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The most difficult part of this love spell is getting the hairs of your beloved. To do that, offer him to use your comb (remove your hairs from it in advance in case they are of the same color and length) or ask him to give you his comb, take the hairs from it and hide it in your pocket. You will need five hairs.

How to cast a hair love spell on your own

Focus on your beloved and imagine your life together. Take five hairs of your beloved, your five hairs, a red candle and a plate. At sunset, light the candle. Interlace the hairs to make kind of a braid and say,

“Our karmic paths cross the way our hairs are interlaced.”

Hair candle love spells

Throw the braid on the plate and light it. While it’s burning, ask Higher Powers to unite your fates. When the braid burns out, gather the ashes, open the window and let the wind blow the ashes away from your hand. Imagine the way your request goes to Higher Powers with it.

A hair love spell can also be cast with the help of the comb that belongs to your beloved.

Take the hairs off the comb, form a ball with it and say,

“Comb, comb, comb, my beloved’s hair’s friend. Help me bring my beloved to my home. I’ll care about you, you’ll be safe with me. Hair and comb, bring my beloved to me and make him love me. Night follows day, filling the heart of my beloved with love for me. Make him dream of me and miss me. After a week, make him come to my door. My word is the law. So be it.”

Love Voodoo Charm
Love Voodoo Charm

Give the comb back to your beloved. The hair ball should be with you (carry it in your pocket or purse) until the ritual yields results.

Another powerful hair love spell is connected with your astral projection. Before going to bed, take several hairs of your beloved one and you, put them into a metal plate, light them and say, “Your love for me flares up the way our hairs are burning. It will last as many years as the number of hairs you and I have on our heads.” When the hairs burn down, rub the ashes into your head and go to bed. If you see your beloved in your dream, tell him you love him and he’ll be yours. If you don’t see him, repeat the ritual in a week.

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To cast a long-lasting love spell, the following factors need to be considered. To perform love rituals, apart from being brave, you need to have certain knowledge.

Love spells cast with the use of hair prove to be effective when the customer has very strong feelings for the target and thinks about the target all the time. If you want to use such a love spell to get even with the target, you will most likely fail.

Hair love spells are cast when the moon is waxing.  Mental love spells can be cast any day regardless the lunar cycle. For more information, please see the below video showing how a hair love spell is cast and also in the section of the site Love Spells

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