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What to expect ordering a miscarriage spell

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Below is a fragment from one of the letters I’ve received lately:

Casting miscarriage spells“A few years ago, my husband got a lover. I learned about it accidentally, and of course it gave me a great shock. I didn’t want him to leave me and our two children. At the time, I didn’t have a job, so my husband was the only bread-winner in our family. So when I learned than that woman was pregnant, I went to a witch and ordered a miscarriage spell. And her spell to cause miscarriage worked the way I expected – that woman had a miscarriage and after a while they split up. I reunited with my husband and he hasn’t had any relationships on the side ever since.

However, that’s when my life turned into a streak of bad luck. I think it’s totally my fault, and I shouldn’t have used that miscarriage spell in the first place. I’ve been suffering from a number of diseases lately, including vaginal ones, and menstrual disorder.  The other day, I found out I need ovary surgery and after that I will unlikely have children ever. I came across your website, read some of your articles, and decided to ask you for help. My question is as follows: will you be able to help me? And is it possible to eliminate the consequences I’m suffering for having paid for that spell to cause miscarriage?”

I'll be able to answer your questions only after carrying out magic diagnostics. I need to find out if your health issues are actually caused by that miscarriage spell. If they are, it’ll let me understand what needs to be done to minimize or eliminate those negative consequences. But it looks like I will be able to help you and you did the right thing when you wrote me about your problem.

I want to tell all my readers that using a spell to cause miscarriage is fraught with consequences. Like any kind of death and murder-related witchcraft, a miscarriage spell always triggers kickback that punishes anyone using it. That’s what our life is like and all living beings can choose their fate. In this case your choice is simple: you may not order a spell to cause miscarriage and let Higher Powers decide your fate and the fate of those who you want to influence with the help of magic. Of you may order it. However, be prepared to be punished for it eventually.

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Punishment for using a miscarriage spell includes:

- Mental disorders;

- Heart, kidney and reproductive system problems (in men);

- Infertility and joint problems (in women).

A spell to cause miscarriage may cause:

- Diseases or death of children in the family;

- Loss of family happiness and financial welfare;

- Inability to have children.

That’s why I warn you against performing this ritual on your own! Even if you think you’re well-prepared and have thought everything through, you won’t escape its kickback! You will be punished and find yourself in the same situation as that woman whose letter I’ve posted. You will suffer from various illnesses and your suffering will continue until some powerful spell caster like me removes the curse from you.

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Miscarriage spellsExperienced and qualified spell casters can not only cast a miscarriage spell for you, but also protect you from or minimize the magic kickback triggered by it. Note that Im speaking about very powerful spell casters. Unexperienced and unskilled spell casters agree to perform the ritual despite the fact that you’ll be punished for it. Moreover, they don’t even warn their clients about it. As a rule, they do it not because they wish you ill. They just know that the truth will scare you away, meaning they’ll lose another client. 

Some people think that no magic kickback is triggered when a spell to cause a miscarriage is cast on oneself (for instance, to get rid of the baby when it’s too late to have an abortion). However, be very careful. When you cast a spell on yourself – or your wife, girlfriend or daughter (with her permission) – magic influences not only you, but the baby, too. The fetus is a living being and is protected by Higher Powers. So by causing a miscarriage, you commit a murder! Don’t forget about that!

Luckily, an experienced spell caster can ensure that your miscarriage spell won’t harm you. He will contact Higher Powers or your Guardian Angel, ask them for a permission to perform the ritual and persuade them that you really need this ritual, so you won’t have to be punished for performing it or having a spell caster perform it for you. In this case no magic kickback will ensue, and your spell to cause miscarriage won’t harm your health or destroy your happiness.

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For more information on miscarriage spells, as well as to find out if I can cast a miscarriage spell for you, contact me. Before giving any answers or promises, I need to find out what makes you want to use this kind of magic, and carry out magic diagnostics. 

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