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Break up candle spells to save love and for revenge

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It is quite difficult for beginning spellcasters to cast a targeted break up candle spell on a couple to break them up. If you want to use this ritual to divorce your wife or husband you no longer love, you might succeed. However, if you want to cast a break up candle spell on another couple, the spell will backfire and hit your relationship or those of your family members.

Break up candle spellI know people who used break up candles spells and ended up divorcing their spouses or watching their parents divorce. I know it first-hand, because eventually I was the one helping those people and bringing them together.

Once a woman came to me who was worried about her daughter. The woman’s love life was pretty bad. She was married three times but none of her marriages lasted more than a year. Then she gave birth out of wedlock. She raised her daughter by herself. When she turned 30, the woman realized her daughter was repeating her fate.

The woman came to me because she thought her daughter had been cursed. She was quite surprised to learn that it was actually her fault. When she was 18, she tried to put a break up candle spell on her girlfriend and her husband. Being pretty bad at magic, she had no idea the spell was cast successfully. However, she cast it not on her girlfriend but on herself and her daughter. I had to work really hard to remove that spell from the women. The point is please do not try to cast a break up candle spell by yourself, as this may get you in big trouble.

If you still want to cast a break up candles spell, at least review and try to follow the tips that I am going to give you. First and foremost, forget about using break up candle spells if you are married or are sharing a house/apartment with a married couple. Alternatively, you may stay, for instance, at the hotel while you are preparing for and casting a break up candle spell not to hurt your loved ones. Avoid talking to any of your married family members until the ritual is completed. This is critical for keeping them safe.

Buy some black candles at the magic store (as many as you need for the ritual). Buy one extra candle and half it. It should be made of black wax, but not painted black. That way, you may succeed casting your break up candles spells successfully.

Wait for a full moon. The next day when the moon starts waning, light one candle. Turn it upside down and drop some wax on the photograph of the couple that you want to break up. Say the following spell 45 times: “(The man’s name) and (the woman’s name), I want you to break up and never live together again. (The man’s name) and (the woman’s name), I want your love to be gone. (The man’s name) and (the woman’s name), I want you to become strangers to each other.”

As soon as you do it, put out the candle. You are going to need it later in your ritual to cast your break up candle spell. Cover the lump of wax with a plate. The next morning cut the wax with a new knife and put it on a clean handkerchief. Do not touch the wax! Otherwise, the energy of your break up candle spell will pass onto you.

Go straight to the people who you want to break up and hide the wax at their place.

Break up spellThe next evening repeat the ritual. In the morning go to the couple’s house again. Keep doing it until three black candles burn down or until the waning phase of the moon ends. If you do everything right, the break up candles spell will take effect soon causing the couple to break up. However, if you touch the wax, mispronounce the spell, repeat it the wrong number of times, or fail to place the wax at the couple’s home, the break up candle spell will backfire cursing you. Eventually, you will come to me and ask me for help.

There is no trick in this break up candle spell recipe. I have been running this website for years repeatedly warning the readers that any attempts to use black magic are associated with great risk and are dangerous. Break up candles spells are no exception. I have received hundreds of letters from people who want me to teach them how to cast break up candle spells at home. Since they refuse to hear my repeated warnings, I want to let them find it out by themselves if black magic is dangerous or not.

If you have already realized how difficult it is to cast the break up candle spell by yourself, please contact me and let me perform the ritual without putting you in danger. As a professional magic practitioner, I can cast a wide variety of spells on all kinds of people.

There is another break up candles spell which you can cast by yourself. It is not very difficult, but unfortunately it is not very effective, either. To perform this ritual, you need one black candle and a handful of salt. While preparing for this break up candle spell, buy a pack of salt and open it up as soon as you leave the grocery store. Take a handful of salt and throw the rest away. Bring the salt home, put it in the plate, and hide the plate.

In the evening lock up in your room and put the plate on the table. Install a candle in the center of the salt bump. Light the candle and burn the photograph of the couple you are putting your break up candle spell on. Be careful and make sure neither the ash nor the wax falls on the salt. Put the ash into a new envelope. Put out the candle and put it into the envelope, too. Collect the salt into a different envelope.

Walk to the house of the couple you want to break up. While walking, you may hear some strange noises or see some weird or scary shadows. Do not be surprised. Your break up candles spell is a black magic spell, so you are surrounded by dense black energies.

You need to prepare for encountering such energies in advance. If you get scared, yell, run or go back, the energies will attack you. As a result, you may remain their victim for years to come. To prevent it from happening, find the courage to finish what you started and complete your break up candle spell.

When you get to the house of the couple you want to break, put both the envelopes into their mail box. If they do not have one, leave the envelopes on their threshold. If any of them opens even one of the envelopes, the magic will pass onto them. If they use caution and throw the envelopes away without opening them, the magic will come back to you. In this case, you will find yourself in big trouble.

Should I repeat that you need to think careful before trying to cast such spells on your own?

Despite the complexity of such spells and the dangers associated with them, they are highly effective. Besides, you will not get hurt if you do everything right. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about break up candle spell recipes which can be found on the Internet. Almost all of them are either useless or designed to put a curse on the spell caster.

I have already told you why black magic sorcerers and witches put such traps throughout the Internet. I do not want to repeat myself, so I will just refer you to those articles.


“Why are black magic rituals dangerous? A lot of black magic spellcasters work for years without saying a word about the danger they are exposing themselves to by casting magic spells.”


The work of a black magic spellcaster is dangerous as it is, so there is no point talking about it. A spellcaster is like a ropewalker walking between two skyscrapers. Any mistake may cost him his life. But spellcasters are no madmen. They do not start their journey unless they are fully prepared for it. By the way, it takes them up to ten years to prepare.

Imagine yourself taking your first step being completely unprepared for ropewalking. This is what people do when they try to cast break up candles spells by themselves.


“If black magic is so dangerous, why do people use it at all?”


Every person has their own way to enlightenment and perfection. Regular people choose the path allowing them to develop their patience and kindness. Courageous and strong people choose the path involving black magic. By exposing themselves to its dangers, they develop the qualities allowing them to reach higher levels of existence. This is what they use black magic for.


“I want to use black magic. Will I be safe if I buy an amulet?”


Your amulet will protect you for as long as you keep it safe and do not lose it. The amulet cannot eliminate all the consequences of using black magic. It can just postpone them. Remember that amulets are designed to give people some time to find a black magic practitioner to remove all negativity resulted from your black magic experiments.


“Many black magic rituals involve the use of the target’s photograph. What do I do with the photograph after performing the ritual?”


The answer is in the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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