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Who and why can cast a friendship curse on you?

Reading the name of this article, you may think that this curse is farfetched and it doesn’t threaten you. “Come on!” you will say. “Let’s assume I fall out with my friends and don’t make new ones. Given my age and my position… I’m used to being alone!” If it was only about some quarrels and temporary loneliness, I wouldn’t post this article. But friendship curses are extremely dangerous for people caring about their life and dreaming of fulfilling their talents and plans. You will understand soon how important it is to order friendship curse removal in time (if you read this article to the end, of course).

Witch friendship curse removeTo begin with, a friendship curse is cast by people wanting to bring your life to ruin. Those familiar with magic know that any kind of relationship – such as business relations, relations with colleagues and even love – is built on the such notions as need and advantage, namely on friendly relations, if one likes to be around another person or not. If not, regardless of how much profit collaboration with this person promises, his services are quickly refused. People don’t let him near and don’t want to help him. They don’t want to be friends with him. Love can’ exist without friendship either.

That’s why my clients ask me to remove a friendship curse not because they have no friends or because they don’t get on with the people who they would go hunting or finishing with every weekend. A man with a friendship curse on finds himself in a vacuum. The world seems to refuse to let him in, depriving him of the joy of communication.

The danger of a friendship curse

To understand the danger of a friendship curse, you should know that it can be cast in two ways:

  • people’s attitude to you changes;
  • your attitude to the people around you changes.

When people’s attitude to you changes, they see you as a mean, foolish, boring, greedy and unhappy person. You’re not a good person to be around. The curse makes people see bad things in you which you don’t have. You can try to prove that they’re wrong but it won’t change anything. People will keep away from you, be afraid of you, hate you, or make fun of you.

Your attitude to the people around you changes when the curse affects your mind. It covers your brain with a magical dome. Passing it, information gets distorted. People may like you, but you’ll think they hate you. People may love you, but it’ll seem to you that they want to use you. Or people may not even know you, but you’ll think they are bearing a grudge or scheming against you.

As a result, your reaction to people, as well as what they do and what they say, will always be inadequate. Since it will be negative anyway, very soon you will lose all your friends and will be left alone.

Friendship curse removal with candleAre you saying loneliness doesn’t scare you? Then imagine the way you will have to build your career, develop your business, build relationships and simply communicate with people in this state of mind. Besides, negative attitude of the people around you will eventually lower your self-esteem or turn you into a sociopath, and any attempt to come into contact with you will always make you angry. Or tired of the whole world, you will lock up in your apartment and turn into one of those insane people who stop taking care of themselves and wander around the streets talking to themselves.

Do you understand now how dangerous a friendship curse is and why people who have been cast a friendship curse on should order friendship curse removal from a powerful spell caster without delay? If you think you may have been infected with it, contact me now!

Friendship curse sings

I’m always happy to help you. I will perform the most effective friendship curse removal ritual, as well as clean your energy and subtle bodies which have been damaged by magic. After that, I will create a reliable magical protection cocoon around you. Thanks to it, you will take the world the way it is and in conformity with your true thoughts, feelings, emotions and talents. People’s attitude to you will change in just a couple of days.

Call or email me (click here) if you suspect a friendship curse on you. I will diagnose you to determine if you’re actually cursed or your communication problems (with friends, colleagues and family) are caused by the communication mistakes you make. If that’s the case, you will only have to slightly change yourself and people will like you and trust you again. I will tell you what exactly you have to do after the diagnostics.

If a friendship curse is living in your energy bodies, I will remove it. Also I can do it remotely. Besides, I accept orders to remove a friendship curse from your friends and family. Entrust me with saving them and I will do it in a way so they never find out about it!

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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