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Powerful stones magic

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All minerals, including precious and semiprecious stones, have their energy field which coincides with the energy field of a person. Stones and crystals are healers, as they can remove negative information and transform it to other levels, which is sometimes enough for the higher being in a person to realize the reasons for disharmony and switch on its healing mechanisms.

Aventurine is an extremely powerful amphora stone, connected with unpredictability, strangeness, and mysteriousness. It can unite the hearts of two people who are apart. Avesta Astrology School considers it the stone of “pure love” that can sharpen the feelings and emotions, increase optimism and confidence.

Stone magic fieldAgate is multilayer which gives it a special power. It is believed to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive one. However, its owner has to display stability, high emotional potential, and confidence that any difficulty can be got over. For such people, this stone becomes a good friend, a helper, a powerful protector. It is also a healer with lots of energy.

Aquamarine improves family relations, brings peace and makes a home comfortable. It cures fears. It’s good to keep it near the heart as it heals old wounds. It purifies the physical body, cultivates emotional harmony, and clarifies thoughts and feelings.

Alexandrite has a positive effect on the nervous system. It balances people’s mind and emotions. It leads to a spiritual renewal. Dip an alexandrite ring into a glass of water and leave it there for the night. Take a few sips from it in the morning. At night, alexandrite works with your thoughts and ensures a good night’s sleep.

Diamond protects from jealousy and unfaithfulness, and restrains voluptuousness. Traditionally, diamond used to be considered a men’s stone. Women were allowed to wear diamond jewelry only after they turned 30-35. By that time, they had a family and children, and were wise enough to resist temptations and make conscious decisions. This stone helped its decent owner fight enemies. The devil is believed to be afraid of diamonds. Diamond is also a remedy for a sin. If you are sure it is your stone, use its power to understand your way in this life and overcome difficulties. Take a shower, put on light clothes, dim the light, and make yourself comfortable in a chair.

Take a diamond with both hands and admire its beauty praising its shine and perfect shape. Put it to your forehead in the third eye area, close your eyes, and focus on the question that requires an answer. Don’t think about anything, try to hear its reply. Remember, those who can’t distract themselves from their everyday problems and calm down should never apply to diamond. It’s useless and even dangerous. The gemstone also gives no answers to questions about love. When you’re done, thank the stone, wrap it in a dark velvet cloth and let it rest for 46 hours. The stone should be of excellent quality (without fissures, inner cracks, and spots). Otherwise, it can bring disaster on you.

Turquoise brings true faithful love and ensures peace and happiness in a home. People have always admired turquoise and called it a stone of happiness. The main property of this stone is to reconcile the enemies, pacify arguments, and bring about peace. It gives prosperity and well-being. Besides, it brings happiness to love life. Turquoise jewels exchanged by a couple reflect the feelings of their presenters. If the stone loses its color and tarnishes, so do the feelings of the one who presented it.

Magic stonesEye quartzes are warm beautiful stones with healing properties. Cat’s eye is a great talisman. It preserves love. Falcon’s eye protects people from negative energy and enemies. Tiger’s eye helps its owner not to be jealous for no reason and waste money recklessly, helps notice details. Eye quartzes improve intuition and warn about dangers: when something bed is going to happen, the stone gets heavier and gives its owner an uncomfortable feeling.

Garnet, especially red one, encourages and excites sexiness, endurance, and self-respect. It should be avoided by irritable people.

Emerald is the stone of faithfulness and stability. It brings happiness to a family. Emerald fights depravity, unfaithfulness, and lie. It gives an ability to predict things. The gemstone is especially powerful when the moon is full. To make it even stronger, it is dipped and kept in red wine.

Ruby – its main magical feature is to arouse attraction. It can relieve fatigue, prevent misfortunes and upcoming troubles. Ruby helps overcome mental anguish and revives one’s zest for life. If you look at it while making a decision, it will help you make the right one.

Sapphire distracts from complexes, suffering, and negative thoughts, and reverses the time. It allows one to control his life, achieve harmony, and find peace.

Carnelian eliminates obstacles preventing one from getting married. It prevents arguments and quarrels, while it’s most efficient in protecting people from evil spells. It is believed to bring happiness and cure. It will be helpful to shy and absent-minded people.

Topaz prevents infidelity. It frees from dangerous passions, gives rise to a feeling of enjoying one’s life, and drives anger and hatred off. It relieves stress. It gives beauty to women and wisdom to men. Besides, old magicians claim it prevents quarrels and makes people keep their word.

Mountain crystal – held in one’s hands, put together as a boat, it makes wishes come true. Crystal accumulates information and passes it on through your wish. You should not stare at it, as your eyes will get tired quickly. Just squeeze it in your hand slightly and relax. Focus on who you want to talk to. If you receive a positive answer, meaning this person will agree to talk to you or go out, talk to him. You may change the subject and talk to him about not exactly what you were imagining, but a conversation will confirm your connection with the stone and make it stronger.

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