoke the feeling of love in women. Take a handkerchief of the woman you love. Do not use a new handkerchief. If possible, find one with some traces of her lipstick or smelling of her perfume. Then take your handkerchief. Wrap both handkerchiefs together into a tissue of natural origin (linen, cotton, silk) and tie it with a pink or scarlet ribbon (or any other color except black and white). Write down your name and her name on the ribbon, and then hide it inside her bed or pillow. The woman should not know about it and find it. Wait for seven to ten days. If nothing happens, take the handkerchiefs out. In the morning soak the handkerchiefs in the morning dew and dry them in the sun. Burn the handkerchiefs. Collect the ashes in a silk cloth and carry them with you for 13 days. On the fourteenth day, scatter the ashes in the wind towards the house of your beloved while saying the following words, “Light ashes, fly to the one whose heart belongs to me forever!” First results are usually seen in 10 to 15 days.

Conditions for successful black magic spells and love spells

Do not forget that you should conduct your rituals only at night, sometimes at midnight. Always take off your pectoral cross and icons before the ritual (if you wear any). Also, it is necessary to unbind your hair and take off any tight-fitting clothes restricting your movements. The perfect outfit to cast black spells for love is a dress or a loose nightshirt. Take off your underwear, too. If the ritual is successful, never tell anyone about it, not even the closest friends, or the magic may turn against you and hurt you. Black love spells help the magic practitioner achieve excellent results, which do not fade for a very long time. However, the great effectiveness of black magic has its reverse, which is an abundance of side effects. For your safety, buy love spells from me and I will do the work with impeccable thoroughness.

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