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The word “emerald” is derived from Vulgar Latin: Esmaralda/Esmaraldus, a variant of Latin Smaragdus, which originated in Greek: σμάραγδος (smaragdos; “green gem”). Along with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, emeralds are first category gemstones. 

Gemstone magic emeraldUsed for jewelry (such as earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces), emeralds also have magical and healing properties, which can be uncovered with the help of spell caster Maxim. Question: Spell caster Maxim, could you tell us what makes this gemstone so attractive? Spell caster Maxim: Emeralds are beautiful gemstones of dark-green color. 

They are rare and, as a rule, natural emeralds have inclusions, surface breaking fissures, turbidities and other defects. It takes hundreds or even millions of years for emerald to be formed. Each gemstone is unique, which make them rather expensive. Flawlessness of a gem indicates its synthetic nature. Nowadays, there are advanced techniques for synthetic emeralds production. 

Synthetic emeralds have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural gemstones, while their clarity is higher and they almost have no defects. Synthetic emeralds are produced in specialized laboratories. Chlorine, beryllium and aluminum salts are poured into an autoclave and synthetized at a high pressure and temperature. 

The hydrothermal production method is close to the way emerald crystals form in nature. It takes a few weeks to get a quality emerald of different shades of green. Synthetic emeralds come in various colors, from light-green to dark-green. The color of each gemstone depends on the composition of salts used for its production. 

Along with emeralds, another variety of beryl can be found on the market – aquamarine. Unlike emerald, aquamarine’s color is blue and turquoise. Question: What are emerald’s healing properties? Spell caster Maxim: Regardless of what or who created them – nature or people – emeralds are amazingly beautiful gemstones. 

Along with their aesthetic value, emeralds have healing properties. When treated with care, they can help those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, have positive effects on the nervous system and memory, cure fears, headache and eyes. Emerald disinfects water just like silver. It is considered to symbolize success, chastity and purity. Emerald’s energy inspires poets, artists and creatively gifted people. People with high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and psoriasis are recommended to get an emerald. It relieves high temperature and fever. Gold-framed, the gemstone can protect you from catching an infectious disease. 

In the past, it was used to cure consumption, leprosy and other diseases. Presenting an emerald ring to your beloved one is a good opportunity to raise her spirits and help her overcome melancholy. Question: Could you tell us about emerald’s magical properties? Spell caster Maxim: In practical magic, emeralds are believed to symbolize wealth and power. They are often used in business and money magic rituals, as well as fortune telling sessions. 

The gemstone can protect one from misfortunes and the evil eye. It can make a powerful talisman to help those en route by making their trip safe. It is also considered a symbol of fidelity and chastity that guards maternity and love. However, emeralds help only spiritually pure and noble people, and bring misfortunes to the mean and sly. 

Witch casting magic ritual with gemstonesAn emerald won’t tolerate its unprincipled owner and will work against lazy, lying or perverted people or people with criminal intentions. The power and energy of an emerald can multiply its owner’s wealth and solve money problems, given that this person’s intentions are good. Mediums use emeralds to contact the spirits of the deceased. 

Some magicians use it to leave their physical bodies to interpret signs sent to them, and go back. Emeralds protect souls from everything negative and dangerous during astral travels. Question: Spell caster Maxim, what zodiacal signs would you advice wearing this gemstone to? Spell caster Maxim: According to astrologists, emerald is good for the Aquarius, Libra and Leo. The Scorpio, 
Pisces and Capricorn are recommended to avoid it. 

As for the rest, emerald will do neither good nor harm, it’s neutral. The gemstone helps people with insomnia, brings luck and preserves happiness in a family. In conclusion I would like to say that, in respect of natural emeralds, dark-green gemstones are most valuable. They are more powerful and expensive. Sometimes emeralds come with tints of blue or yellow. Rich green indicates the gem’s superior quality. However, they are rarely found in nature and their price may exceed 800 euro per carat.

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