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How strongest black magic love spells impact people with light and dark bioenergy fields

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Strongest black magic love spells and their unexpected repercussions


“I don’t know if it’s in my head or I just can’t accept the reality, but I was in love with a woman who seemed nice, cute, and very kind. I loved her so much that I decided to put one of the strongest black magic love spells on her. In about two months we started dating. However, it didn’t make me happy. The woman turned out to be not who I thought she was. Turned out she just looked kind, but in fact she was a mean, greedy and cynical person. She was not the person I fell in love with so I didn’t want to be with her anymore. I’m trying to break up with her but I can’t because of those strong black magic love spells that I used. I have two questions. Can you break this spell? Also I want to know what really happened. Was she always like that or did my black magic make her mean?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Strongest black magic love spellsI would like to start with your first question. Yes, I can break any of the strongest magic love spells. As for your second question, it is not that easy to answer it because I need to examine that woman. Since I am quite familiar with black magic, I suppose one of the following things may have happened:

Black magic has strengthened the woman’s negative traits;

She is just a mean person and she has always been mean; she had to pretend to be kind which she stopped doing after you started dating;

The black magic spell has upset the balance in the woman, and now negative energies prevail;

Black magic has destroyed her internal self-control mechanisms which allowed her to keep her disruptive emotions and impulses under control;

The spell cast engaged some evil force which is now living inside the woman causing those negative changes;

The witch who cast the love spell stole a part of the woman’s soul replacing it with black energies.

All of the options are quite unpleasant and they can be considered to be the repercussions of improperly cast strong black magic love spells, but that is the way it is. Many people use rough, butcher’s magic, while a true spellcaster should be as delicate, accurate and precise as a surgeon using state-of-the-art tools and never a hammer. Professional magic practitioners like I am are very careful with the client’s personality and integrity, while the person you worked with did not even think about it. Sadly, many modern spellcasters treat people like biorobots. Their goal it to provide the services purchased, while their effects on the personality of the people involved and the relationship are of minor importance.

Technically, you cannot blame these magic butchers for not holding up their end of the bargain. To your complaint that their strongest black magic love spells have changed your loved one and she is not the person you fell in love with, they will reply that your wish was to be loved by her and you are. There were no other requirements from your part. Therefore, the order can be considered fulfilled.

I, spellcaster Maxim, use strong black magic love spells too, but only in moderate doses and only in exceptional cases. After such spells I cast white magic spells to remove all negative energies, while keeping the personality of the client and their loved one intact. Thus, my love spells do not trigger personality and behavior changes in people.

How strong black magic love spells impact black energies

Strong black magic love spellsReader:

“Is there a point in casting the strongest black magic love spells on mean and revengeful people, people with a dark soul? Can’t such spells make it darker?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Strange as it may seem, it looks like I have to speak in defense of black magic. If the ritual, no matter how strong, is performed properly, the soul will not get darker. Do you remember what powerful spellcasters do? They study the person’s energies to identify them and use similar energies in their rituals. It is like a blood transfusion which is completely safe.

However, if very strong black energies are used to cast one of the strong black magic love spells, these energies make the person’s soul darker. This is what poorly skilled sorcerers do. They use the most powerful and dense black energies they can find, throw them at the person breaking through this person’s protection shield, and turning the victim into a slave of black magic.

True spellcasters would never do anything like that. When the ritual is completed, they remove the energies they used to influence the target restoring his or her initial state. Unlike them, poorly skilled magic practitioners leave their victims drowning in the cocoon of black magic enslaving them.

I practice voodoo magic but I always ask my readers to be careful with voodoo shamans and their strongest black magic love spells. I heal people and set them free with my strong black magic love spells, but at the same time I, spellcaster Maxim, warn you against working with witches and sorcerers if your safety is not guaranteed.

When an experienced hunter takes a gun, he focuses on the target but also makes sure no one gets hurt. However, the gun can end up in the hands of some psychopath, a person with suicidal thoughts, or a drunk teenager, in which case anything can happen, and a happy end is highly unlikely.

Do not be afraid of black magic because it is a great power in skilled hands. Be afraid of unskilled magic practitioners who do not care about their clients’ future.

How black magic love spells influence light people


“Do you think the strongest black magic love spells shouldn’t be cast on people with light energies because they can get hurt?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

What things do you associate a working chainsaw with? I am pretty sure it is a cheap horror movie about some massacre. No? Why do you associate strong black magic love spells with it then? In fact, they are dangerous only if used by unskilled or indifferent and irresponsible people.

Powerful and experienced magic practitioners use the strongest black magic love spells to help people with light energies without putting them at risk in case there is some black energy in their subtle bodies which cannot be handled in any other way. In this case, the black ritual has cleansing or healing functions and is considered beneficial to the people.

Besides, do not forget that a person with 100% light energies cannot be influenced with black magic. To put a black magic spell on this person, this person needs to be previously perverted and stained with negativity. However, this is something Higher Powers do not approve, so anyone trying to do it will end up in big trouble.

So do not be afraid that strong black magic love spells can harm people with pure energies. If they let some portion of darkness inside for some reason, a spellcaster will be able to fix it only by using some black spells, in which case the spells will be beneficial, too.

Remember about the dangers associated with using the strongest black magic love spells against people with pure and strong energies.

Today’s video is going to be about magical kickbacks. I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that everyone trying to practice magic watches it and bookmarks the page.

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