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What happens after real love spells are cast

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What happens a month after  casting real love spells

Almost all websites about magic have articles about casting real love spells and the results to expect, and I, spellcaster Maxim, am no exception. However, when people order love spells or cast real love spells on their own, they find themselves unprepared for the outcome. When they realize what is going on, they get confused, upset or angry.

The majority of websites try to convince people that the real love spell never stops working, while professional magic practitioners claim it is impossible. If you have read some of my articles about magic spells, you know that love spells lose their effectiveness over time. I will tell you how to stop it later. In the meantime, let me tell you what to expect after a love spell is cast.

Real love spells candlesAt first, one to six months after the ritual, real love spells give nothing but love and happiness. Those with a love spell on feel absolutely euphoric enjoying every minute of their life.

But stop! There is one important thing to be noted. True happiness and pure love can be given only by white magic rituals involving no coercion whatsoever. If you want to know more about black magic, read my articles about it posted on my website.

Light rituals influence people through joy, true love and attachment. However, everything ends sooner or later, so the love spell eventually loses its effectiveness, too. It is like waking up from a dream. You feel free from love and you do not understand what has been happening to you over the last few months.   

As a rule, it happens some time between the sixth and the ninth month after the real love spell is cast, but it may happen much earlier than that.  Magic feeds on the positive energy of your heart. Without it, spells stop working almost instantly. So I, spellcaster Maxim, keep reminding you that one of the most important laws of magic runs that THE STRONGER YOUR LOVE, THE LONGER YOUR LOVE SPELL WILL WORK!

There are many things which may break the love spell and kill love. They are:

  • Arrogance and disrespect;
  • Jealousy, suspicion, humiliation;
  • Mockery;
  • Infidelity, both physical and spiritual;
  • Indifference or lack of care;
  • Sexual blackmail or lack of sex;
  • Lack of attention;
  • Unwillingness to listen to the partner’s opinion.

 It does not matter if your love is the result of some love spells or was given to you by Higher Powers. If even one item from that list can be applied to your relationship and your behavior, your partner is sure to eventually fall out of love with you. People cannot share their energy of love getting pain and disappointment in exchange. Two people can love each other and maintain their love for decades only if they exchange positive energies with each other.

After awakening, as I wrote earlier, you start listening to your heart trying to figure out what you want. If you were happy with your partner, your try to revive your partner’s love for you. Otherwise, you will forget about it and move on, while the love spell which was used to influence you will be broken for good.

What happens one to three years after casting a real love spell

If you stay, your feelings will be subject to further transformation. They will not just be fading. They will be transforming.

Our energies function according to the law of balance. According to this law, our existence is possible only when we counterbalance someone else’s energies. One cannot be 100% light or 100% dark. Such people cannot exist in our world. It is impossible to feel love created by some real love spells unpunished. To maintain balance, you need to generate negative energies, meaning instead of the happiness given to you by your real love spell, you will have to deal with fights, scandals, suspicions and accusations.

Real love spell ritualIt does not mean you should not use real love spells at all. I am telling you about it not because I want to talk you out of using magic. I just want to prepare you to what is going to happen because I know that ultimately this will help you get over it and save your love.

One year after your real love spell is cast, you are confused. You do not know what you want, to love again or to end it for good. You have really strong and disruptive mood swings: one moment you are happy, but the next moment you feel like crying; one moment you want to kiss and hug your partner, but the next moment you blame your partner for all your problems.

Try to control your feelings and remember that the future of your relationship depends on you. When you realize your real love spells are losing their effectiveness, refuel them with the energy of your love. Be caring and loving and try to make your partner happy. Spend more time together doing things you both like. I am sure that after more than a year of being together you will know what to do to make your partner happy.

If you do not know it, do not hold onto this relationship. If you have not figured out what kind of person your partner is over that year that you were together, your relationship is doomed no matter what you do. It does not matter what attracted you to the person you put a love spell on – sexual compatibility, confort, safety or money – if there is no love, there is nothing that can keep the spell working. Eventually the magic will be gone completely and you will break up.

Usually partners break up about three years after the real love spells are cast. No matter how much your partner loves you, he gets tired of fighting for you and your love. His soul becomes empty, and one day he leaves you to never come back.

What can you do? Do not be upset and do not be scared, because right now I will teach you how to make your love spells work for as long as possible.

How to stop love magic from disappearing

First and foremost, if you order my real love spell, one day it will lose its effectiveness and then disappear at all. Remember that the “shelf-life” of your love spells depends only on you. So do not use love magic unless you really love the one you want to put your love spell on and unless you are ready to fight for your love later.

Secondly, after casting the love spell, put your best effort into feeding it with the power of your energies. To this end, be loving and caring, and try to make your partner happy. Love is impossible unless it makes you happy, too. If your beloved turns out to be not the person you thought him or her to be, do not torture yourself and do not hold onto this relationship. Let your love die and break up.

Alternatively, you can use some of my rituals to change your partner and make him (or her) the man of your dream (the woman of your dream). For more information, read some of my articles about it or email me.

Thirdly, keep all of the above described things, which may kill your love spell, from happening, unless, of course, you want to end your relationship created thanks to my real love spells.

Fourthly, try to help your relationship transform from one based on passion and romance into one based on loyalty and friendship. Couples who have been together for more than 10 years are true friends and they enjoy their friendship more than they do romance or even sex. Remember about it and your relationship will never fall apart.

Fifth, do not lose touch with me. Now you know that one real love spell is not enough to make you happy. When your partner’s feelings begin to fade, you may order another love spell from me. Moreover, I can cast other spells as needed, to strengthen or maintain your love, or make an amulet to protect your relationship.

Remember that relationships created with love spells are very vulnerable to magic. If one of your friends puts a love spell on your husband, he will leave you for her immediately, while my protection amulet will prevent it from happening.

Lastly, let me tell you that I, spellcaster Maxim, can save and restore marriages and relationships created by other magic practitioners. So if you want to make a love spell work which was cast by another spellcaster, do not hesitate to contact me and I promise I will help you.

Now let me present a short video to you to tell you how to cast real love spells by performing simple rituals without being a professional magic practitioner. 

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