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Lucky amulets as a way to fulfill your wishes

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Everyone wants to be lucky, but sometimes fortune smiles only to those who have the lucky amulet.It attracts good luck into your life making it more exciting. There are three ways to get an amulet: you can choose it randomly, make one on your own, or buy it from a very strong magic practitioner like I am.

What kind of lucky amulets to choose?

Lucky amulets

Shells, stones and similar items found by chance can become your good luck amulets. One of the most popular ancient symbols of good luck is the four-leaf clover. Try to find it and if you do, dry it and carry with you. Be careful not to damage or lose it, as that way luck will turn away from you. Clover gives its owner extraordinary luck, but only if picked near to the owner’s house. Do not give your clover to other people, or you will give your luck away as well. Other randomly found objects are usually not quite random. It is your intuition that tells you to pick up a stone or a shell from the ground. You know subconsciously what may bring you luck. Good amulets are stones picked up by the river or sea. You do not need to clean your newly found amulets, as they are a gift made to you by a higher power. Apart from clover and stones, coins are also good lucky amulets. They bring good luck and money. If you find a coin released the same year you were born, you are very lucky. Use this coin as a talisman and it will bring luck into your life, benefiting your career and business.

Lucky amulets made with your own hands

Many people prefer making amulets with their own hands. Such talismans can be very useful as they tend to absorb the energy of the manufacturer in the course of the manufacturing process. Typically, handmade amulets require activation. Usually it is enough to read some easy spells. Also, amulets need to be fed with your own energy on a regular basis. Such amulets include a variety of self-made jewelry, bags filled with herbs and other components, drawings, forged horseshoes and similar items. Think what amulet you could make by yourself. Many people create beautiful products, filling them with magic without knowing it. If you do not know how to make an amulet for good luck, begin with the simplest method of making jewelry, a keychain, or any other item. Do not choose too complex methods, and eventually your business will succeed. Nowadays you can buy almost anything, including amulets and talismans for various purposes. My advice to you is as follows: buy amulets made by professional magic practitioners, or you will just waste your money. For example, I make my lucky amulets by myself, using my super powers, and it takes about several days to charge each amulets and fill it with strength. You can visit my online store and choose any lucky amulet you like. I guarantee that thanks to my amulets fortune will smile upon you.

How to clean the energy of your lucky amulets

Things can carry energies of different nature. It depends on who made the amulet and who owned it before. If you are buying a used item, it is possible that the former owner died or sold it because he was poor and needed money badly. In this case the amulet has no power. You need to clean its energy and give a second life to your amulet. Cleansing negative energy is carried out using four elements. Fumigate the amulet with an incense stick (sandalwood and pine are known to have good cleansing properties). You can make your incense by yourself. Church incense also has strong cleansing properties. After cleansing, leave the amulet in the fresh air to charge it with wind energy. After that, hold the amulet over the candle flame. If possible, start a fire and hold the object over it. Do it carefully if the amulet is made of wood. Then rinse the lucky amulet with running water. Also you can put the amulet in the holy water. And the final step is digging it into the ground. Alternatively, leave the amulet in salt for one night and then throw it out in the street.

How to charge lucky amulets at home

Lucky magic amuletThis simple ritual is applicable to purchased good luck amulets and handmade ones. After cleansing, the amulet can be recharged. The best time for this ritual is midnight. The preferable moon phase is a waxing or full moon. You need three candles. Buy them in the church. Place the candles in a triangle and put your amulet in the in the center of the triangle. Then look at it and say three times, “My amulet, my fate! It will bring me good luck and success! It will stave off the misfortune!” Now take your amulet in your hands. Focus on the goals you want to achieve, imagine how the amulet helps you. Try to feel how your energy fills the amulet. Now your amulet is charged and its strength will be used to attract good luck to you. Amulets need to be charged once in a while.

Is it possible to make a very strong lucky amulet at home?

The most famous amulets are charm bags. It is not difficult to make this amulet at home. When there is a growing or full moon, sew a small red cloth bag. Red has always been considered to be the color of luck, money and prosperity. Plants are the key components of your bag. In order to attract good fortune, choose orange peel, aloe vera, pomegranate peel, strawberry leaves, nutmeg, Narcissus, fern, blossom, hazelnut, bay leaf, moss, acorns, star anise, violet, cinnamon. Do not forget about the four-leaf and normal-leaf clover that is considered a symbol of good luck. You can put a turquoise stone in the bag as it brings good luck, too. You can also use such well-known symbols of luck as cabochons, beads, figurines depicting the horseshoe, goldfish, ladybugs, etc. You can put the rabbit’s foot too. Sometimes you need to lubricate the bag with some essential oil, such as cinnamon, lotus, orange, or anise. Despite the fact that people can make amulets at home, not everyone is able to do so. Sometimes amulets just do not work. Why? Because the people who made them do not have enough powers to charge their amulets.

Fortunately, in my online store you can find a lot of different good luck charms. Contact me and I will choose the right one for you. Buy a magic amulet and it will make you more successful. You can buy any amulets you want at my website. Listen to your heart and choose the one you like. It will bring you good luck or money, depending on what you choose. I guarantee that all my good luck amulets are of superior quality making my buyers’ wishes come true.

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