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Love spells to be cast on a husband differ from other love spells. Spouses have a very strong connection and it’s very difficult to arouse particular feelings in them. That’s why you should be very careful while casting a love spell on a husband. Below is an effective love spell you can try to cast on your husband.

Love spell cast on husband

To cast an effective love spell on your husband, you will need your wedding rings. Wedding rings were used when your family was created and they have a very strange and peculiar energy which makes them ideal for casting a powerful love spell. Also, you will need a lock of your hair, some holy water, a candle and a large mirror. This love spell should be cast on your husband’s name day. If your husband’s name is not in the calendar, use the name given to him during christening. If he hasn’t been christened, find a name similar to his name in the calendar and cast the love spell on this day (at night).

Put everything you’ve prepared in front of the mirror. Wet your hands and wash your eyes with some holy water. Dip the lock of hair in this water and shape it to look like a short shoelace. Pass the lock of hair through both rings and tie the ends together. Run the rings over the candle fire and say,

“The ring-sun and the ring-moon. My hair is like the Milky Way. Let God’s servant (name) be my husband until the sky falls down. Let him follow me everywhere like the moon follows the sun, and never fall in love with another woman. I will keep the ring-sun and give the ring-moon to my husband. Let him long for me as long as the ring’s on my finger. Amen.”

This effective love spell to be cast on a husband is easy to cast and remember. However, sometimes it fails to work. If you want to be sure that the effective love spell you cast on your husband has effect, you will need professional magical help. Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

As you could see, to use the above described love spell cast on husband, a wedding ring is required

Effective love spell cast on husbandSpeaking of wedding rings, I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to remind you that wedding rings should be worn all the time not only to show other people that you are married. Wedding rings have a deeper sacral meaning. A wedding is a magic ritual. When you get married, you call up Higher Powers assuring them that you really love the one you are marrying and swearing to love your future spouse forever.

Weddings are filled with magic and have a great impact on the life of the spouses. If you really love the bride/groom and are sincere while making your wedding vow (you make your vow not to your future spouse but to Higher Powers), you will win Higher Powers’ favor. As a result, they will help and support you in all ways possible, whether it is about making money, having children, or solving other problems. At the same time, they will prevent you from fighting and protect you against negative energies.

Thus, the wedding ring is a symbol confirming that you remember about your vow and are not going to break it. When you take your wedding ring off, you show Higher Powers that your vow does not mean anything to you and that you do not want to be married anymore, unless you are taking your ring off in order to take a shower, apply some moisturizing cream to your hands, or paint the front porch. The problems will begin when you take your wedding ring off for good and put it in a jewelry box, give it to someone as a gift, sell it, or melt it down to make some new piece of jewelry.

By the way, as powerful as I am, I still find it difficult to restore relationships broken by the spouse’s decision to stop wearing the wedding ring.

Ritual equivalent to the love spell cast on husband

As you understand, when you put a ring on the finger of the man you love, you perform a ritual equivalent to the love spell cast on husband. This is also true to men putting a ring on the finger of the woman they love. I am pretty sure you have some questions to ask. One of the most frequently asked questions about wedding rings is as follows:

“When we were getting married, we didn’t have a lot of money and got the cheapest wedding rings we could find. Now we can finally afford better rings and want to buy really good ones. Can we do that? Will it impact our marriage?”

If you want to replace your wedding rings, then, apart from buying new rings, you are going to have to invite some friends over and renew your vows. Tell how much you love each other and what you think your future life together will be. A marriage officiant is not required. That way, you will not break your old vows, meaning Higher Powers will keep supporting you. As a result, you will make your relationship even stronger.

Well, friends are not mandatory, either. If you exchange your wedding rings and your vows in private, you will cast a love spell as powerful as the love spell cast on husband. If you want, you can do it at home, but the countryside and some romantic place is much better. The farther you are from the city, the purer your energies (they are not stained by other people’s energies) and the more effective your love spell turns out to be. 

Not all wedding rings can be used in the love spell cast on husband

Thus, do not use the ring which went missing and then was found, which you threw at your husband while you were fighting, crying that you want a divorce, or which was sold to a pawnshop and then bought back.

Wedding rings have a symbolic meaning and a strong connection with the relationship of the spouses. People could not help but notice this connection. As a result, dozens of signs, omens and superstitions about wedding rings were created. This is what I am going to tell you about.

Candle love spells cast on husband

Sign 1:

If you lose your wedding ring, your marriage will cease to exist soon.

Sign 2:

Do not let other people try on your wedding ring as your family happiness may be taken away.

Sign 3:

Do not use other people’s wedding rings. If you do not have money to buy gold wedding rings, use silver or plastic ones.

Sign 4:

When you buy used wedding rings, you also buy the problems of their previous owners which ruined their marriage.

Sign 5:

If your wedding ring got too tight, your marriage will fall apart soon because of the boredom and a dull daily routine.

Sign 6:

If your wedding ring got too loose, you are not happy and do not want to admit it.

Sign 7:

If your wedding ring got dark, changes are on the way.

Sign 8:

If your wedding ring has cracked, your marriage will fall apart soon.

Sign 9:

If there are some scratches on your wedding ring, it is your fault that your spouse is getting distant.

Why do you think I, spellcaster Maxim, bring up these signs? Because the rings described in them should not be used for the love spell cast on husband. But do not worry. Wedding ring rituals are not the most powerful rituals in love magic. No matter what the circumstances are, I can offer you the ritual meeting all your needs, because I know how to cast thousands of powerful and effective rituals.

Wedding rings in magic

The rings you exchange when you get married can be used not only in the love spell cast on husband or wife. They can as well be used in black magic. If your enemy somehow manages to get your husband’s wedding ring, she can destroy your relationship with ease. Your husband will fall in love with her and grow to hate you, his lawful wife. Unable to stand seeing your happiness anymore, she will ruin your marriage and you will divorce.

But do not be afraid. Black magic spells can be broken with my protection amulets. If you think your marriage is in danger, contact me and I will protect it. I do not sell mass-produced replicas, so I will custom-make a charm specifically for you and your marriage.

Amulets manufactured by spellcaster Maxim provide protection against:

  • The husband’s infidelity;

  • Rivals;

  • Hexes and the evil eye;

  • Curses and breakup spells;

  • Envy;

  • Bad karma and energy problems;

  • Diseases;

  • Children upbringing problems;

  • Children’s diseases and misbehavior;

  • Poverty, financial losses, property losses;

  • Everything that can destroy your family happiness or steal your love.

If you let me boost the efficiency of your amulet with a love spell cast on husband, your love and your marriage will be very strong and long-lasting, letting you enjoy nothing but peace, harmony and happiness.

Contact me now because my duty is to help you!

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