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Love ritual - kickback is very dangerous so be careful while casting it


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As a rule, love rituals found on the Internet are easy to cast and have little effect. On the one hand, it’s better this way, because beginning spell casters usually fail to cast very powerful love rituals. Besides, the consequences of professional love spells are more dangerous than those of simple love spells. On the other hand, people stop believing in magic after they fail to achieve the desired using simple ritual of love. That’s why I want to describe a difficult but very effective love ritual. Its kickback is very dangerous so be careful while casting it.

Like all professional rituals, this love spell requires concentration and preparation. First of all, the house where the love spell will be cast should be cleaned up. While casting this love spell, you will have to call up the spirits which don’t like messy places. Secondly, all the mirrors in the house but one should be covered and all electrical appliances (including the fridge) should be unplugged. Nothing in the house should have reflecting surface so no energy interference is created. Thirdly, prepare a black cloth to blindfold yourself, two thick candles and a cup of holy water.

After midnight, sit down in front of the mirror, light the candle to the right and to the left of yourself, blindfold yourself (making sure the cloth doesn’t cover your face) and plunge your palms into the water. Say the spell,

“My eyes don’t see, only my heart is beating expecting the guests. The spirits of light and dark, the spirits of fire and water, the spirits of death and life, come! Listen to what I say. I long to be with this person. As long as he has the same feelings to me, I won’t bother you!”

Powerful love ritual for loverRepeat the spell thrice and then, without unfolding the cloth, put both candles out and go to bed. Never perform the ritual again. It’s very dangerous. If something goes wrong and the love spell fails to work, contact me and I will be happy to help you!

Why it is a bad idea to cast a very powerful love ritual by yourself

To perform rituals, you need money. The more powerful the ritual, the more money you need. To perform a ritual, you need a lot of things, from an altar (you cannot perform a ritual on a kitchen table or on a windowsill) to magiс accessories which sometimes can be very rare and expensive. As a rule, professional magic practitioners already have most of these things. They surely have an altar and some magic accessories. They grow magic ingredients by themselves and sometimes make candles by themselves.

If you want to perform a ritual, you need to stop talking to people one week prior to the ritual date, meaning you may need to stop going to work. Thus, it increases the price of your ritual by the amount you lose due to your 5-day absence from work. Also, you are going to need some expensive magic books to find out how to cleanse yourself after the ritual and how to protect yourself against evil entities. This information is not available on the Internet.

As a result, the ritual you perform by yourself turns out to cost you 10 times as much as the one performed by a professional spellcaster. On top of that, amateurish spellcasters fail their rituals way more often than experienced ones. They fail 99 out 100 rituals. So despite the money you spend, your dream will hardly come true, especially if your spell is one of the very powerful love spells.

Why very powerful love rituals can be dangerous

Despite its seeming simplicity, our reality is very complex. It is home to a variety of creatures you never knew existed. Some of them come from the lower worlds, others from the higher ones. There are several races invisible to humans but having a great impact on our life. They have the same rights on this planet we do. There are also natural spirits, the spirits of the dead, and spiritless energy ectoplasms. If we could see them, we would never feel lonely, even in an empty room.

These creatures live in different energy realms never coming in touch with one another. Moreover, almost all of them cannot see or feel one another, so they never interact with one another. However, when you cast a very powerful love spell, you erase all the borders between their worlds. You become visible to these creatures, some of which are merciless torturers and violent hunters.

An experienced spellcaster like me can control any of such creatures and make it stay away. When black magic love rituals are cast, I can even force them to serve the client. Unlike me, you do not know how to do it and you cannot protect yourself even against the most harmless of energy entities.

So never try to practice magic, unless you are a professional magic practitioner. Contact me if you want to be happy and appreciate your health, both physical and mental. Contact me by sending a letter to the email address available below. Hopefully, you will make the right choice and get in touch with me instead of putting yourself in danger.

Counter-indications applying to magic rituals

Very powerful love rituals on dollVery powerful rituals of love must not be cast by underage people. Children are the most vulnerable inhabitants of our planet. When it comes to everyday life risk and dangers, the energy of the parents is enough for them to protect their children. But when it comes to energy risk, children are protected by their Guardian Angels and positive karma (all children have positive karma). However, magic spells expose children to all of the above dangers and risks.

Higher Powers protect children and teenagers against evil or, in case some harm has already been done, do their best to help them as soon as possible. It all changes the moment the child tries to use magic…

Also, magic should not be used by pregnant women because magic poses danger to the fetus. A very powerful love ritual should not be cast by menstruating women, either. Firstly, their blood attracts evil entities. Secondly, menstruating women release negative energy accumulated over the last month, which also attracts evil entities and makes the women vulnerable.

Another category of people who should not use magic includes people suffering from chronic diseases. Diseases which do not go away on their own or cannot be cured with some pills indicate malfunctioning chakras. Malfunctioning chakras turn into a portal which can be used by evil entities to enter your subtle bodies. In this case spellcasters like me offer the following services to the client:

- Identifying the malfunctioning chakra;

- Curing the malfunctioning chakra;

- Performing a powerful love ritual.

Always take your family history into consideration

If you have some problems, it can be not your fault but your parents’, grandparents, or other ancestors’ fault. The more I practice magic, the more confident I get that about 70% of curses and energy diseases are inherited. You are paying for the mistakes made by your ancestors. Thus, many years ago one of your ancestors committed a crime and now you and your children have to pay for it. One of your family members tried to use black magic which is now ruining your life and that of all of your family members.

So before you try to cast a very powerful rituals love, study your family history to find out if:

1. Any of your ancestors was a criminal, fraud or a murderer;

2. Any of your ancestors tried to commit suicide;

3. Any of your ancestors was murdered, raped, scammed, or robbed;

4. Any of your ancestors died in a war, accident, or a natural disaster;

5. Any of your ancestors was a crippled person or a mentally ill person;

6. Any of your ancestors had poor health;

7. Any of your ancestors had financial or personal problems, or suffered from drug or alcohol addiction.

If any of the above statements applies to you, you have a family curse on you. But do not worry. It is just a disease that can and have to be cured by a professional magic practitioner. Curing people like you is my job. It is my duty as a person and as a spellcaster. Having cured you and your family, I will focus on casting a very powerful ritual for you. Until then, you should not even think about magic because even your thoughts may attract evil forces.

Thus, before you use any love spells, you need to fix your negative family history. This is what the below video is about.

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