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How to cast a love spell to attract a certain person

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When not to cast a love spell to attract a certain person

You cannot cast a love spell to attract a certain person successfully, unless the following requirements are met:

You should know the one you are putting a love spell on in person;

Your loved one should be healthy, both physically and mentally;

Your loved one should not be prohibited from loving you;

Casting love spell to attract a certain personYour loved one should be single;

Your loved one should want to love and be loved;

Your loved one should have no energy diseases.

This is the only way to cast spells to attract a certain person in a safe manner without putting yourself or your loved one in danger.

It is obvious for me, spellcaster Maxim, that you may have a lot of questions regarding the above list, so let me clarify the above points one by one.

YOU SHOULD KNOW THE ONE YOU ARE PUTTING A LOVE SPELL ON IN PERSON, because it is not allowed to put love spells on the people who do not know you. If you do, the love spell influences its target activating his desire for love, however the target will fall in love with one of the women he is friends with or one of the women he meets within the next few days. He will not fall in love with you. Therefore, love spells should be put only on the people you know and are in touch with.

YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD BE HEALTHY, BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY. Love spells, especially those belonging to black magic or Pagan magic, activate negative energies in people. Since all diseases are caused by negative energies (perhaps you know it), the target’s current heath conditions will obviously worsen.

YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD NOT BE PROHIBITED FROM LOVING YOU. It is not allowed to put love spells on people karmically prohibited from loving people like you (from the perspective of your personality and energies). A kind of ban is a love spell previously put on the target and prohibiting the target from loving other women. Other bans include motherly and loneliness curses.

YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD BE SINGLE. A love spell to attract a certain person is ineffective if the target is in love with someone else. Occasionally, such spells may lessen the target’s love for this person for a while. In rare cases they can even make it stronger. So before you put any love spell, make sure the target’s heart is free.

YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD WANT TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. It is impossible to make a person love someone if there are burns on his heart caused by infidelity, betrayal, or unhealthy hatred for the opposite sex.

YOUR LOVED ONE SHOULD HAVE NO ENERGY DISEASES. All energy diseases are contagious, so people using magic are easily infected by them. The most common energy diseases include curses, hexes, mental disorders, drug addiction, violence, suicidal thoughts, cancer, etc., and you can get any of these easily.

Those are the guidelines to follow when you cast love spells to attract a certain person for yourself or when you work with a powerful magic practitioner.

What people should stay away from spells to attract a certain person

Candle spell to attract a certain personHowever, it is not the only obstacle in the way of true magic. Thus, do not use a love spell to attract a certain person if you:

Are a pregnant woman or just had a baby;

Have mental disorders;

Have a family member who died recently;

Suffer from vices or obsessions;

Suffer from energy diseases;

Are controlled by your bad karma;

Do not believe magic can help you and just count on luck.

Let us review each point in more detail.

YOU ARE A PREGNANT WOMAN OR JUST HAD A BABY. If you use any of the spells to attract a certain person, its energies will have a strong impact on the energy channels of the fetus or your newborn baby and the baby’s future life. Occasionally, black magic rituals cause birth defects in unborn babies or miscarriage.

YOU HAVE MENTAL DISORDERS. Your aural protection is not strong enough or damaged. When you make contact with the creatures called up or attracted by your love spells, you put yourself at risk of letting them inside your subtle bodies or becoming possessed.

YOU HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER WHO DIED RECENTLY. Even if you were not very close with that person and did not have a really strong emotional response to this person’s death, the borders between the world of the alive and the world of the dead are temporarily blurred. If you cast any spells, they may be destroyed leading to more deaths.

YOU SUFFER FROM VICES AND OBSESSIONS. You enhance the dark energies maintaining your addiction to drugs, alcohol, overeating, emotional instability, breakdowns, etc.

YOU SUFFER FROM ENERGY DISEASES. They progress fueled by negative energies (which literally envelop you after the ritual).

YOU ARE CONTROLLED BY YOUR BAD KARMA. Only very skilled magic practitioners like I am are strong enough to overcome karmic bans on family happiness or mutual love. For others karma is an unsurmountable barrier. As you know, barriers push energies away transforming them into curses and kickbacks hitting everyone who failed to destroy the barrier.

YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT MAGIC CAN HELP YOU AND COUNT ON LUCK. Unfortunately, lack of faith decreases the amount of energy reaching the target. The more doubts you have, the less success will be achieved by your magic practitioner and his love spell to attract a certain person.

There are many other bans applying to spells to attract a certain person. They are described in other articles posted on my website. Hopefully, what you have read today is enough to stop you from using love magic. If it is not, let us talk about casting love spells for oneself.

What is the best way to cast such love spells for oneself?

I want to begin with one very important thing – you can cast a love spell to attract a certain person successfully only if you really love this person. You are like a sculptor shaping a marble rock into something beautiful. The bigger the rock, the more impressive the sculpture will be. If the rock is small, nothing really beautiful will come out of it.

When you cast spells to attract a certain person, you work with just one energy – the energy of your love. You are not a professional magic practitioner, so the energies of the world, cosmos, nature and other energy fields are inaccessible to you. Moreover, they are dangerous to you as a person with zero skills and knowledge in magic. You have never cast a love spell to attract a certain person before and you use only a part of your energy. The rest of your energy is wasted. Hence a very low success rate of love spells cast by non-professional magic practitioners.

You can increase your success rate if your spells to attract a certain person are cast by a professional spellcaster engaging the energies inaccessible to you. If that is the case, the love spell will succeed even if you do not love the target.

Therefore I, spellcaster Maxim, encourage my readers to always use professional magic services. At the same time, I teach love magic to my readers remotely. So our next video lesson is going to be about a love spell to attract a certain person cast with the use of photographs.

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