A SIMPLE VOODOO LOVE SPELL Any magic has lots of mysteries. But none of them can be compared with Voodoo magic. This magic’s peculiarities and abilities have been exciting people worldwide for many centuries. Some say about people who turned into mute zombies and worked hard on coffee plantations for many years without sleep and rest. Sorcerers who have mastered Voodoo magic are believed to be almighty. Yet, if they really exist, they are rare.

The Voodoo love spell is one of the most popular love spells used by modern magicians. It is believed to be the most powerful love spell in love magic. The feelings this spell excites in people stay with them all their life. One of the reasons why it happens so is Voodoo dolls which have an unbreakable connection with the energy of the object. That is why many magicians refuse to remove Voodoo love spells. Without destroying the doll, it’s impossible to remove the spell.

A simple Voodoo love spell:

To put one of the simplest and most popular Voodoo love spells, you will have to make a doll. This doll isn’t just a toy; it is the embodiment of the object’s astral body, so be careful and attentive while making it. The doll should be made of wax. Model it the way the object looks (body proportions, birthmarks, etc.). It’s important that you understand that it’s the object in front of you but not a doll. Blood is the best material which carries information on the man’s energy, but people usually use hairs, nail clippings, skin which are easier to get. The Voodoo love spell will depend on the doll and freshness of the material you put inside it. So I would recommend you to make a doll first and then put the material inside.

This ritual is most effective when performed not at night as many people would say, but in the evening. Spirits like the sunset and the sunrise better than the candle fire. Before the ritual, a certain prayer should be said (the one calling up Eshu Oshal). Pronounce the words loudly and distinctly, with your eyes close, as the Loa spirits don’t like it when people see them. Sit down facing the sun. Below is the transcribed text of the original prayer (because no one knows if translated prayers are effective).

“Orasion mu, Santos clarover Ilia Dios esculava (your name)! Envia mu doze angelos de bianco alas. De de oro vilas rodir ele ensuento contra traves! Kuye todo doze marcha esculava Dios (the object’s name). Encontrare clover elboen kurazon tres. Abierta alma de ultima para kuye denero! Compare mu todo kuye kuera. Palabra mu alave kandado lingua. Ashe!”

After you finish the prayer, open your eyes and continue the Voodoo love ritual without turning back. The spirit of Eshu Oshal should be standing behind your back. Take a sheet of paper and a needle, spread some honey over the paper with the names and roll it up into a tube. Make a spot on the doll’s chest with your blood by piercing yourself with the needle and pierce the doll with the same needle at the same spot. Bring the doll and the roll of paper to an intersection and leave them there. The next evening, repeat the prayer, calling up Eshu Oshal as a witness. Then bury the doll and the roll of paper with the names. The ritual will be completed only when it gets dark. After that, leave the intersection.

As you see, the Voodoo love spell is rather difficult to perform. Moreover, it’s dangerous! The spirit of Eshu Oshal is easy to offend. It’s picky and unforgiving. If you treat it in the wrong way, it can have its revenge on you by making one of your family members ill. So I wouldn’t recommend you to perform it on your own. Ask a professional like me!

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