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Strong magic spells. Questions from the readers of my website

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I just don’t believe that strong magiс spells actually exist

For me, it’s easier to believe that when someone orders a strong spell, he just starts to believe in himself and doesn’t notice the obstacles in his way, rather than in magic.

Strong magic skull spellAnswer: We live in the world where things happen only due to energy exchange or change of energy direction. Humans are energy beings, which have to temporarily exist in their physical bodies. Our health, thoughts, dreams and actions are all energies, and nothing would happen without them. Effective magic spells are tools to strengthen the energies needed to improve health, find love, or achieve financial success. Once you understand this, you will also understand that strong magic spells do exist, and with their help you can influence reality, as well as the people living in this reality. 


I tried to cast an effective spell on my own, but couldn’t do it properly

The next morning I woke up with a terrible infectious disease that almost killed me. Actually, I’m a free-lancer and I work from home. This means that I got the disease from – whom? Turns out, casting a strong spell is equal to harming your own health. Now, when I almost died, I will never ever use magic again. 

Answer: Your letter once again proves the truthfulness of my warnings that casting effective magic spells on your own is risky. If something goes wrong, if you make a slip of the tongue or use fake “Made in China” stuff instead of the required magic items without knowing it, you will harm yourself. It’s sad but it’s true.

I often ask my clients who come to me after failing to cast some effective spell properly, “You don’t do your own surgery, do you? You have a surgeon do your surgery. Or when your TV breaks down, you don’t try to fix it using a hammer and a saw, do you? Then what makes you think you can cast strong magic spells on your own, without consulting a professional spell caster?”


I ordered a strong spell to attract money on a website, but it didn’t work

The spell caster cast the ritual in front of me, and within the first three days I was elated, which made me think I was actually going to get what I wanted. However, after a while the effect of the ritual started to ease, and then disappeared. As a result, I didn’t get rich, even though I’ve paid for the ritual. 

Answer: Let me make the following comparison. Spell casters are like weightlifters who participate in a very important weightlifting competition. They all need to lift the weights. Some of them succeed, but others don’t. There are also those who manage to lift the weights a little, but only injure themselves. Why does it happen? Some of the weightlifters have trained more than others, some are better athletes genetically than others, and so on. This is also true for magic. The power of the effective magic spells depends on the experience, qualification and skills of your spell caster. It also depends on whether or not the spell caster has a gift. I’m sure the spell caster you worked with wanted to help you indeed, and he did his best to make his effective spell work. He just didn’t have the powers to change your fate and make your rich. My advice to you is as follows: believe in magic and next time make sure the spell caster you choose has already proven that he’s capable of fulfilling the tasks he promises to fulfill. 

Question: I need magic help, but to be honest I don’t trust those who offer their services online. I’ve read a lot about it, and I know that the majority of those who promise strong magic spells are in fact frauds. So I don’t want to lose my money. Although I really need help.

Answer: Unfortunately, you are right and today there are too many people pretending to be shamans, sorcerers and witches. That’s why I totally understand your worries. However, I’m sure that if you try to be extremely careful while choosing a spell caster, sooner or later you’ll find the one who will be able to solve your problems. Below are some tips for everyone who is looking for a real spell caster:

Witch casting strong magic spells1. If you have a love problem, look for a female spell caster. If you have a business or health problem, a male spell caster will help you better.

2. A real spell caster will never guarantee that his strong spell will solve your problem. The effect of any spell depends on a number of factors. To find out what these factors are, read other articles posted on this website.

3. The spell caster is a fraud if he claims that it doesn’t matter for him which effective magic spells to cast – white or black ones. A spell caster practicing white magic will never ever use black magic rituals, and vice versa.

4. Be careful if the reviews you’re reading look like they’ve been written by a professional. Perhaps, it’s a mere advertisement of some effective spell which is made to look like an authentic review posted by a real client.

5. Only a professional spell caster will give you your money back in case he fails to perform the required ritual properly. Frauds tend to convince their clients that they cast all their strong magic spells professionally, and it’s completely your fault that magic doesn’t work for you.

6. Pay attention to when the spell caster’s website was created. The longer it operates, the more trustworthy it is.

7. Pay attention to the articles posted on the website. Reading them will help you understand who you’re dealing with – a fraud, fool, cheater, madman, or a professional and experienced spell caster.


Is that true that effective magic spells are cast in stages and they don’t bring fast results?

Answer: It’s partially true. An experienced spell caster can cast a strong spell at one go. However, sometimes it’s not enough. For example, before having strong magic spells cast on them, some people need to clean up their subtle bodies, have a curse removed or change the way they think. If that’s the case, the spell caster will actually need several sessions to cast his effective spell. 

As for how long it will take before the strong spell yields its results, it depends. Black rituals bring results faster than white ones, but they always require some serious karmic payment, that may be too much for you to pay. White effective magic spells don’t require any payment, but they also don’t bring quick results. They feed largely on your energies, namely:

- Love spells require the energy of your love;

- Spells designed to help you achieve your goal need the energy of your desire to achieve this goal;

- Health spells need the energy of your life; to strengthen the energy of your life, give up your bad habits, start going to the gym, and eat healthy;

- And so on.


They say the black effective spell is more powerful than any white strong spell

To be honest, I don’t want to use black magic. But unfortunately it looks like black strong magic spells are my only option…

Answer: Don’t jump to conclusions. As I’ve said, the power of effective magic spells depends not on the type of magic they belong to, but on the knowledge and experience of the spell caster. That’s why any effective spell cast by a powerful white spell caster is more effective that any strong magic spell cast by an unexperienced black spell caster who has neither skills nor knowledge. 

Question: I was told that only people with pure energy could count on the help of white magic. Is that true?

Answer: No, it’s not. Even if you’re a bad person, a strong spell can help you, provided you use the services of a professional spell caster. Just as “good” people can order black effective magic spells if needed, and these spells will help them, too.

Question: Which rituals do you perform: black or white?

Answer: It depends on what needs to be done to help you. My expertise allows me to use both white and black magic. That’s what Higher Powers want, so when black magic is the only option, I use it, ensuring my clients’ perfect safety. However, if there is a chance that a white effecting spell will solve your problem, I will definitely use it first. Even though white magic rituals are more difficult to cast, they are safe. And my client’s safety is my priority. Those who’ve worked with me know that it’s not just words! 

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