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How to make spell to Attract a Lover

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Twine a wreath from herbs and flowers. While doing it, pronounce the following words quietly an odd number of times, “Bless me, the Trinity, the Virgin, to twine a wreath, to find a good fate.” When the wreath is made, come to the birch tree, bow before it thrice, and greet it. With all your heart, ask the tree to allow you to decorate it with the ribbons. Then, put the belt on it and say, “I’m belting you with a sash, and you belt me with a dear lover.” Put the honey and sour cream under the birch tree and say, “Yours to you, mine to me.”

Put the wreath on the tree, sit under it facing the east, and eat the eggs. Get up, bow three times, and leave silently without looking back.

Three days later, go back to where a spell to attract a lover was put. Look at the wreath. If it’s dry, the birch tree took your ill fate from you. To show your gratitude, pour some water with honey dissolved in it on the roots.

If you want your loved one to propose sooner, before fastening the ends of the wreath together, say any spell addressing to one of the elements.

While putting a spells to attract a lover, try to visualize

Spells to attract loverWhy ancient love spells do no work for modern people 

All powerful love spells you can find today are translations of ancient rituals and spells. However, they almost never work for modern people. It is strange and seems illogical, but it is true. I am telling you this as one of the most powerful spell casters in the world.

When love spells were designed, people were different. They had different destinies – simple and predictable, and pure karma. Someone once said that back then the world was simple, pure and naïve, and I completely agree with it. Today’s world is different. Unfortunately, it is not better than before.

It is easy for people with pure karma to make contact with Higher Powers or the spirits of nature and ask them for love, and they are always happy to fulfill such requests. Those with stained karma do not have such an opportunity. Hence the following three statements my loyal readers should be familiar with:

1. Love spells cast at home do not work.
2. When you perform magic rituals by yourself, you put yourself in danger.
3. Only a professional spell caster like me can help modern people find love with a spell to attract a lover.

Let us discuss each of the statements in detail.

Why a spell to attract a lover cast at home does not work 

Since your karma is heavy, you should prepare for a hard life and the fact that as long as you are living in this reality, you are going to have to cleanse your karma with your pain and suffering. There are many reasons for suffering. As for women, they are:

- Fast aging;
- Weight gain;
- Chronic loneliness;
- Inability to get married and build strong relationships with men;
- Infertility.

Any of these karmic knots can control your destiny, determining your present and your future. If you fall in love with someone and use a love spell asking Higher Powers for help, Higher Powers will look into your karma. If they find any knots you still have not worked off, Higher Powers will not help you.

When you cast a love spell by yourself, you put yourself in danger

When you perform a magic ritual, Higher Powers are not the only ones whose attention you attract. Multiple dangerous entities can hear your calls too. They rush to you and try to seize control of your energy or enter one of your subtle bodies to live there. The reason is again your heavy karma and the dark energies it makes you generate. 

I have never met women who, despite their unattractive appearance, excess weight or loneliness, stayed positive thanking Higher Powers for their great life. On the contrary, such people tend to be depressed and complain of their ill luck. They do not understand that this is how they generate negative energy which makes their problems even worse, while attracting hellish entities.

When you are not happy, hellish entities do not see you. You are fighting your problems by yourself and have a chance to win. When you perform a magic ritual, you turn into a beacon which light can be seen by all the entities living in the world of the dark. As a result, your ritual fails and you end up with one of the entities in your subtle bodies which feeds on your unattractiveness, loneliness and despair.

Such entities will do everything they can to make you suffer even more. They can make any of your problems worse turning it from a mild energy disease into a lifelong curse.

Only a professional spell caster like me can help modern people find love with a spell to attract a lover

Attract lover spellLet us assume you want to use a spell to attract a lover and come to me. What will I do before I cast it? I will examine your karma, subtle bodies and chakras. As an experienced magic practitioner, I know that there should always be some karmic reasons for loneliness. Until you fix them, no love spells will help.

So I keep warning my website readers that quality magic is never fast. It takes a spellcaster several weeks to rid the client of their mind parasites, and months to consolidate the positive changes in the client’s purified karma. After that, the spell to attract a lover is cast. As a rule, such spells bring amazing results.

Yes, sometimes clients need to wait for the results for quite a long time. However, your patience will be rewarded when you get the love you have always wanted, clean karma and protection against hellish entities.

What people can benefit from a spell to attract a lover

Only people with pure karma. Unfortunately, there are not many people like that today. You can never know if your karma is clean or not. A lot of people do not even think about their karma at all. They believe in some person sitting on a cloud and controlling their lives. They do not understand that they are the only ones in control.

In my opinion, most people are like a rubber ball in a dusty corner. Touch it slightly, and it will start rolling or jumping ending up the sky or at a beautiful flower meadow. This touch is your effort to change your karma and energies. Nevertheless, you still think you need someone else to get the ball rolling.

Well, consider you have been helped. That is the only thing that can explain the fact that you have found my website. There are hundreds of pages you can find if you type “spell to attract a lover” in the search box but you somehow came to me. You have an opportunity to ask me help you find love. But are you ready for it? Do you have the courage to change your life and find true happiness? You will find it out when you call or email me. Otherwise, you will remain to be that sad ball in that dusty corner of life.


Women’s karmic problems or chakra diseases are not the only thing that can prevent a love spell from being cast successfully. Sometimes it is the man the love spell is put on. To find out what kind of men should not be cast love spells on, watch the below video.

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