POWERFUL LOVE SPELLS Powerful love spells differ from regular love spells in their effectiveness, energy and components. Powerful love spells are usually associated with black magic. They are believed to be more effective than regular love spells or love spells cast on one’s own. Powerful love spells require skin particles of your beloved one, your blood or that of your beloved one, locks of hair, nail clippings. Powerful love spells can help you get your beloved one fall in love with you quickly. However, like any other strong drug, it has its contraindications and side effects. Before casting a powerful love spell, weigh all pros and cons carefully.

This kind of love spell influences three areas of people’s aura, namely those responsible for sexuality, spiritual and emotional bonds. The effect of the love spell usually lasts for over 5 years, although it may vary. It is very difficult to remove this love spell because it takes the spell caster twice as much energy to cast it (calculating favorable days for spell casting). If time matters, it’s better to use one very powerful love spell than cast regular ones several times.

A very powerful love spell to be cast on men

What are you ready to do to be with the man you love? Everything? Even cast a powerful love spell? It’s a very serious decision as it will make this man dependent on you. Remember, it’s an extreme measure and if something goes wrong, like if you fail to cast it properly, you can have serious problems. First of all, certain spheres of your life can be affected, such as career, health, the well-being of your family. Secondly, if the man resists the love spell, he may have problems, too. But if you’re ready for it and think nothing can stop you, you will tie the man to yourself with a strong energy string which will be able to make you happy for many years to come (if you work hard for it).

A powerful love spell to be cast on women

Before casing a powerful love spell a woman, ask yourself if you’re ready to take the responsibility for your future life (at least for several years). Believe me, after casting this spell, seeing you a couple of times a week won’t be enough for her.  Even if she agrees to that, she’ll feel bad. A powerful love spell causes dependency too. The woman won’t be able to look at other men and won’t let you look at other women either. Moreover, she may prohibit you from meeting with your male friends. However, it’s individual and her behavior will depend on her will power, character and outlook. If you are ready for it and being with her is all you want – go for it!

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