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Love can drive people crazy because it’s not always about gentleness and care. Sometimes it can be insidious and mean. Many people associate love with loneliness and unrequited feelings, so they prefer casting a love spell on their own instead of seeking professional help.

The effect of a love spell

While casting a love spell, it is more important to really want to be with the one you love, rather than perform the ritual in the right way and in strict sequence. The effectiveness of a love spell depends on the energy put into the ritual. That’s why love spells cast on one’s own are most effective (the spell caster’s whole soul and much energy are put into it).

People wonder, “Isn’t it immoral to use magic and love spells to make another person fall in love with you? People should fall in love with other people in the natural way, shouldn’t they?” and “Can I remove a love spell on my own if something goes wrong?”

Spell casters, sorcerers and shamans usually prefer love spells which help a person fall in love with another person. If someone is forced to love you, at one point his true feelings will take over and he will leave you. Besides, both women and men have a bunch of tricks to attract the attention of the opposite sex, such as makeup, nice clothes, sexy voice, etc.

Arousing love in the natural way is important when a same-sex love spell is cast. Same-sex love spells should be cast only on gay people. Otherwise, the love spell can cause rejection and this will have a negative effect on the person’s health and even sanity.

Casting a love spell on one’s own

Powerful tarot love spellMost love spells which are supposed to be cast on one’s own are quite simple. They are cast by carrying out simple actions and saying certain words.

A love spell to find new love

Focus on what you want your new boyfriend (girlfriend) be like, his (her) personality and behavior. Take a silver ring during the full moon, wrap it in a clean white cloth and bury it. Sprinkle the place with some milk or wine, saying,

“Holy Mother fairness and truth,

I offer this present to you.

Bless this ring and make it shine,

Bring a man to me to be mine.

So be it.”

Leave the ring buried in the ground until the next full moon, then dig it out and wear it on your finger until you find new love.

A love spell to get the beloved back

Put two candles in the center of the room and light them. Scatter some rose leaves around them and say,

“For the sake of love,

For the sake of what we’ve been through,

Come back to me and

Without saying a word

Put the candle flames out.”

A love spell to ensure strong love

Wing some spider’s web round a rose and dry it in the sun. Sprinkle the rose with the dew from black currant bushes. Dry the rose again. Wind some web round it again, sprinkle with some dew and dry it in the sun. Repeat thrice.

Wrap the rose in a clean thin cloth and carry it with you. Touch the person you’re in love with the cloth and he will fall in love with you.

Contact me and I will cast an effective love spell for you.

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