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Our feelings and emotions make us do reckless things and make hasty decisions. Inability to find true love makes men and women seek help from Higher Powers. With their help, they hope to solve their problems. When a woman longs to be with a man but he wouldn’t even talk to her, a love spell becomes her only option. Love spells are often cast at home, especially given the fact that many so called spell casters and witches are in fact frauds.

Is casting a love spell remotely safe? It depends on the method used, so I can’t give you any specific advice. However, there are some proven methods for casting a love spell which I would recommend to the majority of my readers. The practical value of these methods has been proven many times. While casting a love spell, it’s important to follow all the instructions. Otherwise, you won’t achieve your desired results. The effectiveness of a love spell also depends on its power. Most powerful love spells are those casing which involves blood.

Casting a love spell remotely – quick results and reliability

Casting love spell remotelyIt doesn’t matter how far you are from the person whose thoughts and feelings you want to take control of. It’s important to understand the crux of the matter and have a goal to achieve. A spell caster driven by true, sincere love has a better chance of success than a mercenary one who wants to cast a love spell to do harm to a person or have his revenge. One of the most reliable and effective love spells is a love spell cast with the help of a photo and by pronouncing certain words.

You may need to cast a love spell remotely if the person you love is away on a business trip. If you have a boyfriend (girlfriend) who you don’t want to lose because of all the temptations while you’re not around, you can cast a powerful love spell on him. That way, you’ll know for sure that your beloved won’t break up with you upon arrival. Check out the method for casting a love spell below. It may be helpful.

How to cast a love spell remotely on a person

I would recommend this method for casting a love spell to girls wanting to reunite with their boyfriends quickly. Before casting a love spell remotely, carefully read each paragraph of the text below. Each of the words has a specific effect on the object’s subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not. Your beliefs don’t impact the results. Take two mirrors and put them one in front of the other so they create an endless passage. Put the mirrors on a windowsill or near an open window.

Powerful Love Talismans
Powerful Love Talismans
- make him want to make love only with you

Take off your shoes and unbind your hair. Light a candle and take it in your hand. Attention: don’t look in any of the mirrors! Keep your eyes on the candle until the fire goes out and there’s just a little of wax left. You will need wax for the ritual. The wax should drop on your palm while you’re thinking about your beloved. You should have good intentions and mean well. Remember, our thoughts materialize. Rub the wax drops carefully in the mirror. There are a lot of variants of this love spell.

Put both mirrors together, put them on the floor, cover them with a nightdress and crush them. Say, “I conjure (your beloved’s name) to always be with me or be alone.”

Wrap the fragments of the broken mirror in the nightdress. In the morning, go to the nearest forest and bury it. On your way there, you shouldn’t talk to anyone or look back. If you forget about the love spell shortly after you cast it, the love spell was cast successfully. Having buried it, go home.

How to find out if the love spell has been cast successfully and casting a love spell remotely using a photo

powerful love spells on photoIf your love spell has been cast successfully, less than in three days the man will get in touch with you. Never tell others about the ritual you performed. In many religions, the love spell is believed to be a sin, a ritual of black magic. However, the above love spell is nothing like that (you were driven by true love and were sincere). When your beloved contacts you, analyze his behavior and try to figure out if the results achieved are the ones you hoped for.

Another effective method for winning back your beloved’s love is casting a love spell remotely using a photo. To begin with, get a photo of the person you’re in love with. By the way, apart from black magic, there’s red mental magic which sometimes proves more effective. Even though black magic yields results faster, I want to tell you about casting a white love spell. So, you have a photo of your beloved (preferably, a full-length one). What are you to do next?

This love spell is very powerful. Think twice before casting it. However, if you’ve read this article up to here, it means the decision’s made. Preferably, the ritual should be performed when the moon is waxing. Nothing must distract you from doing what you have to do, so turn off your TV and cell phone, lock yourself up. Speaking of the photo, no animals or other people should be in it. The photo should depict only your beloved and his eyes should be seen well (preferably, this should be a professional photo).

Put your photo next to the photo of your beloved (both photos should be put on a white tablecloth). Don’t do anything for a few minutes, just imagine yourself being with your beloved, you both love each other and are happy with each other (thoughts can materialize, remember?). Turn both photos over so you don’t see what they depict. Write down on the photos the name of your beloved and his date of birth. Put the photos together, take a thick red thread and pierce each corner of the photos with a needle and tear the thread off at the corner. Do the same to the rest parts of the photos, saying,

“Let God’s servant (name) be with me forever, bound to me with inseparable bonds.”

Love spell effect and results

That’s not all. Put all the pieces of the photos in one large white envelope, nothing written on it, seal it up and hide it in a secure place so none of your friends or family could find it. You will notice the results of the love spell at least in two weeks. The results will depend on how sincere you were. The love spell works well for women whose husbands abandoned them because of another woman, especially if black magic was involved. The power of your love spell is the power of your love. It can work wonders and you’ll see it for yourself.

Remember, any magical influence is an invasion of the person’s mind and emotions, so think carefully whether it’s what you really want. There are other methods for casting love spells, both proven and not. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can try them as well. However, don’t cast love spells too often, because it would do harm to both the object of the love spell and you.

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