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Do you know if you can use dark love spells?

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The difference between the dark love spells from the white love ritual

Obviously, there is difference between black and white magic rituals, however a lot of people think it is only about the spellcaster’s appearance: white magic spellcasters wear white clothes and are friendly and modest, while black magic ones look odd and somewhat exotic, and their behavior is weird and eccentric.

Witch cast dark love spell rituallWell, spellcasters are influenced by the energies they work with. Even the energy of the simplest dark love spells influence the spellcaster casting them, making him the way he is. It is no surprise because people are energy beings who just have to wear a biological body. Our energies shape our appearance and determine the work of our subtle bodies and chakras.

I could write a book about the way different energies influence our subtle bodies. Moreover, one book may not cover it all. So, let us not go into details but try to stick to the topic indicated in the title of this article, that is dark love spells.

Most people do not understand the difference between white and black magic. They believe they can get the same result no matter what magic practitioner they work with, black or white magic one.

Again, according to the title of this article, this result is love. You think you will love and be loved enjoying eternal happiness.

Interestingly, how soon a spell will expire does not depend on the kind of magic the spell belongs to or the type of magic practitioner (black or white). It depends on the power of the spell and the spellcaster’s skills and experience. That is the only thing white love spells and dark love spells have in common. As for the rest, they are completely different. To decide which one to use, you need to clearly understand the difference between them.

First and foremost, they engage different energies.

When dark love spells are cast, the spellcaster uses dark energies

No, they do not always ruin people’s lives or kill people. However, they can hardly help you perfect yourself.

Our energy system consists of 7 chakras located one on top of another. The lower chakras are in charge of our physical existence. They generate the energies which help us stay alive, fight, work, find food, have sex, etc. These are what dark spells work with. According to spellcasters, our lower energies have one major disadvantage. Specifically, they make you selfish. They turn you into someone who cares only for your own pleasures and who has no consideration for anyone else.

When such people fall in love, they focus not on the feelings of their partner but on protecting the partner and making sure the partner is not hungry and is not cheating on them. The last point is very important because love at the level of our lower chakras is selfish and conditional.

When dark love spells are used, you love the person not for his or her heart, sense of humor, spirituality, or talents. You fall in love with the person’s body, face, eyes, voice, style, ability to stand up for oneself, etc.

This is why young girls driven by the energy of their lower chakras fall in love with bad guys – strong and somewhat aggressive men. Such men have a common language with the girls (they interact through their energies). As the girls grow older, their idea of the perfect man changes. Now they like gentle, understanding, loving, and smart men. They need more than just sex. They need communication. Also, they need to see their partner always striving to excel. This happens due to the energy generated by our higher chakras.

This explains why college relationships fail and why those who marry young are most likely to divorce.

Upper chakras work differently. They make your partner love you for who you are, for your kindness, softness, shortcomings, and imperfections. It is higher love. In such relationships, it does not matter how good-looking you are, how much money you make, and what other people think of you. You are loved for who you are. The wider you open your upper chakras, the stronger the feelings for you.

Dark love candles spells

Obviously, after reading it, the majority of my readers will decide they want to use a white magic love spell because they want real feelings. They want to be sure that their partner will not leave them as soon as they get old or gain several pounds. They want a relationship free from jealousy and disrespect.  

Well, such wishes cannot always be fulfilled by a spellcaster. Sometimes white rituals cannot produce the desired effect, but it has nothing to do with the spellcaster’s skills and experience. It has to do with the target’s personality.

Below are several types of people who can be influenced only with dark love spells

1. Rude people, people who respect only strength.

2. People who like to show off their designer clothes and other expensive things highlighting their wealth.

3. Those caring too much about their looks, body, etc.

4. People who cannot love or be friends (it means their upper chakras are not functioning normally).

5. People working hard on their career or business. By the way, they should be quite successful people. Their upper chakras are well developed but are difficult to influence. They are strong people, so the only way to their heart is through their lower chakras.

6. Insecure, shy and cowardly people. They have lower chakra disorders, so they can be influenced only if the love spell ensures that they can get the energy they need only from the partner.

If you want to use white love spells instead of dark love spells, remember that it will take the spellcaster at least a couple of months to complete his work. To begin with, the spellcaster will need to fix the target’s lower chakras and then open up the upper ones to enable the target to live at the level of higher energies. After that the spellcaster will perform the love ritual.

Even if a magic amulet is used instead of the ritual, it will still be quite a long time before you see the results.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the video below. It has some professional tips for those who want to cast dark love spells at home.

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