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The Magic of Herbs

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Many herbs are unique talismans and amulets, meaning they have a magical power, can protect from negative energy and, like magnets, attract positive vibrations.

Ancient shamans, healers and astrologists devoted their whole life to studying herbs to preserve and pass their knowledge on to their successors. Due to them, we are aware of healing and magical properties certain herbs have.

Herbal candle spellsFlagroot ~ good luck, healing, money, protection

Acacia ~protection, foreseeing

Aconite ~ protection, invisibility

Aloe ~ protection from illnesses, good luck, fortitude, helps to overcome loneliness

Amaranth ~ healing, protection, invisibility

Anise ~ protection, purification, foreseeing

Pansy, violet ~ love, love fortune-telling, love spells, answers to questions

Orange ~ love, fortune-telling, good luck, money

Artemisia, wormseed ~ protection from evil forces, clairvoyance

Basil ~ love, wealth, purification, protection, exorcism

Bamboo ~ protection, good luck, evil curse and hex removal, wishes

Banana ~ fertility, potency, well-being

Periwinkle ~ protection from evil forces

Henbane ~ love

Belladonna ~ witch’s flights

Birch ~ love, protection

Hawthorn ~ protection from evil forces

Elder ~ love, purification, protection, magic

Valerian ~ love, harmony

Cornflower ~ love

Verbena ~ love, purification, protection

Vine ~ fertility, garden magic, money, wit

Elm ~ protection from evil forces

Carnation ~ money, good luck, healing

Oak ~ longevity, protection from evil forces, child-bearing

Jasmine ~ love, welfare

St. John’s wort ~ protection from evil forces, exorcism

Grain ~ fertility, abundance

Cow-wheat ~ harmony, happiness

Willow ~ fulfillment of one’s hopes

Witch casting magic herbal ritualCactus ~ protection, chastity

Chestnut ~ love

Cypress ~ protection from evil forces, men’s wealth

Clover ~ protection, exorcism, love, money, youth and beauty

Nettle ~ protection from evil forces, devil

Lavender ~ love, protection, purification, psychical equilibrium

Laurel ~ protection, psychic force, healing, purification

Avellane, hazel, hazelnut ~ magic, protection, fertility, welfare, love, good luck, money, witchcraft

Lily (Lotus) ~ purity, virginity, fertility, libertinism, (death and life)

Silverweed ~ protection, love, wealth, healing, money

Poppy ~ parity, wealth, protection

Mandragora ~ love, parity

Raspberry ~ love, protection, energy, vitality

Alchemilla ~ love spells, beauty, love

Myrtle ~ fertility, love, parity, money, good luck, marriage

Juniper ~ protection from evil forces and illnesses, love, evil curse and hex removal

Common mint, crisped-leaved mint, catmint ~ money, love, healing, traveling, protection, wit

Peppermint, pennyroyal ~ purification, love, healing, psi-power

Alder, black alder ~ family peace, healing, fertility, family protection

Mistletoe ~ protection, love, hunt, fertility, health

Aspen ~ protection from evil spirits, good luck, magic, purification

Palm ~ fertility, health, wisdom

Sunflower ~ fertility, health, wisdom, magic

Wormwood ~ protection from evil forces, foreseeing

Rose / dog rose ~ love, healing, good luck, protection

Rosemary ~ love, protection, wit, purification, sleep, healing

Rue ~ protection, purification, exorcism, wit

Mountain ash ~ protection from evil forces, healing

Pine ~ parity, purification

Milfoil ~ love, exorcism, foreseeing

Thistle ~ protection from evil forces

Garlic ~ protection, exorcism

Sage ~ healing, well-being

Apple ~ love, healing, garden magic, immortality

Ash ~ protection

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